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SAN JUANICO   (GPS coordinates 26'29 N ~ 112'43 W)   is a small seaside fishing village with an increasingly larger following! Pilots and sailors refer to it as 'Punta Pequena'. Surfers know it as 'Scorpion Bay'. And fishermen call it 'Heaven'!

San Juanico is a small fishing village located approximately 100 miles north of Ciudad Insurgentes, and approximately 100 miles south of SAN IGNACIO.

Drop by the web site of SCORPION BAY PROPERTY RENTALS for your San Juanico rental options!


Many of those visiting San Juanico driving down from the north travel via the historic seaside town of LORETO on Baja Highway One, unless they are brave enough to take the north or east roads in (not recommended for most vehicles).

No matter which way you are coming from, there is really no easy way to get to San Juanico. The two roads coming down from the north are rock, dirt, tidal flats, and in some places sand. The east road from Highway One (at the Km. 59 turnoff) is 38 miles of dirt, washboard, and offers some challenging mountain terrain. This road could shave 30-45 minutes off of the drive from Loreto...if you make it without crashing or breaking down. More than one car has lost it on this road, and there are no services if you get into trouble. The road from the south, Baja Highway 53, is paved for the first 70 miles from Ciudad Insurgentes (with plenty of pot-holes and cows), and then a sometimes graded dirt road for 20 miles with the final 10 miles paved as of late 2008.

The village of San Juanico is located on a large, breathtakingly beautiful, well protected bay. It's a great place for sailors to hole up on the way up or down the coast, and the short runway at the nearby village of Cadeje makes it a fun fly-in destination for private pilots. When the ocean swells roll in from the south, surfing the 7 right point breaks is awesome.

The town has experienced significant growth over the last couple of years, and is still growing as we head into 2009. Carlos Fiesta and Juan del Rio flew over San Juanico in a helicopter to photograph this increased growth. Most of the new growth is headed to the north and west of town into the outlying hills.

Although nobody who visits here really wants this seaside jewel of a town to grow up, the Mexican government seems to have other plans. The new seaside Malecon has gotten sidewalks and streetlights. Progress? Maybe. Hopefully additional changes will take place slowly, over a period of many years, if at all.

There are four small restaurants in town, and five small markets. San Juanico is a quiet escape from the real world, except when the Baja 1000 blasts through town every couple of years. Things also get a bit busy during the annual 'San Juanico Days' celebration, held every year during the third week of June! Last year they actually had two horses in the horse race!

The town got it's first stop sign on it's main street, Boulevard Dionisia Villarino, near the school...but nobody seems to have noticed.

Most of the gringo activity in San Juanico takes place about a mile outside town, at SCORPION BAY RESORT. The rustic resort offers food, drinks, e-mail access and camping accommodations 7 days a week. This is a great place to meet fellow Baja travelers, and share Baja adventures.

Large vacation homes are now being built on a low bluff with views of the Pacific Ocean, between the Cantina and town. More homes are on the way, and quite a few Norte Americanos are buying lots or homes in town.

New in town is hardware store, located on the main street in town near the entrance.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that San Juanico's days as a sleepy fishing village are numbered. The new road being paved just south and west of town is bound to encourage more visitors. So check it out now before the rest of the world finds out how cool this little village is.

Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.

When you fly over San Juanico at 32,000 feet on Alaska Airlines the large bay can easily be seen on the west side of the plane. Looking down at the small village from above it seems like there couldn't possibly be much going on in such a remote location. But looks can be deceiving! San Juanico, the town with 'a lot to do about nothing', has a cast of characters and local issues that never seems to stop. Jaimie Adkins, Terry Hansen, Jim Dandy, John Beck, Lee Marvin, Dencho, Mr.Mexico and Juan del Rio ...they all add color to this unique village. And when Carlos Fiesta is in your tequila!

The California Grey Whale makes an annual trek from the cold waters of Alaska to the waters of Laguna Ignacio, just north of San Juanico. They also visit the bay at San Juanico, usually a mile or two offshore. For more information on this amazing mammal drop by the WHALE WATCH section of Baja Expo.

The popularity of Scorpion Bay is reflected in an international clothing line that markets T-shirts and such with a Scorpion Bay logo!

This remote hideaway is not for everyone, but if raw Baja nature and ocean activities are on the agenda, San Juanico is hard to beat!

Curious about owning a piece of paradise? Check out our REAL ESTATE section.

If you would like to see what San Juanico looks like FROM SPACE check it out!

Before you head south check out today's SAN JUANICO WEATHER! Just take the weather at Loreto and subtract 15 degrees!

San Juanico was one of the coastal locations that Carlos Fiesta cruised by on his solo 2,000 mile BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION! You won't believe his story but it's all true!

For more information on what's happening south of the border drop by the MEXICO EXPO EVENT CALENDAR.

To purchase a good map of the Baja Peninsula visit the web site of MEXICO MAPS.

If you know of a company, web site or event that is not included here we would love to hear from you on our SUBMISSION PAGE.



Most of the gringos visiting San Juanico head for the bluffs above the surf breaks, 2nd point through 7th point. About half of the homes in town that are owned by gringos are located on Gringo Hill (just up from first point) and the rest of them are scattered throughout the side streets in town. The focal point is the Scorpion Bay Cantina out by 2nd Point where drinks, grub, music and conversation round out each day.



Ready to slip into the true Baja mode and catch the real flavor of San Juanico? Do not pass go and do not collect $200 ... head straight for the Scorpion Bay Cantina (just follow the coastal road along town and out towards the point). The open air Cantina offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, a nice selection of music and dated magazines, and warm food and cold drinks to help you settle in. Go ahead ... pull out your Baja map and review your success. You've made it to Paradise!



The best place to camp in San Juanico is on the bluffs between the walk-down at Second Point and the lighthouse at Third Point, as well as between second point to First Point. Camping along this stretch of bluff offers killer views, allows easy access to the Cantina food, cocktails, bathrooms and trash cans....and more importantly allows easy access to the great waves of First, Second and Third Points! San Juanico visitors looking for a nice place to enjoy a meal and ocean views can head to the SCORPION BAY CANTINA just up the hill from Second Point. This is where you can find that 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' Jimmy Buffet sings about. One of the best places in the world to surf is Scorpion Bay...the 7 point breaks just outside of beautiful downtown San Juanico are awesome. The best waves in San Juanico? Even though everyone loves the fun waves at First Point and Second Point, Carlos Fiesta says the best waves in Baja roll into Third Point at close to low tide. With a big swell it breaks at higher tides as well. Like the idea of driving on the beach? Yes, it's against the law...but so is going 56 miles per hour on the San Diego Freeway. So check your Dive N' Surf tide book for low tide and head to the hard-packed sand out by the fisherman's panga beach. Watch out for sleeping pelicans. The best road trip from San Juanico is the 1 hour drive south of town to La Parisima. This oasis village offers a taste of Baja yet unspoiled by gringos and tourism. For a real adventure keep going east to the beautiful beaches of BAHIA CONCEPCION.



#1 * For a real treat head down to the Malecon early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the mountains and the glassy bay. Can't get up that early? The 'moon rise's in the early evening are just as awesome!

#2 * The local fishermen head out to sea at daybreak each day, and are usually back on the beach with their fill of pesca by early afternoon. They are quite open to the idea of trading portions of their daily catch with visitors. They do like U.S. dollars, and a couple of bucks goes a long way towards all the fish you will need for a nice fish dinner. They are also happy to exchange fish for other items that may be in short supply, such as tennis shoes, T-shirts, cassette tapes, or magazines with good pictures. Where else can you get a fresh fish meal for the price of a used 10K T-shirt!




The sandy beaches from San Juanico run south uninterrupted for over 20 miles, all the way down to Punta San Gregorio.

From the village southwest the beaches consist of low bluffs down to the water, with a mixed bottom of sand and volcanic rock. These beaches are where the waves break with excellent shape for surfing, when the swells come in from the south (long rights with some left shoulders on the outer points). After a brief 2 year vacation, the sand is back on all of the point beaches!

Shell collectors will enjoy a nice variety of shells, sharks teeth, (as well as a variety of jetsom and flotsom) that start one mile south of town and run along the beach for over 20 miles!



    The bay starts at the edge of town where the sandy beach stops. Although the bottom consists mainly of sand here, some of the shoreline is volcanic rock. Some type of foot protection is recommended.

    The ocean bottom at Scorpion Bay continually changes as the occasional storms rearrange the sandy bottom. Although the waves at Scorpion Bay offer consistent rights with near perfect shape, changes in the bottom sand can change the breaks considerably. A storm in late 1997 moved quiet a bit of sand around the points, moving the take off location at second point towards mid-bay. This sand returned in 1999, and the breaks are back to normal in 2003.

    For information on how to protect your skin while beaching in the hot Baja sun visit the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo!



    Located at the west end of town, in front of the Juan y Juan 24 hour weather station.
    Easy access provided by a trail that connects the beach to the top of the bluffs.
    Also known as "0" point when a good south swell wraps waves all the way around the points.
    The closest beach to town if you are looking for a quick dip in the ocean!
    Caution: wild animals at the big house at the top of the bluffs.



    Located just outside town where the bluffs end and the sand starts.
    This is where the local fishermen rendezvous each morning to launch their pangas.
    Just a few hundred feet south the beach becomes quiet and very beautiful for 20 miles.
    Drivable at low tide.



    About 10 minutes south of town, down the beach.
    A river spills in to the ocean during the rainy season and spills sand into the Pacific.
    This area is fun for shell collecting, exploring the river bed, and climbing the sand dunes.
    When Scorpion Bay can't pick up a west or north swell, this rivermouth will often provide fun waves on a mixed reef and sand bottom for a great session. The shape is not as good as Scorpion Bay, but these waves are fun, and you are guaranteed to be the only person in the water!




The best camping in the San Juanico area is on the low bluffs overlooking the ocean in the Scorpion Bay Cantina area. Because of the geographic shape of the bay, these camping areas are somewhat spared from the strong prevailing westerly winds, although a good offshore breeze is common in the afternoon.

There are several different paths down to the water.

For remote camping south of San Juanico in Magdalena Bay check out MAG BAY TOURS.



    Near the ocean bluffs, up and down the coast from Scorpion Bay Cantina.
    Basic camping with spectacular views!
    Bathroom facilities and showers are a nice touch in this part of town!
    Half the fun of camping here is enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails at the Scorpion Bay Cantina which is open every day. There's usually a lively crowd, sometimes music, and the food is basic but good. Camping is $6 per person ... kids under 8 are free.
    The cost of the ocean view palapas (3 to choose from) is about $20 per person per day, plus tax. One person is $20 plus tax. Each of the three palapas sleeps 6 people.
    The Cantina offers e-mail access, ice, water, toothpaste, firewood, hats, t-shirts, surf wax, candy bars, cold drinks and hot food.



    Camping on the beach is a good option in the San Juanico area. The beach runs south from town for over 20 miles, and if you pick a spot to pitch a tent or roll out a sleeping bag, there is a very good chance that you will be the only one camping on the entire beach!

    Getting down the beach at low tide is easy, as the packed sand is hard enough to drive on. Beware, however, that high tide is a whole different story ... and getting stuck in the sand leaves you with no options.

    There are also beaches for camping north of town, past 7th Point. The more distant beaches further north require 4 wheel drive, but the closer beaches can be accessed by regular 2 wheel drive vehicles.

    Watching the stars at night (especially when there is no moon) and listening to the crashing surf while camping on the beach here is nothing short of spectacular.




The waters off of San Juanico are full of life! Renting a panga to go fishing is easy. There are a couple of dozen fishermen that leave every morning in their boats from Playa Pescador. Hiring a skipper for a half day excursion is usually pretty easy, and not too expensive.

If everyone is too busy, track down Nacho or Paul in town. He'll set you up for a good fishing trip. If you can't find Nacho then look for Chino. He's a great guy and knows San Juanico waters well.

Baja travelers who bring their own boat will have no problem launching in the protected waters of the bay. A short drive over the soft sand about 100 yards outside town leads to the hard packed beaches, where launching is easy on the hard packed shoreline.

Shore fishing is easy and usually productive either south of town at the rivermouth, or north of 7th Point at the string of sandy beaches about 2 miles up the coast. The first mile or so of the road is okay for 2 wheel drive vehicles, then the sand gets thicker and 4 wheel drive is required.

Fishermen looking for big fish hook-ups can head for "Fifty Mile Reef" due west of San Juanico.

For information on fishing in other parts of Baja drop by our BAJA FISHING section.

For fishing south of San Juanico in Magdalena Bay check out the web site of MAG BAY TOURS.

And for great offshore fishing charts you'll love the underwater views from the folks at BAJA DIRECTIONS.

For more information on obtaining the proper fishing documentation required for dipping your hook in Baja waters check with the professionals at MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.




Click here for the Baja Experts!

Accommodations in San Juanico are very limited. There are literally no hotels. There are limited 'executive camping' facilities available at Scorpion Bay in 3 fun and funky palapas. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed!

A small 2 room hotel has been under construction for a few years on the main street. When will it be open? Manana!

There is a big house for rent behind the Cantina and the rates are reasonable. Inquire at the Cantina Bar.



    Laurie has lived in San Juanico for many years and knows the rental market here better than anyone!
    She has a range of homes for all pocket books!
    Tell her Carlos Fiesta send you and she will buy you a free beer!
    Your first call for rentals in Scorpion Bay.



    Just up from the beach, near the Scorpion Bay Cantina.
    Three large rock and screen palapas, with wood cots. Each palapa sleeps six. For larger groups, additional cots are available on a 'squeeze as you please' basis.
    Both palapas are just steps to the Scorpion Bay Cantina, which is open every day, 7 days a week! Rates are $10 per day plus $10 per person, per night (plus tax). Rates for one person are $20. Dogs are free. Welcome to Paradise!

    The Cantina offers e-mail access, ice, water, toothpaste, firewood, hats, t-shirts, surf wax, candy bars, cold drinks and hot food.




  • THE POWER PLANT IN SAN JUANICO is very special. Because of several unique characteristics, San Juanico was chosen as the location for a new environmentally friendly power station. This station, located just outside of town to the north-west, consists of 10 windmills, 72 solar panels, and a generator. The consistent afternoon winds help the windmills to provide most of the power, while the solar panels also add to the power grid. During times of low wind and foggy weather, the generator kicks in to pick up the slack. All in all it's a very efficient system, and it has given San Juanico the 24 hour power it has always dreamed of. Blended margaritas at midnight are now a reality!


  • LA PARISIMA and SAN ISIDRO are two small villages located in a beautiful palm lined valley, 31 miles southeast of San Juanico. Driving down the two lane road through these two small towns is like stepping back in time. La Parisima is the first of these two towns (when arriving from the west). The local people here lead a very simple and slow life, and there just doesn't appear to be a whole lot going on now that local Jim Dandy has passed away. Much of the activity here takes place around the church and town square, and the local kids take school very seriously. Visitors in town can obtain gasoline from large 50 gallon drums, on the left side about half way through town. Look for the "Gasolina" sign behind a chain link fenced yard. Two small stores in town, "Mini-super Sinahi" and Mini-super Pilon" offer basic goods, but don't expect a large selection! Restaurant Claudia (look for the sign mid-town, turn right, one half block) offers basic meals in a spotless palapa environment! The bus sneaks into town twice a day, and tickets can be obtained at "Lonchera Nancy".

    After driving through La Parisima, San Isidro awaits your inspection. This is an even smaller pueblo than La Parisima. It doesn't get much quainter than this! Gas from drums, a tire shop, and two small markets "La Fortuna Market" and "Mini-super Yuri" offer goods such as cold sodas and beer, eggs and tequila.

    The man-made rock water canal that runs the length of town on the south side of the road is a special treat! Built many years ago by the original founders of this oasis, this water system still functions to keep this lush valley alive and productive for the handful of locals who live here.




If you are looking for fun recreation in the great outdoors, San Juanico has lots to offer. Dirt bikes, off road vehicles, kayaks, sailing, windsurfing, and surfing are just a few options!

Dedicated surfers have been coming to Scorpion Bay for a long time, long before the road from Ciudad Insurgentes received partial blacktop. Just getting here was an adventure of large proportions, and when surfers arrived, they were often greeted by lake-flat conditions.

The shape of Punta Pequina prevents most west and northern swells from reaching the bay, so the window of waves that enter the bay is somewhat small. A good southern hemi can light up the points, while a swell from the north might mean it's time to break out the masks and snorkels.

Check out the WHALE WATCHING section of Baja Expo for mucho mas information on Baja's Whales!

Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.

Drop by the BAJA OFFROAD web site for additional information on getting off the blacktop in Baja!

For information on how to protect your skin while playing in the hot Baja sun visit the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo!

For more information on recreation in Baja drop by our main BAJA RECREATION section!



    Snorkeling and Scuba diving are good off the second, third, and forth points only when the swells are flat. Further out around the point the water gets a bit churned up from the open ocean, especially in the afternoon. The bottom is interesting, made up of sand, sea grass, and volcanic rock. Fish are plentiful, and catching dinner is usually not a problem!

    Scuba diving is also available in Magdalena Bay, south of San Juanico. Review the web site of BAHIA MAGDALENA by local residents Manuel Simental and Victor Vargas for more information.



    With or without waves, kayaking is fun here. When the seas are calm, paddling out around Punta Pequena to the open ocean is easy and fun. Trolling can be productive! Second point is the best playground for surf-kayaking.

    The Scorpion Bay Cantina has two kayaks that you can rent. Grab a cheeseburger when you are finished!

    For information on kayaking south of San Juanico in Magdalena Bay check out the web site of MAG BAY TOURS.

    And for an intimate kayak adventure in Magdalena Bay review the web site of BAHIA MAGDALENA by local residents Manuel Simental and Victor Vargas.



    There are hundreds of miles of dirt roads and trails north and south of San Juanico, and no supplies. Planning your trip is not just a good idea, it's necessary. A clinic in La Parisima (30 miles away) can treat only minor injuries. Dress for the fall.

    The BAJA 1000 s-c-r-e-a-m-s through town every couple of years (on the even numbers) filling Gloria's restaurant and tapping the town's limited supply of gasoline and tequila!

    Gasoline from 5 gallon cans and air can be obtained near the entrance to town at Antonio's. Flat tires can also be repaired here for a small fee.

    If you need a good mechanic, Leon (located at the very back of town) performs amazing feats with his limited supply of tools.

    Drop by the BAJA OFFROAD web site for additional information on getting off the blacktop in Baja!

    WIDE OPEN BAJA provides custom trips down the Baja with a stop in San Juanico. Visit their web site for further information.



    Surfing is what put San Juanico on the map, and surfing is what keeps most 'Scorpion Bay' visitors coming back. However, if great waves are on the agenda, Baja also offers awesome surf south of San Juanico, near San Carlos, on the islands just west of Magdalena Bay.

    And if you are serious about a Baja surfing adventure check out the web site of BAJA SURF ADVENTURES.

    MAG BAY TOURS offers surf adventures that are hard to beat if you are looking for good waves in a remote location. Check out their web site for further information!

    For more information on surfing in Baja visit the web site of LOST COAST ADVENTURES.



    First Point has come of age! After offering no surf for years, the sand moved in during 2007 and 2008 and in 2009 this break promisies to be one of the best at Scorpion Bay. When there is a south swell, or a wrapping west swell, first point breaks on both sides of the island.

    Second point has easy access, a sandy bottom, and is protected from the wind ... a good place for beginners, long-boards, people who want to surf with their dogs, tandem surfing, and just cruising. When there is a swell in, second point can crank, and with the right tide, it can get hollow and f-a-s-t!

    Third point (lighthouse) is a bit harder to get to, breaks faster, and can get scary at low tide because of all of the volcanic rocks, especially with a marginal swell. The point usually starts breaking just west of the light pole, and with a good swell, can take you almost to first point. Supposedly this break will connect i-n-t-o second point AND BEYOND with a double overhead swell.

    Fourth and Fifth points are a bit tougher to paddle out, and the shape isn't as consistent with smaller waves and gets more wind. But it will break here when the swell is to small to get the inner points breaking.

    Sixth and Seventh Point can get HUGE when a swell is pumping. It also gets blown out first from the wind, because it is the most exposed to the prevailing winds.

    For more information on surfing here, check out the comments under 'beaches' near the top of this page.



    Although dozens of whales stray into San Juanico Bay from January through March each year, most of them are heading further south to Mag Bay. Magdalena Bay is located about one hour south of the village of San Juanico, and is one of the "big three" destination lagoons used by the California Gray whales for their annual mating rendezvous. It seems these huge mammals become friendlier to humans each year!

    For a very personalized visit with the whales in Magdalena Bay, just south of San Juanico, review the web site of BAHIA MAGDALENA by local residents Manuel Simental and Victor Vargas.

    For more information on Baja whales check out the WHALE WATCHING section of Baja Expo!



    Telephone (800) 843-6967 * (858) 581-3311.
    2625 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, California, 92109.
    The professionals for whale watching in Laguna Ignacio! Check out their great web site for more information.



    Telephone (800) 599-8676.
    271 Magnolia Avenue, Suite B, Costa Mesa, California.
    Whale watching adventures on a remote island on Baja's west coast.



    The calm water and soft breezes of the inner bay is a great place for beginners. The prevailing afternoon winds are a cross-offshore, making for good tacking practice.

    The winds increase significantly around the point for more advanced board and kite heads, and in the afternoon whitecaps are common on the far west end of the peninsula.




Scorpion Bay Cantina is not the only place to eat in town, but you shouldn't miss it. This is a great place to hang out and slip into the relaxing Baja mode! Bring money.

If you are just looking for a quick taco after dark TAQUERIA CRISTI is located on a south side street just below the main street. The Carne Asada, fish and shrimp tacos are cheap and tasty, and if you have never had a "Torta" this is the place to try one!!!! Wanna make Christi laugh? Order a "Comondante". It's her special large cheese quesadilla with carne asada inside.

Like Pizza? Who doesn't!!! DAN ALARCAN PIZZA on the main street (west end, left side of the street) offers the best pizza this side of La Paz.

If you like to make your own meals 'Baja-style' while camped close to the shore, then you owe it to yourself to pick up one of the great Baja recipe books by Baja aficionado ANN HAZARD. Ann has spent many an evening eating and sleeping under Baja's twinkling lanterns, discovering just the right ingredients for your next Baja trip. Check out her cool web page!

For San Juanico visitors heading into town from the south road...take a culinary tip from Carlos Fiesta. After getting gas at the Pemex station on the west side of the street in Ciudad Insurgentes, stop by the Pollo Real Chicken shop across the street for a chicken to go. The "Pollo Entero" package has it all. There's no better way to head north dodging potholes on that long stretch of asphalt than by munching on their delicious spit-fired chicken, hot fries, warm tortillas and spectacular salsa. A cold drink completes the formula! $8.50 for the full bird...BYOB.



    Located outside of town, out by the point, you can't miss the big palapa.
    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a full bar. Good food, San Diego prices, and sometimes music.
    Scorpion Bay Cantina tends to be the heart of the Gringo action for the whole San Juanico area. Need to know about current road conditions? Need another bag of ice? When are the next waves due? There's usually somebody at the Cantina with the answer.
    Scorpion Bay Cantina is open by 8:00 a.m., and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner until 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. You gotta love this place! It's one of Carlos Fiesta's favorite places on the planet Earth to drink a cold beer!

    The Cantina offers e-mail access, ice, water, toothpaste, firewood, hats, t-shirts, surf wax, candy bars, cold drinks and hot food.
    Carlos Fiesta's favorite plates here include French Toast with eggs on top for breakfast (with a cold cervesa), Cheeseburgers with French fries for lunch (with two cold cervesas), and tequila for dinner!



    Located just down from the main road, below the school.
    Tacos, tortas and cold drinks. Delicious!
    On a budget? This place has your name on it.
    Try the "Comondante". It's a special large taco with beef and cheese in a flour tortilla.
    Small tables and chairs in the front yard.
    Tecate cervesa for sale right next door.
    When the power in town goes out she hooks the lights up to her restaurant up to her car battery and leaves the engine running.
    Carlos Fiesta's 2nd favorite place to eat in San Juanico! (unless there is a Laker game on the TV at the Scorpion Bay Cantina).



    Located on the main road heading through town, on the way to the Cantina, left side.
    By far the best pizza in Scorpion Bay! As a matter of's the only pizza in Scorpion Bay.
    Good food at fair prices.
    Not always open....try Friday and Saturday, When it is open they put an "Open Tonite" sign on the restaurant sign.
    Dan has left the cold weather of Lake Tahoe and found a new home in San Juanico.
    One of the best places to each when you get tired of eating tacos.



    Located just up from the corner of the main road, at the entrance to town.
    Gloria remodeled this little restaurant a few years back to accommodate more hungry hombres, and they put out a decent plate of Mexican and seafood, small selection.
    Inexpensive and possibly dangerous.
    Sometimes open....usually for the road crew.



    Located on the outskirts of town on the north end, and just up from the road going through town towards Cadeje, left side. Sign out front.
    Home style meals in a house. Fish, rice, beans, tortillas (flour and corn!), beer...the basics. If you bring fish or lobster she will cook it for you!
    Usually open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cheap!
    Check out the 1980 photo of San Juanico from the air on the north wall!




There are no tourist facilities in San Juanico, and consequently, not much shopping. A few basic food staples can be obtained at the small markets in town.

The Scorpion Bay Cantina offers, ice, water, toothpaste, firewood, hats, t-shirts, surf wax, ding repair kits, candy bars, cold drinks and hot food.

A new market has been opened on main street, just past the town square.

Visit the web site of JOHN RAMOS to review his unique and colorful Mexico art work.

For further shopping opportunities grab your credit card and head for the web site of Baja fanatic BAJA BOB.


  • LUPITA'S (The Yellow Store)

    Located on the main street, west side, across from the big empty lot.
    A clean market with the best selection in town.
    Fruit, soap, cookies, drinks and tequila.
    Cookies are located on the west wall adjacent to the cashier.
    What else do you need? Tampons? Motor oil? Got it.



    On the west edge of town up from the school.
    Next to Chino's Gasolinaria and repair shop.
    Very limited supplies, but a growing inventory every week.
    A good place to get gas and buy supplies at the same time.



    Located right across from the ocean on the Malecon.
    Beer, tequila, snacks and more.
    Arturo runs the place and he is a very cool hombre.
    The view of the ocean from the roof is awesome!



    Located mid town, west side, not far from the basketball courts.
    Open now for about a year. Hope they can stay open.



    On the main street through town, right side.
    Very limited supplies, but every bit helps when you are this far from civilization.




    The road coming up from Ciudad Insurgentes, Baja Highway 53, is the preferred route to San Juanico, although there are other roads that lead here. The first 70 miles are paved. TheN last 20 miles are dirt, but usually good enough for most 2 wheel drive vehicles. The last 10 miles are paved to town.

    The roads from the north, via San Ignacio, are usually not as well maintained, and are susceptible to weather related problems. If you are looking for an adventure or just feel lucky it can be fun.

    Coming across the mountains from Mulege and Loreto to the west coast is also a possibility, however this east road is usually not as easy at it may look on the map, unless it has just been graded. The turn-off for this road is at Km. 59 off of Baja Highway One.

    Both the northern road and the mountain roads are great routes for Baja travelers looking for a good old-fashion Baja adventure, with no time concerns! Except for the first part of the road from Ciudad Insurgentes, all roads leading to San Juanico are unpaved.

    Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.

    For more general information on transportation in Baja check out our main BAJA TRANSPORTATION section.



      Located on the south end of town, west side of the street.
      Gasoline, oil and air for sale.
      Tires fixed and mechanical problems pondered.



      Located on the west end of town, west side of the street.
      Gasoline, oil and for sale.
      Tires fixed and mechanic on duty.



      Located 8.5 miles north of San Juanico, the Cadeje Airstrip was also closed for some time, but was open in 2005, closed again in 2006. The 2,600 foot dirt strip was in very good condition (but closed) when walked by Carlos Fiesta in late 2006.



      The quaint village of La Parisima is 30 miles south of San Juanico and has a very good 2,580 foot hard dirt airstrip. Make arrangements with Loreto Airport tower before using.


    • BOATS

      Punta Pequena is an excellent harbor, and serves as the perfect place to drop the hook while heading up or down the Baja coast. The bottom drops off gradually from shore, with a sandy bottom common at 10 fathoms and deeper.


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      "San Juanico Days" is the annual celebration in town, getting started during the third week in June, and usually lasting for several days. Local residents set up small booths, and offer a variety of items and food for sale. A couple of popular (betting) events include the cock fights and horse racing, and in a good year they will actually have more than one horse in the race!

      For information on obtaining travel documents for Mexico such as Tourist Cards, boat permits, fishing and hunting licenses check out the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.

      If you are taking the south road in or out of San Juanico sheck out the osterich farm on the west side of the road just north of Zaragoza. These guys are big!


        Held at the Community Center on the south side of the town plaza the third week in June every year.
        The Miss San Juanico Pageant gets the young girls and guys excited, and the live band and dancing afterwards gets the whole town into a full-on dance funk! Tequila and beer flow at a fairly generous clip each evening, and these few nights are the only nights the town stays up well past midnight!

        Volunteeres in town repainted the salon wall for the 2008 party and it looks great!
        If you pass out on the beach you will not be alone.



        Located at the Scorpion Bay Cantina out by the point.
        Fees are charged in 15 minute intervals.
        Working sometimes.



        Located just below the school on the south side of the street.
        If you need to receive a phone call in Paradise the number is 011-52 (613) 151-4206.



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        San Juanico real estate was hot but is starting to cool a bit pushing into 2009. This small, isolated fishing village and has only recently been recognized as a location for vacation homes for Baja fans who really want to get away from it all. San Juanico's remote location and lack of basic services are it's biggest draws for those who want to truly escape the outside world, and it is these same qualities that provide the biggest obstacles for Baja aficionados who desire the basic luxuries such as water and electricity.

        San Juanico real estate is currently separated into two different locations. The newer homes now being built just outside town on 'Gringo Hill' tend to be large and self contained, while the vacation homes in town tend to be smaller and more basic in nature. A third area for homes is on the drawing boards out near the point, and may tie in with the limited services available at Scorpion Bay Resort.

        Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.

        Baja aficionados interested in building or buying a home near the Baja coastline might be interested in the web site of MATRIX UTILITIES for some good ideas on desalinization, energy options and waste disposal.

        Visit the web site of BAJA BUSINESS CONSULTANTS for a review of the legal end of living or doing business in Baja.





        There is only one licensed Broker in San Juanico, although there are more than a couple of people in town who will be happy to show you various lots for sale. Your best bet it to go right to the source, at least for your first run through town. If Jaime Adkins isn't able to help you find what you want, he'll put you in touch with someone who can.



        Telephone 011-52 (613) 138-2111.
        Fax 011-52 (613) 132-0188.
        Punta Pequena, San Juanico, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
        Lots for sale, custom homes built, free real estate advice.
        Contact: Jaime Adkins and tell him Carlos Fiesta sent you.



        There are smaller lots for sale in town, and larger lots are available on Gringo Hill and just outside of town. The lots in town tend to be geared towards smaller homes or trailers, while the larger lots on Gringo Hill are perfect for building large custom estates. In either case, for further information, contact Jaime at Patty's Market.



        An ocean front residential development is on the drawing board in the Scorpion Bay area. Lots will be large, and development guidelines will ensure conforming build-outs.
        Financing will be available at 10% interest with small down payments. Prices will start at approximately $40,000.
        For further information, contact Jaime Adkins at 011-52 (613) 138-2111.


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