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Bahia Concepcion   (GPS coordinates 26'36 N ~ 111'53 W)   is one of the largest bays in Baja and is located a short (25 minute) drive south of Mulege. Dozens of beautiful sandy beaches can be found along it's west coast. The crown jewel of this area is a collection of beaches off of a large bay called Bahia Coyote. The protected emerald waters of Bahia Coyote are a tropical paradise, complete with deserted offshore islands. Honey, I'm home!


The first beach that visitors see as they drive south on the main highway is Playa Santispac. This large bay within a bay offers beach front camping spaces for short or long term stays and one small restaurant back from the beach. This part of paradise gets a good crowd in winter as the snowbirds from the colder latitudes enjoy calling this 'home' as they wait out the snow and frost at their main casas.

One of the beaches that cannot be seen from the road is Playa Arena to the north. A development is in the planning stages here which may include sea front and sea view lots, as well as a small hotel fronting the private beach. Many other homes can be found as one drives the main road further south of Santispac, below Bahia Coyote.

Because the waters off of most of these beaches are so warm and calm, and because the water is so shallow, even the most timid landlubbers enjoy frolicking in the waters of Bahia Concepcion. The more time one spends in Bahia Concepcion, the easier it is to understand why some folks enjoy spending several months of the year here.

The large 'island' that can be seen way across the bay from these beaches is actually the barren Concepcion peninsula. A rough road traverses the peninsula towards the tip, but there is very little out there besides rocks and cactus. Probably the best way to explore it is by laying on the beach at Bahia Coyote, with a pair of binoculars in one hand, and an ice cold Snapple in the other! Those with greater ambitions can reach this peninsula by taking the dirt access road off of Baja Highway One at Km. 76.

No trip to Bahia Concepcion is complete without a 30 minute excursion north to the quaint oasis village of MULEGE. Heading up to Mulege for a half day to enjoy a nice meal or just meander the town or along the banks of the river is the perfect way to enjoy a nice change of pace from the beaches of Bahia Concepcion! The Saturday night Pig Roast at the Serenidad Hotel is legendary!

And just an hour south of Bahia Concepcion is the historic seaside town of LORETO. Drop by Cafe Ole for breakfast and then walk over to the historic Loreto mission, the first in all of California!

A great view of Bahia Concepcion can be enjoyed from the top of the Tiburon Microwave tower, just off of the Baja Highway at Km 124. Bring a camera!

RV's love the beachfront digs at Playa Buenaventura, complete with nearby restaurant and bar.

Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.

Need cash? Although there are no banks in Bahia Concepcion or nearby Mulege, there is a Bancomer bank and ATM machine in Santa Rosalia, about an hour north. Jackpots are paid in pesos.

To purchase a good map of the Baja Peninsula visit the web site of MEXICO MAPS.

If you can handle a longer excursion Bahia Concepcion is not much more than an hour away from the historic and quaint town of LORETO. Fishing anyone?

If you would like to see what Bahia Concepcion, Mulege and Punta Chivato look like FROM SPACE check it out!

Bahia Concepcion was one of the coastal stops for Carlos Fiesta on his 2,200 mile solo BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION...check it out!



Bahia Concepcion is dominated by gringos. There are a few Mexican families who work on the beaches collecting camping fees, and a few vendors who walk the beaches selling hats and hammocks. But most of the area is occupied by American and Canadian gringos enjoying the fantastic beaches and hidden coves.



With miles and miles of beautiful beaches and coves, where does one start their exploration of Bahia Concepcion? A good place to experience life on Concepcion is Playa Santispac. This large beach has many advantages as a first stop on the bay. It's beautiful, it's big, and it is easily accessible from the blacktop. If you ad a few amenities like good food and drink, bathrooms and lots of fun people to chat with, it's hard to think of a reason not to stop here!



Bahia Concepcion is long on beautiful camping beaches but short on hotel accommodations. Fortunately the one hotel it does have is a very nice one. HOTEL SAN BUENAVENTURA is a nice hotel on one of the nicest coves in Bahia Concepcion. The owner does a good job keeping the hotel in shipe shape, and next door Olivia's restaurant and sandy beaches are perfect condition. The best camping beach in the area for travelers needing basic services is PLAYA SANTISPAC at the north end of Bahia Concepcion. Just back from the beach is Anna's Restaurant for lunch (and bakery). A touch of civilization to an otherwise quiet string of beautiful coves. Bahia Concepcion visitors looking for a fun place to enjoy a tasty dinner with other Baja travelers will appreciate BERTHA'S RESTAURANT located a couple of miles past Playa Santispac right on the beach. Good food, a full bar and a fun place to go for a swim after dinner! When counting pelicans gets old and Bahia Concepcion visitors need some excitement the nearby town of MULEGE is the best excursion for a quick getaway and a taste of excitement. Restaurants, small shops and a quaint village atmosphere makes Mulege one of the best destinations in Baja. Looking for a great perspective of Bahia Concepcion and the mouth of the Bay? The best place for a photo of Bahia Concepcion is at the top of the microwave tower road about 5 minutes north of Playa Santispac. Bring a camera!


CARLOS FIESTA'S HOT TIP:Looking for that Cheeseburger in Paradise that Jimmy Buffet keeps singing about? Head down to Playa Buenaventura and stop by the oceanfront restaurant. There isn't a better ocean view in Baja, and the food is great! Tell owner Olivia that Carlos Fiesta sent you!






The beaches of Bahia Concepcion are some of the most popular in Baja! One of the reasons they are so well liked is because they are so accessible. Few beaches in Baja are as easy to get to, where one can just drive down to the sand, and park in front of the Sea of Cortez within a few yards of the water.

For Baja travelers looking for a true escape, the largest island in Coyote Bay, Isla Bargo, even offers a secret beach on the back side!

Some of the best beaches on shore, running north to south, include:



    Left off the blacktop at Km. 119, 2 miles on a tough rock and dirt road.
    Worth it! One long, beautiful, private, wind protected beach!
    No crowds, a few local homes.
    A rough road wraps to the south, ending up at Playa Santispac (lunch anyone?).
    Bungalows on the beach for rent.



    Off the main Baja Highway at Km. 114, a short drive right down to the beach!
    Very popular, for a lot of good reasons!
    Very well protected from the winds, lots of beach space available.
    A restaurant behind the beach, Anna's, works well for snacks, meals, and wedding receptions!



    Left turn off the Transpeninsular at Km. 112, just down the hill to paradise!
    The private beach is great here, but what makes this place special is the close proximity to the offshore islands.
    This beach is the perfect launching pad for kayaks, boats, etc.



    Left turn off of Highway One at Km. 111, watch for oncoming cars and trucks coming from around the corner!
    You've driven by all the big beaches with all the crowds, but you are looking for a beach with a little more intimacy.
    This jewel is small, and usually not crowded.
    Nice sandy beach, clear waters, wonderful. Enjoy!



    Left turn off of Highway One at Km. 110.5, watch for oncoming cars and trucks.
    This special beach cannot be seen from the is totally hidden!
    One of Concepcion's best kept secrets!
    Very protected from prevailing northerly winds and very quiet.



    Slip down off of the Baja Highway at Km. 109.
    Get your mask and snorkel ready! This is a great beach, plus directly off shore is the largest island in Coyote Bay.
    Isla Bargo has a secret sandy beach on the back side that provides the perfect place for a private getaway!
    Bertha's Restaurant at the north end of the bay is a great place for an evening dinner and for meeting new friends.



    Hang a left off the asphalt at Km. 107.5, take it slow over the bumps!
    The access road follows along the bottom of the bluffs to the right for about 1/2 mile to the main beach.
    Smaller mini-beaches can be enjoyed along the way. For years this beautiful beach graced the front cover of the Auto Club Baja Book. A large beach with room for everyone!
    Looking for a mini-adventure? There are hot springs at the south end, just up from the shore. And snorkeling can be enjoyed along the rocks at the south end, as well.
    If you are just looking for a place to take your morning walk, there is an abandoned rock road that runs up the hill behind the beach, all the way up to the main highway.
    This bay is spectacular!



    Off the freeway at Km. 100.
    A long dirt road heads south and finally ends at the beach.
    This beautiful beach cannot be seen from the road, and is not easy to get to. Hence, it is one of the last to get crowded when the season gets busy. Enjoy the solitude.



    Hang a left at Km. 94.5, just a short drive to the parking lot and beaches.
    Stay left for the hotel, and go right for the restaurant, bar, three beachfront palapas, bathrooms and showers.
    Nice beaches, and a very well organized set up.
    A big draw here is the Hotel San Buenaventura, and a separate oceanfront restaurant.
    A small but well maintained escape for those in the know.
    Owner Olivia does a good job of keeping the restaurant ship-shape. Very nice!
    One of Carlos Fiesta's favorite places in Baja to eat and enjoy the spectacular view.



    Just off the blacktop at Km. 92.5.
    A secret beach tucked in behind the mangroves, offering just enough space for a small group.
    The path at the south end cuts across to Playa El Requeson.
    Only big enough for one or two campers.



    Slip off the blacktop at Km. 92.
    The beach is downhill to the right.
    If this scenic beach looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen it in post cards, pictures, or posters. It's a Baja classic, including palm trees and two beautiful beaches.
    At low tide the offshore island connects to the shore, allowing additional exploring. This is a big beach, and a fun place to snorkel and just hang out.
    The road to the south connects to Playa la Perla, a smaller, yet still beautiful, beach.



    Left turn off of the Baja Highway at Km. 92.
    A quiet beach offering palapas in the sand.
    The lower area is right on the sand. The upper area (to the north) sits up a bit on a low bluff with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez!
    Because it is so much further south than the other beaches, it rarely gets crowded here. Also, it's a bit more exposed to wind.
    The road at the north end connects to Playa El Requeson.
    Another Baja secret spot. Don't tell anyone.



    Located off Baja Highway One at Km. 91.5.
    The dirt road leaving the highway wraps around the base of the bluffs for 3/4 mile, and then opens up to a beautiful 200 yard long beach!
    This beach is one of the furthest south along the Bahia Concepcion coast, so it receives the least amount of activity. So if all of the other beaches to the north are crowded, so can still find solitude and a great place to hang you hat here.
    This beach does face north, so it is exposed to the afternoon northerly winds. Mornings are usually perfect! The water is shallow, and there are rocks to the south for snorkeling. If you want to escape the crowds, this is your beach.



    Right off the Baja Highway at Km. 87.
    A small, almost always empty, beautiful beach just below the road.
    No services. No problem.



    Right off the Baja Highway at Km. 83.
    Very protected, small, empty, beautiful beach.
    This is a great cove for camping,




Campers and recreational vehicle owners find the beaches of Bahia Concepcion hard to beat. There are hundreds of spaces lining the Sea of Cortez, located in a variety crystal clear bays. Amenities range from very basic to moderate, depending upon which campground you choose to call home.

Some form of camping is available on most of the beaches listed in the 'Beaches' category above. From north to south, some of the more established locations include:



    13 miles south of Mulege at Km. 113.
    This large, beautiful bay is the first beach you'll see while heading south down the Baja Highway from Mulege.
    As the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches explode into view, you might be saying "this is it!".
    While Playa Santispac is definitely a great place to hang out and enjoy the Baja sun, it is also the largest of the bays, and always has a lot going on. Well worth a visit, but don't forget...more intimate beaches await you further south!
    Toilets / showers / palapas / restaurant / busy in season / tents welcome.
    Try Anna's for breakfast rolls and a cold Coke.



    Off the Transpeninsular blacktop at Km. 112, 14 miles south of Mulege.
    A nice moderate size beach in close proximity to several offshore islands. Easy access for campers and RVs.
    The beach here is good for launching boats, inflatables, kayaks, etc. Just a hop, skip, and a jump to Playa Santispac (to the north), in case you need a good restaurant!
    13 sites / full hook-ups / flush toilets / showers / tennis / tents welcome.



    Left turn off of Highway One at Km. 110.5, watch for oncoming cars and trucks.
    This special beach cannot be seen from the is totally hidden!
    One of Concepcion's best kept secrets! Very protected from prevailing northerly winds and very quiet.
    Basic camping with no services. Large RVs might have a problem negotiating the 1/2 mile rocky road from the Baja Highway to the beach.



    16 miles south of Mulege, off the Baja Highway at Km. 109.
    This is a great beach, downright beautiful! It's not a very large beach, which makes it very nice.
    If you are one of the lucky ones to capture a spot here, it will be hard to leave.
    Palapas / toilets / tents welcome / boat launching over sand / inexpensive.
    Bertha's Restaurant at the north end of the bay makes it easy for evening meals.



    Cruise off of the Baja blacktop at Km. 108.
    A good beach for campers and RVs just take it slow over the access road. This is a dirt (and crushed shell) road, but it is firm and wide enough for most any rig. Road goes to the right (south) for about one half mile, then opens up to a beautiful cove with a nice sandy beach!
    The hot ticket here is to capture a spot under one of the beautiful palm trees, or to find a spot at the very south end where it is nice and private.
    Looking for an adventure for your morning walk? There is an abandoned rock road that heads up the hill behind the beach at the south end, and traverses all the way up to the main highway!



    Right off the Baja Blacktop at Km.94.5.
    Great beach for large RV's and camping. This beautiful little beach also features a hotel / restaurant / bar set up. There are three almost new palapas sitting right on the beach, just waiting for the discriminating Baja traveler.
    Hot showers are available for a minimal price, bathrooms are free. Quiet, beautiful, nice!
    One of Carlos Fiesta's favorite places to camp in Baja!



    Slip of the Baja Highway at Km. 92.5.
    A secret beach about 500 feet from the highway, tucked in behind the mangroves, offering just enough space for you and a few close friends.
    A wonderful hideaway during dry weather, but the 'skeeters' hang near the mangroves after a good rain. If you get lonely, the path at the south end connect to Playa Requeson.



    27 miles south of Mulege, at Km. 92.
    Two beautiful bays connected by a spit of sand at low tide. When the tide is out, you can walk to the island just offshore for additional exploring opportunities!
    If this beautiful looks familiar, you've probably seen it on a post card, in a picture, or on a vacation poster. There's plenty of room here for everyone to get along, but this great beach is nowhere near as big as its famous sister Playa Santispac further north.
    The road at the south end cuts across to another beautiful (but smaller) beach, Playa La Perla.
    Palapas are available for a small fee, camping spots also, and the pit toilets are free. (Thank you very much!)



    A quick zip off of the Baja Highway at Km. 91.
    The beach itself is 1/2 mile down a good dirt road, and an easy trot for RVs.
    This small, crescent shaped beach offers a lower camping area near the water's edge, and a slightly raised camping area to the north, offering spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez!
    The beach road to the north cuts across to La Requeson beach. Camping spots are a few dollars per night, and cool palapa huts are alos available.



    Just below Baja Highway One at Km. 87.5.
    An easy dirt road runs you along the base of the bluffs at water's edge for about 3/4 of a mile, leading you to this beautiful 200 yard long beach.
    The road is okay for larger RVs as long as you take it s-l-o-w. There are large rocks at the south end of the beach, which make for good snorkeling, and the water just offshore is nice and shallow.
    Because this beach is one of the furthest south along the Bahia Concepcion coastline, it is usually the least crowded. Head here if you really want to get away from the masses. Set up your rig or tent to avoid the north winds which can come up in the afternoons.
    Camping is inexpensive per night, and renting a beach palapa is another option. Pit toilets are available. Track down Don Raoul or one of his partners for camping space information.



    Located off of the Baja blacktop at Km. 87.
    Most Baja campers and RVs don't get this far south on Bahia Concepcion without falling in love with one of the beaches further north. Those who do make it this far have found a little jewel of a beach with few, if any, crowds.
    Easy access off of the highway. No services, just you, the sun, the sand, and the Sea of Cortez!



    Right off the Baja Highway at Km. 83.
    Very protected, small, empty, beautiful beach.
    This is a great cove for camping for one tent or a small RV.




Bahia Concepcion is a very large bay, an opens up on the north end to the Sea of Cortez. Fishing is minimal in the bay, but improves considerably as one heads out to sea.

Organized fishing is not well established in most of the bays, but fishing can be arranged in Mulege, a short drive north. Launching off of the beach is possible on many of the bays in Bahia Concepcion.

For more information on fishing in Baja check out our extensive BAJA FISHING section!



    Telephone / Fax 011-52 (615) 152-0373.
    Apartado Postal 16, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23920.
    Fishing on a 23 foot Bayliner or a 20 foot Crestliner out of Santa Rosalia, north of Bahia Concepcion.
    Check out their web site for further information!





There is definitely a shortage of hotels in the Bahia Concepcion area. Because the terrain is set up so well for camping and RVs hotels never really had a chance to gain a foothold in the area.

Want to rent an awesome house on the beach? Stop by the restaurant on the beach at Playa Buenaventura and ask for Olivia or Mark. This cool rental house is the perfect place to spend a day or a week or a month! Great rates!!!

Good hotels can be found 20 minutes north in Mulege, and one excellent hotel can be found on Playa Buenaventura.

For another lodging option bungalows can often be rented at Playa Naranja, at Km. 118.



    Telephone 011 52 (615) 155 4087.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0401.
    Web site:
    GPS Coordinates at the front entrance to Casa de los Suenos: North 26 degrees 45.529 minutes/West 111 degrees 53.710 minutes
    Spectacular 5,000 square foot home on the bluffs above the Sea of Cortez, set up as a first class Bed and Breakfast Resort.
    Owner: Elena Evanshen.
    E-mail for brochure and further information!
    An extraordinary Bed and Breakfast located on the shores of Bahia Concepcion.
    Please see their website for more information and photos!



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 155-5616.
    Reservation 011-52 (664) 628-4284.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0408.
    Mailing address: Post Office Box 90139, San Diego, California, 92169.
    Located at Km. 93.8 off of the main Baja Highway.
    Located less than one hour north of Loreto Internation Airport.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 20.
    18 rooms and 2 suites.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: Restaurant / bar / parking / boat ramp / mini-market.
    Room amenities: Air conditioning.
    This is the only hotel on Bahia Concepcion, and a great place to hang your hat.
    The hotel rates vary for one person in a room, two people with one bed, 2 people with two beds, 2 people in a suite, and 4 people in a suite.
    Carlos calls this 'champagne' accommodations for a 'cervesa' budget!
    Visit their web site for additional information.





    Bahia Concepcion is dotted with many different islands, and make a fun destination for exploring, or for a picnic and snorkeling destination. There are eight islands in Bahia Coyote, as well as a few further south. When disembarking from your vessel to explore, watch out for sharp clam shells. Foot protection is highly recommended.



    Looking for a short semi-offroad adventure with spectacular views? About 4 miles north of Playa Santispac at Km. 124 on the Baja Highway you will notice a microwave tower located high on a hill, between the Baja Highway and the Sea of Cortez. The road that leads to the top of this hill is accessible to anyone who has the desire to check it out. The incredible views are unobstructed 360 degree vistas which include Bahia Concepcion to the south and Mulege and Punta Chivato to the north. The hand-laid cobblestone road to the stop is almost as amazing as the views!



    Back in the hills, up the canyons behind El Burro, the original habitants of the area left some amazing drawings behind. It's best to hire a guide in Mulege. There are also additional petroglyphs in the hills behind Mulege.




Water activities are very popular in Bahia Concepcion! Because of the location of the local mountains and the bay relative to the prevailing winds, the waters tend to be calm in most of the coves all day long. In the morning the water is often so calm that it looks like a sheet of glass!

Whale and wildlife excursions in the waters off of Bahia Concepcion can be enjoyed with the Baja experts at LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS in their first class boats.

Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK.



    Some of the longer beaches can be fun to bike on. Hard packed areas are usually just behind the soft sand, and make peddling easy. Bike rentals are available in Mulege.

    Visit the web site of WIDE OPEN BAJA for awesome buggy tours of the Baja Peninsula.



    Snorkeling along the beaches and small cliffs is enjoyable, and diving well offshore offers even more rewards. Contact Mulege Divers for the best locations and equipment rentals.



    Island hopping in kayaks is a real treat in these calm waters, and excursions south into the bay or up to Mulege will satisfy the die-hards. Drop by the BAJA TROPICALES palapa south of Playa Santispac at Posada Concepcion for rental and tour information.

    Kayaks can sometimes be rented near Playa Santispac and at the beachfront restaurant at Playa Buenaventura.



    Telephone (928) 773-9917.
    (800) 258-8434.
    Multi-day kayak adventures in the Sea of Cortez.
    Check out their web site for more information!



    The calm waters of Bahia Concepcion make for great sailing, once you get far enough off shore to pick up the wind. Gusts can get unpredictable near the beaches and island, but usually run more consistent in the main bay. Shallow drafts in the coves make tendering a must.

    For a great book on sailing in Bahia Concepcion and in all Baja waters check out the MEXICO BOATING GUIDE by John and Pat Rains. This book kept Carlos Fiesta alive on his solo BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION.



    The waters off the beaches of Bahia Concepcion are great for swimming! The water is generally warm from April through December, and the lack of waves makes wading a pleasant experience for even the most timid landlubbers.



    Waking along the beaches of Bahia Concepcion is a great way to get a little exercise. It's also a good way to meet fellow Baja travelers. Many long term friendships have been started with simple words like "good morning!".



    Mornings are usually very calm, but a decent breeze often picks up in the afternoon. These breezes are generally light in the coves, and combined with the shallow waters, provide an excellent place for beginners. The winds get stronger and more consistent out in the main channel, a great place for experienced sailors to cut loose.




There are several places to catch a bite to eat along the beaches of Bahia Concepcion. Nothing fancy here, just good food in a spectacular environment.

For a larger selection of restaurants jump in the car and head north 20 minutes to MULEGE.




Bahia Concepcion offers relies heavily on nearby Mulege for tourists shopping needs. So the shops and services of Mulege have been included below. There are currently 2 places in the Bahia Concepcion area to pick up essentials.

Visit the web site of JOHN RAMOS to review his unique and colorful Mexico art work.


    Located on the west side of the Baja Highway at Playa Buenaventura.
    A moderate selection of goods...something like a 7-11 store, only less.
    We miss the old name of this market..."G-Spot". Unlike some G spots, this one is easy to find.



    Located on the east side of the Baja Highway just south of Posada Concepcion at Km. 110.
    A small market with limited options. Take a chance...they may have what you are looking for.





    Located directly across from the town square on the south side of the street.
    A small supermarket with most of the things you need. Kind of like a 7-11 or an AM/PM Mini-mart in the U.S. only bigger with a better selection.



    Carretera Transpeninsular #1 Km, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
    Beautiful works of silver, bronze, pewter and more!



    Located directly across from the town square near the north west corner.
    Artesian wears including bowls, glasses, plates and other artsy stuff. A neat place to browse around!



    Located on the west end of the town square, across the street from Donna Moe's Pizza.
    Unique gifts to bring home to those poor family members that couldn't make the trip to Baja!



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0018.
    In town, right side, at Calle Madero #46.
    Lots of the things you better buy before you head south to Bahia Concepcion.



    Located adjacent to the town square, near the south west corner.
    A good place to visit for all around tourist-type shopping. T-shirts, leather goods, and all kinds of unique products!



    Located in the middle of town, directly across from the town square on the north side of the street.
    A limited supply of inventory. If you can't find what you need here try the pharmacy around the corner, across from El Candil Restaurant.



    Located about 100 feet east of the town square on the north side of the street.
    A decent variety of clothing for sale, including shoes. No ... this is not K-Mart ... but it's not bad.



    Located on the main southwest corner as you enter town, just past the Pemex.
    All kinds of stuff for sale! Holiday goodies, art supplies, gifts ... you name it.
    If you can't find it hear you probably don't need it!



    Located on the main street heading into town, about a block past the Pemex, on the left side of the street.
    A very good selection of gifts and T-shirts. The kind that say "My Mom went to Mulege and all I got was this stupid shirt".



    Located on the main road as you come into town on the south east corner.
    Lots of good food and hardware items here, but the real prize hear is the telephone and fax. Expect to pay about $1.40 U.S. per minute...and worth it!



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0030.
    Lots of the things you better buy before you head north to San Ignacio.



    Calle Moctezuma in town.
    Fruit and veggies, meat, liquor, beer, plus international phone calls.




Baja Highway One plays tag with the coastline of Bahia Concepcion for many miles. Access to the various beaches is usually from a dirt road directly off of the blacktop. Buses travel up and down the highway here, but usually don't stop until they get to Mulege.

RV's love to stop at the oceanfront spaces at Playa Buenaventura, complete with beachfront restaurant and bar!

The nearest gasoline is at the large PEMEX station (#3865), three miles south of Mulege, on the east side of the road. Pump first, pay inside.

Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.



    Telephone (800) 888-9378.
    Fax (206) 441-4757.
    4th and Battery Building Site, Suite 8700, Seattle, Washington, 98121.
    Cruises into the southern Sea of Cortez in Baja.
    Points of interest include Los Cabos, La Paz, Loreto, and Mulege.
    Eco-tours and whale watching tours in season.




Looking for entertainment? If Richard "Killer" Cain is in town he sometimes will show videos at the south end of Santispac Beach.

Another fun entertainment option is the every Saturday night Pig Roast at the Serenidad Hotel, 20 minutes north in the oasis village of MULEGE.

Looking for adventure? The Concepcion Peninsula has attracted serious Baja adventurers for many years, long before the Transpeninsular Highway was completed and paved. Although it is easily visible from the western shores of Bahia Concepcion, the vast majority of this peninsula is extremely remote and mostly inaccessible. A dirt road spurs off of the blacktop near the south end of Bahia Concepcion, eventually heading west to the Sea of Cortez and north into the barren territory of the peninsula.

Although a few hearty souls have temporarily made this rocky finger of land their home, over the eons it has remained by and large a desolate, empty territory.

In many ways the Concepcion Peninsula is a lot like the Baja Peninsula, only on a smaller scale. Both are very remote, yet allow access to those looking for an adventure. Both are hot and dry, yet surrounded by vast open seas of refreshing waters. And both peninsulas seem to be worlds away from the conveniences of modern life, yet each is just a short (as-the-seagull-flies) hop to 20th century amenities. And like Baja itself, the Concepcion Peninsula still has many years of solitude ahead, offering raw nature and a unique beauty to those who will take the time to explore it.

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The beautiful coves and bluffs of Bahia Concepcion are the perfect location for a Baja hideaway. Most homes along Bahia Concepcion are either right on the beach, or on a nearby bluff top with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez.

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Each year more homes are built on the beaches and bluffs of Bahia Concepcion. Few of these come on the market, but when they do come up for sale, they usually don't last long.

The closest real estate office to Bahia Concepcion is a half hour north of Playa Santispac in Mulege.


    Telephone / Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0503.
    Km. 131 L-3, Transpeninsular Highway, Baja California Sur, Mexico. (next to the large Pemex, just south of town).
    Post Office Box 66, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico CP 23900.
    Located 5 minutes south of town, east side of Highway One, in the Pemex building.
    Lorane Boler at your service for your real estate (sales and rental) needs in Mulege, Bahia Concepcion, San Bruno and Punta Chivato!



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0401.
    Spectacular 5,000 square foot custom home with killer views of Bahia Concepcion!
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Most of the real estate in the Bahia Concepcion area consists of smaller parcels, dedicated to single lots. However, as the area becomes more popular, developers are looking at building out some of the larger beach front parcels into master planned communities.



    Telephone (714) 488-3426 * (403) 226-1769.
    32464 Crown Valley Parkway, Dana Point, California, 92629.
    Site Location: north end of Bahia Concepcion, just up from Bahia Coyote.
    Master plan consists of ocean front and ocean view lots and homes.
    Contact: Alan Jewitt.