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ROSARITO BEACH is a town with quite a history. Much of the tourist business for Rosarito Beach started in 1926 when Manuel Barbachano opened the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Above the doors of the hotel is a sign with the words "Through these doors pass the most beautiful women in the world!". The same could be said for the city of Rosarito Beach itself, which has been hosting movie stars and the rich and famous for over 70 years now. Although the Hollywood stars don't frequent this seaside town as often as they used to, there were plenty of celebrities in town during the filming of 'Titanic'. Even without regular visits by movie stars, tourists galore still flock here for the beaches, bars, and beef tacos!

Much of the popularity of Rosarito must be credited to its location, only 18 miles south of the U.S. border. It's a great one day getaway for folks from Southern California, and a great weekend destination for anyone crossing the border headed south. For most of it's history Rosarito Beach was a part of the municipality of Tijuana. On December 1st, 1995 Rosarito Beach became it's own municipality and started a long term program to improve it's infrastructure for the future.

Those who visit Rosarito Beach for shopping are usually not disappointed! Ceramics, leather goods, baskets, clothing, jewelry, prescription drugs and a host of other items are readily available at the dozens of stores around town. An increasing number of visitors are utilizing the resources of Rosarito to have custom furniture made at very attractive prices at the very south end of town!

When darkness falls the nightlife begins in Rosarito Beach! The Rosarito Beach Hotel often features live entertainment on weekends. And just a short hop down the beach, Club Iggy's and Papa's and Beer (the 2 largest bars in Baja) fill with dance-crazed gringos and gringettes on busy weekends. If you can't meet someone here to talk to, maybe you should buy a parrot! Many other fun-filled bars are available within walking distance on this south end of town.

Rosarito Beach also offers plenty of excellent restaurants, from delicious taco stands to large restaurants featuring Mexican, Chinese...and everything in between!

On warm days the beaches are filled with many activities including surfing, body surfing, volleyball, horseback riding, all terrain vehicles, and that ever popular past time...sunbathing! An excellent 18 hole golf course is 10 minutes north at Real Del Mar, with the other golf resort at Bajamar about a half hour down the coast.

If you are looking for a fun escape, not far from the border, Rosarito Beach is an excellent destination!

Before you head south check out today's GOLD COAST WEATHER!

Rosarito Beach was one of the coastal locations that Carlos Fiesta cruised by on his 2,000 mile BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION!

Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.

Pulling up the book SEA OF CORTEZ REVIEW is a fun way to visit Baja when you don't have the time to head south!

Looking for a fun book on Baja's Gold Coast? MI BAJA ~ NO HURRY, NO WORRY offers stories about the local flavor of this part of Baja.



The tourist section of Rosarito Beach is based at the very south end of town. Yes there are a few good hotels, shops and restaurants on the north end and mid-town, but the vast majority of what most gringos come to Rosarito Beach to see is at the southern end of town, just up from the beach. The Rosarito Beach Hotel and Fiesta Plaza Hotel form the backbone of the tourist industry here and a host of shops, restaurants and nightclubs can be found within a 4 block area of these two hotels. More tourist destinations await the visitor just a few miles south, including Fox Studios Baja, Popotla, Calafia and Puerto Nuevo!



Looking for the perfect place to pull up a chair and start your Rosarito Beach adventure? We've got just the place! Head straight for the Rosarito Beach Hotel Beachcomber Bar at the south end of town. You don't need to order a margarita and chips, but it's not a bad idea! Whether you choose one of the indoor ocean view tables or one of the outdoor tables on the new pier, this is definitely the place to start your Rosarito Beach vacation! Beach rentals are available right down the stairs.

For a more tropical venue try CLUB IGGY'S on the beach 200 feet north. The fire pits at night are awesome!



Rosarito Beach has quiet a few hotels with the best ones located at the south end of town. Visitors looking for the top end in lodging will appreciate the newer north wing at the ROSARITO BEACH HOTEL on the beach at the very south end of town. It's a great hotel on a very big beach with lots of action. Campers and RV's looking for the best facilities near Rosarito Beach will head for the BAJA SEASONS RV BEACH RESORT 20 minutes south of town. Although the beaches in Rosarito are all wide, the better beaches are also at the SOUTH END of town, near the main tourist areas. The best restaurant for food with a spectacular view is the CALAFIA RESTAURANT just 10 minutes south of town right on the bluffs. Bring a camera! And for the best place in town to listen to great music, enjoy a cocktail and dance there is no better place in Rosarito Beach than CLUB IGGY'S and PAPAS AND BEER on the beach just up from the Rosarito Beach Hotel! The best place in town for shopping are the stores in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Larger object such as pots and furniture are just south of town on the coastal highway. US dollars are accepted everywhere.


CARLOS FIESTA'S HOT TIP: Just a few miles below Rosarito Beach, on the coastal road headed south, 20th Century Fox has built a new studio to help film Hollywood's upcoming blockbusters. Be sure to stop by FOXPLORATION next time you are in Rosarito Beach! They even have their own really cool FOX STUDIOS BAJA web site!

Visitors who happen to be in town on Sundays can enjoy a visit to a very special attraction, STAGE 5, which features a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the movie 'Titanic'. Between 500 to 1,000 people enjoy the $5.00 tour each Sunday (kids are free!), and if you were a Titanic fan before you took the tour, you'll be a born-again fan afterwards! James Cameron's extreme attention to detail is evident throughout the walking tour. The tour takes about an hour, including an 8 minute video clip at the beginning of the tour. The video includes footage of the building of the 'Titanic' set, intermingled with actual footage from the movie.

The tours are offered in English and Spanish, and everyone seems to really enjoy this first hand look at the various parts of the original set. Some of the tour guides are actual members of the Titanic cast, and offer a delicious insight on the making of the movie. If you happen to get the tour guide "John", consider yourself lucky. He was indeed a cast member, and offers valuable information on the actual filming of the movie.

Souvenirs are available inside the stage, including Titanic hats, T-shirts, mugs, posters, videos and more. It's a great place to stop as you are headed south to Calafia for lunch! Open Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.






Beaches are a main draw for Rosarito. From the north end (where the smokestacks are) all the way south through town, the beaches are wide and accessible. Locals love to camp on these beaches on holidays, and Baja travelers enjoy all of the traditional sun and surf beach activities, especially in summer.

Although all of the beaches are fun, visitors will find that the beaches on the south end of town, near the main hotels and condos, tend to provide a greater selection of tourist facilities.

Keep in mind that all beaches in Mexico are open to the public, even the beaches in front of the hotels and houses (like that big wide beach in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel!). So if you see a particular stretch of beach that you want to explore...go ahead! But remember, even though the beaches are open to the public, the beach access my sometimes be across private property, so be respectful.

Since the beaches are open to all, the local vendors take full advantage of these potential customers. Shopping from you beach towel can be fun, and prices are usually negotiable. When you are done shopping, chances are good that the vendors will keep coming by. A simple "no gracias" will usually send them on their way.

Looking for nice beaches with fewer crowds? South of Rosarito Beach about 25 minutes the wide beaches of LA SALINA await you! And when you are ready for the ultimate in Baja beaches consider a few days of sunning in spectacular CABO SAN LUCAS at the tip of Baja!

For information on how to protect your skin while beaching in the hot Baja sun visit the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo!




The beaches north and south of Rosarito have been popular for the non-hotel crowd for many years. Most of the camping and RV spaces near Rosarito Beach are on, or close to, the beach.

The weather is good for camping most of the is usually pretty calm in the mornings and evenings, but the wind typically picks up in the afternoon.

For a first class camping / RV experience, there is a wonderful resort about 20 minutes south of Rosarito Beach, just before you get to La Salina, called Baja Seasons.

If you are camping near Rosarito Beach and a young child walks up to you with a pail full of freshly made tamales, consider yourself lucky. These tasty treats are fresh and usually still hot and are a great way to start your day!

For more good information on camping and RVs drop by the informative web site of WOODALLS the camping and RV experts.

When you want a change of climate for your next Baja camping / RV experience, consider heading over to the Sea of Cortez to SAN FELIPE. This quaint Mexican town offers more camping spaces than anywhere else in Baja!

Listed from north to south, here is a selection of camping spots in the Rosarito Beach area.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 155-4015.
    U.S. (619) 422-2777.
    Toll free (800) 754-4190.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 155-4019.
    1177 Broadway #2, Chula Vista, California, 91911.
    Coastal road at Km. 72, La Salina.
    Mailing address: 1177 Broadway Avenue, Suite 2, Chula Vista, California, 91911.
    Number of sites: 140.
    Full hookups / pool / Jacuzzi / beach / restaurant / motel / store / clubhouse / bar / sauna / steam room / gym / 2 tennis courts (lighted) / volleyball / billiards / putting green / TV / miniature golf / full service laundry room / 24 hour security.
    One of Baja's few first class campgrounds, located on a huge, beautiful beach!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-2238.
    From main road west (towards the ocean) at Quinta Plaza.
    Number of sites: 9.
    Campsites / full hookups / concrete pads / no toilets.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 631-3250 or (888) 709-9988.
    North of town approximately 2 miles at Km. 25.
    RV spaces for rent and 22 oceanfront RVs for rent directly facing the ocean!
    Number of spaces: 55.
    Full hook-ups / concrete pads / 2 pools / 2 Jacuzzis / tennis / gym / putting green / 2 restaurants / disco / chapel.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1501.
    Free road at KM 34, three miles south of Rosarito.
    Number of sites: 33.
    Campsites / concrete pads / full hookups / flush toilets / showers / pool / restaurant.




The waters off of Rosarito have plenty fish! However, everyone is so busy entertaining themselves with all of Rosarito's other options, that fishing never really caught on here.

The best fishing in the area is off the Coronado Islands, just north west of Rosarito, and most fishing packages are arranged with fishing companies in either ENSENADA or in San Diego.

For more information on fishing on the Peninsula drop by our BAJA FISHING section or the fishing section of our ENSENADA section!

Looking for a fishing adventure in a more remote location? Consider a trip to BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES on Baja's Sea of Cortez. It's the most remote fishing you will find in Baja that is accessible by paved roads!

For more information on obtaining the proper fishing documentation required for dipping your hook in Baja waters check with the professionals at MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.

Looking for a Baja-based yacht broker? visit the web site of BAJA CALIFORNIA MARINE.



    Telephone (619) 474-1991.
    Fax (619) 474-7166.
    43 East 12th Street, National City, California, 91950.
    Custom fishing trips in the waters off of Rosarito Beach, plus other Baja destinations!



    Telephone (619) 469-4255.
    San Diego, California.
    Fishing packages to Coronado Islands, Guadeloupe Island, short and long trips.



    Telephone (619) 221-8500.
    2838 Garrison Street, San Diego, California.
    Fleet of over a dozen privately owned and operated fishing vessels 57' to 124'.



    Telephone (619) 222-1144.
    2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California 92106.
    Sportsfishing charters to the Coronado Islands.



    Telephone (619) 583-8862.
    6053 Wenrich Drive, San Diego, California, 92120.
    Owner/operator Chris Randel has been sharing tight lines in Baja for over 10 years.
    Check out their web site for more information!




Click here for the Baja Experts!

Even though the Rosarito Beach Hotel started it all, there are now many additional good hotels in the Rosarito area. Prices vary from inexpensive to top end, with the nicer and larger hotels sitting right on the beach. Staying on the south end of town puts you right in the middle of Rosarito Beach's main action!

The Rosarito Beach Hotel is still a favorite place to stay, especially the newer north tower. The Festival Plaza Hotel, located just south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, is also a top choice for visitors looking for top end lodging. Also, the Las Rocas Hotel, located about 15 minutes south of town, is a great choice for a first rate hotel.

How about staying in a private home right on the beach just south of Rosarito? Casa Fiesta sleeps up to nine people and is located right on the ocean. At $85 per night you can't beat it! Contact Tracy at (619) 281-0857 for information and reservations.

Also, if you are a golfer, both the REAL DEL MAR golf course (north of town) and the BAJAMAR golf course (south of town) offer first rate accommodations right on the golf course!

15 minutes south of Rosarito Beach the La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant has been hosting Baja travlers for decades and you can't beat the spectacular ocean views!

For further information on places to stay in the Rosarito Beach area, contact   BAJA MOTION TOURS. They can probably put a package together cheaper than you can do on your own.

Additional information on Rosarito Beach lodging can be obtained by calling (800) 962-2252.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 2-0144.
    Toll free (800) 343-8582.
    South end of Blvd. Juarez, under the white arch.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 288.
    On the beach.
    Rooms, junior suites, suites.
    Hotel amenities: 2 pools / water slide / Jacuzzi / 2 restaurants / 2 bars / spa / ping pong / volley ball / dance hall / weekend entertainment / pier / private parking.
    Room amenities: Ocean views / telephones / televisions.
    On the beach: horses for rent, kayaks for rent, plus ATV's!
    Don't miss the incredible Spa services available at Casa Playa Spa. First Class!
    Serving Rosarito Beach visitors with warm hospitality for over 50 years.
    Want to ride a horse on the beach? This is the place to do it!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-2140 * 011-52 (661) 612-2547.
    U.S. (619) 234-9810.
    Toll free (888) 527-7622.
    Blvd. Benito Juarez #22, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
    Mailing address: Post Office Box 189003, Coronado, California, 92178.
    Located Km. 38.5 on the free road, 6 miles south of Rosarito Beach, west side of the street.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 74.
    Rooms and suites.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: 2 pools / 3 Jacuzzis / 2 restaurants / 2 bars / tennis / volleyball / secure parking / secrete "sunset view" hideaway cavern.
    Room amenities: Ocean views from all rooms / televisions / air conditioning.
    This is a large oceanfront property, and comes pretty close to fulfilling your dreams of the perfect Baja resort.
    No sandy beach, but the spectacular ocean views, great pool areas, and spa facilities more than make up for that. Probably the nicest hotel to stay at south of Rosarito Beach.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-2950.
    Toll free (800) 453-8606.
    Web site:
    Just north of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    Number of rooms: 120.
    Just up from the beach.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / El Patio Restaurant / Rock and Roll Taco Bar / shops / parking.
    Room amenities: Ocean views / telephones / televisions.
    Lots of beach action next door at the Rosariot Beach Hotel.
    Nightlife surrounds this hotel!
    Large hotel and shopping complex with wild colors and design in prime location!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 614-1493.
    Toll free (800) 275-3280.
    Located at south of Rosarito Beach at Km. 44.5 on the Free Road, Tijuana-Ensenada, Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, 22712.
    U.S. Mailing address: 512 East San Ysidro Boulevard Suite 44, San Ysidro, California, 92173.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 100.
    Rooms and suites.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / Jacuzzi / tennis / basketball / volleyball / kids playground / pool snack bar / restaurant / bar / palapa bar / meeting rooms / secure parking / market.
    Room amentias: Air conditioning / satellite television / telephones / kitchenettes.



    Telephone / Fax 011-52 (661) 612-4200.
    Avenida Del Cedro #151, Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.
    Located about 6 blocks north of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 142.
    Rooms and suites.
    Just up from the beach 2 blocks.
    Hotel amenities: Walk to beach / pool / pool waterfall / swim-up bar / Jacuzzi / restaurant / bar / underground parking.
    Room amenities: Air conditioning / cable television.
    One of Rosarito Beach's newest hotel! Elegant.
    Cavernous entry hall to the front deck. Drop crackers on the way and you won't get lost.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 614-1166.
    Toll free (800) 582-1018.
    Mailing address: 482 West San Ysidro Boulevard, San Ysidro, California, 92173-2410.
    Km. 45 on the Baja coast highway.
    Web site:
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 147.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / Jacuzzi / volleyball court / tennis court / gym / coffee shop / restaurant / 2 bars.
    Room amenities: Ocean views / telephones / televisions.
    Just a short distance from all of the excitement of Puerto Nuevo!
    Wedding facilities available.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1581.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 612-0296.
    Mailing address: Post Office Box 354, C.P., Baja California, Mexico.
    Located on the free road at Km. 35.5.
    Number of rooms: 70.
    Oceanfront rooms, ocean view rooms, garden view rooms and suites.
    On the bluffs above the beach.
    Very quaint ocean view rooms / huge ocean view restaurant / dining facilities / 2 bars / Jacuzzi.
    Wedding packages and conference facilities.
    No pets allowed.
    15% discount for seniors over 60 years old.
    Visa, Master Card, Discover and Diners Club accepted.
    Day Spa and Beauty Center offers massages, foot massage, hydrating cleansing, therapuetic message and facials by a professional staff.
    Historic Calafia welcomes over 250,000 visitors a year, join the fun!



    Located mid town at km 29.5.
    Number of rooms: 33.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / Jacuzzi / snack bar /
    Room amenities: Air conditioning / private terraces / televisions / some kitchens.
    A bit north of the action. The sandy beaches are further south.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 631-3250.
    Toll free (888) 709-9988 * (800) 818-3133.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 631-3252.
    Post Office Box 158, Imperial Beach, California, 91933.
    North of town approximately 2 miles at Km. 25.
    Number of rooms: 100.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: 2 pools / 2 Jacuzzis / 2 restaurants / bar / putting green / gym / sauna / ping pong / disco / chapel.
    Room amenities: Ocean views / telephones / televisions.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-2547.
    Toll free: (888) 871-4605.
    Blvd. Juarez # 22, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
    Mailing address: Post Office Box 189003, Coronado, California, 92178.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 71.
    Rooms and junior suites.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / restaurant / bar / coffee shop / Jacuzzi / meeting rooms.
    Room amenities: Ocean views / air conditioning / satellite television.
    Review their web site for additional information



    Telephone 011-52 (646) 155-0307.
    Located south of Rosarito Beach at Km. 59 on the free road.
    Number of rooms: 26.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: Restaurant / bar / gift shop.
    Room amenities: Fans / some ocean views.
    Nice rooms sitting on a fabulous bluff above the Pacific Ocean.
    Great views, plus excellent dining and drinking facilities!
    Hosts Sara and Orest will do their best to make you happy.



    Telephone / Fax 011-52 (646) 155-0265.
    Web site:
    Located south of Rosarito Beach at Km. 57 on the Free Road.
    Hotel amenities: Deluxe villas / 2 pools / Jacuzzi / restaurant / spa / barbecues / sauna.
    Room amenities: Kitchens / televisions / telephones.
    Remodeled and ready to serve!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1088.
    Blvd. Juarez one mile south of Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    Number of rooms: 48.
    Walk to beach.
    Hotel amenities: Restaurant / bar / parking.
    Room amenities: Air conditioning / telephones / televisions.
    Ocean Views from most rooms.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-0445.
    Calle Cedros # 115.
    Number of rooms: 24.
    Hotel amenities: Walk to beach.
    Room amenities: Fans / some rooms have ocean views.




Every year Rosarito Beach hosts one of the biggest bicycle rides in the known Universe! The ROSARITO - ENSENADA 50 MILE BICYCLE RIDE usually takes place on the last Saturday in April, and is one of Baja's biggest events.

The first third of the course runs along the coastal road and leads one to believe that it's going to be smooth sailing all the way... then they hit the grade known as "el tigre". H-e-l-l-o. This is where the road heads a bit inland and uphill to the top of a plateau. This usually wipes out about half of the entrants (especially the ones who partied way late the night before). The only saving grace is that, once the top is reached, it is mostly level until the outskirts of Ensenada, where a l-o-n-g downhill grade will test even the best of brakes!

The after race party in Ensenada looks a lot like the parking lot after a Rolling Stones concert . . . people and cars are everywhere! The best way to sneak into Hussong's this weekend (and any other busy weekend)is through the rear door via the rear parking lot.

Bicycling West, who has been hosting this ride for about 20 years, says this is the last year for this event. Well, it may be the last year for them, but you can be sure that some other organization will pick up where they left off! Does the CORNONA ROSARITO-ENSENADA BIKE RIDE have a nice ring to it? We'll see!

Visitors to Rosarito Beach can now explore the magic world of moviemaking! FLOXPLORATION is the newest attraction at Fox Studios Baja, just 10 minutes south of town. Check out their web site for more information!




If Tijuana is the granddaddy of Baja shopping, then Rosarito Beach is at least a good father. Although the selection of goods is not as diverse as the big city, visitors can usually find whatever it is they are looking for. Most of the shops are located directly on the main street Blvd. Juarez, and parking is plentiful and free.

If you are looking for a lot of shopping in a concentrated area, just park your car near the Rosarito Beach Hotel, or near the Festival Plaza Hotel, at the south end of town. There are plenty of shops here, all within walking distance of each other!

More and more shops are accepting credit cards, and they love U.S. dollars. And if you happen to have a few pesos in your pocket, all shops are happy to take them off of your hands.

Although negotiating can be half the fun of shopping in Mexico, not all shops like to play the game. As a general rule, the nicer the shopping establishment is, the less likely they are going to want to negotiate with you. So if you love to bicker, choose your venue accordingly. One way to get a discount in almost any shop is to buy more than one of a certain item.

If you are planning on spending any time laying on the beach, you might want to bring a few dollars with you for shopping. The vendors who walk the beach offer a hodge-podge of items, everything from hats to jewelry to t-shirts. Beach-towel shopping is fun..and easy! Prices are negotiable, and you can keep your American Express Card in your wallet 'cause they won't take it.

If you are headed south, try not to max out your credit cards just yet. More shopping in ENSENADA awaits you!

Shopping opportunities are also available just south of Rosarito Beach at FOXPLORATION, the new attraction at Fox Studios Baja!

For further shopping opportunities grab your credit card and head for the web sites of Baja fanatic BAJA BOB.

After a hard day of shopping consider checking out "Casa Playa Spa" at the ROSARITO BEACH HOTEL. The perfect place to unwind!

Visit the web site of JOHN RAMOS to review his unique and colorful Mexico art work.



    Located at the south end of town, in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    A very diverse selections of shops offering items such as artwork, silver, leather, clothing, ceramics...the list goes on.
    It's a tradition to stop in the Rosarito Beach Hotel for a cocktail after a successful shopping excursion!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1008.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 612-1176.
    Mexican art, gifts and French perfumes!



    Just north of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Large building with wild colors!
    A variety of shops in a fun walking environment, close to all the action.



    Mid town, west side of the street.
    Food shopping and all of the necessities all under one roof.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 614-1853.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 614-1853.
    Km 40 Carretera Libre, Rosarito-Ensenada.
    Art gallery open Thursday to Monday 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and by appointment.




There's lots to do in Rosarito Beach! Although most people spend most of their time poolside, shopping, or eating it's fun to get outside in the fresh air to get the heart pumping!

Fox Studios Baja has recently opened FOXPLORATION which is a great place to spend the afternoon and check out the inside of the movie biz. Drop by their web site for additional information.

Check out the WHALE WATCHING section of Baja Expo for mucho mas information on Baja's Whales!

Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.

For information on how to protect your skin while playing in the hot Baja sun visit the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo!

Drop by the BAJA OFFROAD web site for additional information on getting off the blacktop in Baja!

Visit the web site of WIDE OPEN BAJA for awesome buggy tours of the Baja Peninsula.

And for more information on recreation in Baja drop by our main BAJA RECREATION section!



    The ROSARITO to ENSENADA 50 MILE BIKE RIDE is one very fun event! This annual collection of fun-seekers really turns Rosarito on full volume! This annual event starts in Rosarito Beach, then heads south on the free road along the coast. At Km. 60 the road heads inland, and then UP!. The last 5 miles are generally a downhill cruise, and the party in Ensenada afterwards is not to be missed!

    Bringing your bike to Rosarito Beach for a casual peddle through town is probably not a good idea. The traffic in town is pretty busy, and there are no established bike paths or sidewalk areas for riding.




    Telephone (858) 277-7823.
    2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California, U.S.A. 92106.
    Located at H & M Landing.
    Web site:
    Single and multi-day dive trips to Baja and her offshore islands.
    Dive boats Odyssey and Horizon are perfectly set up for your dive getaway.
    A very professional company!
    Drop by their web site for additional information.


  • GOLF

    Rosarito Beach is just a 10 minute drive from the spectacular ocean view links at REAL DEL MAR golf course, and a 25 minute coastal drive from the oceanfront links at BAJAMAR. Both courses feature a clubhouse, restaurant, bar and pro shop. And since both courses are completely different, you have two great excuses to head south of the border to practice your game.

    There are two additional courses nearby, one in TIJUANA (near downtown) and one in ENSENADA (south of town).

    If you have improved your short and long games to the point of needing a new challenge, the top cabin golf resorts in CABO SAN LUCAS await you. Welcome to golf paradise!

    Drop by BAJA GOLF for more Baja golf info!



    There are several hiking options in the Rosarito Beach area. Of course hiking along the low bluffs and beaches can be fun, especially south of town. But there are other inland options as well, including some inland trails east of LA SALINA.



    Rosarito Beach has m-i-l-e-s of open beaches, perfect for brushing up on your Frisbee technique! (gotta work on that backside catch? This is the place!). Playing along the surf line can be a fun way to keep cool on hot days!



    Horses are available for rent in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, as well as just south of town, right off of the free road by the parking lot. There are also horses for rent a bit north, near Papa's and Beer. Bring a pocket of carrots...some of these steeds look a bit hungry! Where else can you romp in the sand and surf on a horse for $10? If you've ever wanted to pretend you are in a deodorant commercial in slow motion, this is your chance.



    Launching off the beach west of the main highway is usually no problem. Because most of Rosarito's coast is sandy beach, the scenery is predicable. Heading a bit south of town provides more diverse views, as the sand changes into low bluffs.

    Kayaks can often be rented in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, and the two small islands in front of the hotel make a fun kayak excursion (once you get out past the waves!). For even better (and more remote) kayaking head south towards LA SALINA and BAJAMAR.

    When you are ready for a serious kayaking adventure, consider heading across the mountains to the Sea of Cortez and the spectacular fishing village of BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES and all of it's offshore islands (not to mention the resident finback whales and dolphins!).





    Telephone (562) 799-3880.
    182 Marina Drive, Long Beach, California, 90803.
    Web site:
    Sailing trips from southern California to upper Baja, Mexico.
    Enjoy a coastal cruise aboard the 73 foot schooner Dirigo II.
    Visit their web site for additional information.



    The island directly in front of the Rosarito Beach hotel is a good snorkel and dive spot when the ocean surface is calm. This is usually during the summer months. Just north of Rosarito Beach, many dive clubs offer day trips to the Coronado Islands. These islands are an easy one day jaunt on a dive boat out of San Diego, and the visibility and sea life is very good.

    Ocean water temperatures usually bottom out at around 55 degrees in February, and then gradually warm up to about 70 degrees by late August.



    Telephone (619) 203-3476.
    7730 Herschel Avenue #AA, La Jolla, California.
    Dive adventures to the waters off of Ensenada.
    Guided scuba and snorkeling tours.
    Visit their web site for additional information!



    The beaches in the Rosarito area are probably better for body surfing and Boogie Boarding than for surfing, mainly because of the lack of any consistent shape. The waves do get large, but they are often walled up. South of Rosarito, where the bluffs start, the shape improves considerably.

    For an update on conditions or for supplies, try TONY'S SURF SHOP at Blvd. Juarez #312. Telephone 011-52 (661) 2-1192.

    A new SURF SHOP is now open to serve surfers headed south of Rosarito Beach. INNER REEF SURF SHOP is located south of Rosarito Beach about 10 minutes, on the west side of the free highway (just north of Calafia) at Km. 34. Boards for sale and for rent, wax available, plus a good place to get information on the local breaks.

    There is also a good break about 10 minutes south just past Calafia, a reef break with rights and lefts. It usually stays glassy all day because of the tall hills just inland. And if you have time to head even further south, San Miguel is a good right break on a stone beach just north of Ensenada near the toll station. Camping is permitted there for a small fee.

    For another perspective drop by BAJA 4 FUN SURFING.

    And if you are serious about a Baja surfing adventure check out the web site of BAJA SURF ADVENTURES.




    The Volleyball Tournaments south of Rosarito near Ensenada has been a main location for many years. The Estero Beach Hotel there has been a classic venue, and still is. However, Olympic hopefuls now have Rosarito Beach as a venue for the biggest new volleyball tournament in Mexico. Let's hope it makes it past the first few years.


    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-2950.
    Benito Juarez Boulevard at Playa Rosarito, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
    The venue is located on the beach, just north of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    The volleyball games will be world class..the evening parties just as good! Contact Jaime Jimenez for more information!




Rosarito Beach probably has more restaurants (and bars) for travelers to enjoy than any other Baja city, aside from CABO SAN LUCAS.

Most restaurant will accept U.S. dollars, and many are now accepting credit cards. Got pesos? They'll take those too!

Besides the main restaurants, don't miss the great taco stands located around Rosarito Beach. Fish tacos, beef tacos and pork tacos from these small taco stands are extremely tasty! You want to have some real fun? Try a beef filled 'torta'. You'll never eat another Big Mac again...tortas are delicious!

A fun and funky dining excursion for lunch and dinner can be found just 10 minutes south of Rosarito Beach at the oceanfront fishing village of Popotla. This is a piece of Baja coastline that has not yet been taken over by the big-bucks tourist developers even though it is located directly adjacent to coastal development on all sides. Over 30 oceanfront eateries line the shore offering everything from lobster, fish tacos and seafood cocktails. And the prices are as cheap as you are going to find anywhere along the coast. Head south from Rosarito Beach and turn right on the dirt road under the white arches on the south side of Fos Studios Baja.

Baja travelers looking for an excellent oceanfront restaurant 12 minutes south of Rosarito Beach will be impressed with the brand new Villa Ortega Restaurant at the southwest corner of Puerto Nuevo. Carlos Fiesta calls this new hangout the 'best' place on the coast for a meal or drinks between the US border and Ensenada!

Looking for more information on the kind of food that put Baja on the culinary map? Check out the web site of Baja aficionado and award winning author ANN HAZARD.

And if you want to take a short excursion south of town for a lobster experience, PUERTO NUEVO is only 25 minutes south. Or check out the great ocean view tables (and mariachis) at Calafia if you just head 10 minutes south of Rosarito Beach. Grab a table on the south deck facing the boat dance floor for the best view!

If you are dining in the Rosarito Beach area and have the opportunity to have a Mariachi group play tableside, by all means give it a go. The flavor of this great music can add a lot to your overall dining experience. Be sure to ask "how much" before you commit to a song. Whatever the price, it is usually worth it! What to hear a cool traditional Mexican song? Ask for "El Nino Pardido" and then try to find the lost trumpet player as he works his way back to your table!

Drop by BAJA BOB'S web site for a gander at his unique cocktail products made just for Baja fans!

Here are just a few places to put on the feed-bag in Rosarito Beach:






Going out to eat is half the fun of any Rosarito Beach getaway! There are lots of choices, and most of these restaurants provide a lively "vacation" environment.

For a real dining adventure hop in the car and head south 20 minutes to PUERTO NUEVO. This seaside collection of restaurants specializes in 3 lobsters, cold beers, and pure fun!

For a fun ocean view lunch, slip 10 minutes south to Calafia and grab a table on the south side for the best views!

Also south of town (20 minutes) LA FONDA offers great ocean view dining with Sara and Orest at your service!

Just like back home, waiters appreciate a good tip. 10% is considered a normal tip, and more may be appropriate for excellent food and service.

Baja Cookbooks by Ann Hazard and other fun Baja information can be reviewed on her web site at BAJA MAGIC.



    East side of the street, north end of town.
    Near the corner of Calle Ensenada, just south of the McDonalds.
    Across the street from Motel El Portal.
    NOT the smaller Taco's Manuel one block south.
    Fresh tortillas, fresh guacamole, good quality beef, plenty of fixin's.
    The ultimate in taco technology.
    Carlos Fiesta will not drive through Rosarito Beach without stopping here!
    Don't miss the them "toss" the salsa and guac on your taco!
    With a cold Pacifico or cold Pepsi you will have reached culinary nirvana.
    Seating in the rear but most folks just stand up and dine.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1581.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 612-0296.
    Mailing address Post Office Box 354, C.P., Baja California, Mexico.
    Km. 35.5 on the ocean side of the free road.
    Best ocean view dining area on the coast! Indoor and outdoor terrace dining, huge bar area, plus quaint hotel rooms with ocean views!
    Looking to get married? Calafia also has a great wedding chapel with package deals!



    Telephone 011-52 (646) 155-0307.
    Located south of Rosarito Beach at Km. 59 on the free road.
    This new location is just a couple of hunder feet north of the original location.
    Specialty: Seafood and ocean views.
    Good service, ocean views, intimate atmosphere.
    Famous Sunday brunch! Yummy flour tortillas!
    A baja standby for decades.
    Hosts Sara and Orest will do their best to make you happy.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 155-0339.
    Located on the Free Road at Km. 58.
    Toll road exit at La Mision.
    Restaurant and large bar with great ocean food and a diverse menu.
    Also offering camping and hot showers for cool surfers!
    Drop by their very informative web site.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1430.
    Blvd. Benito Juarez #67, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
    Specialty: Steak.
    Also serving seafood and Mexican food.
    Full bar, killer margaritas.
    Other Baja locations including Loreto and San Felipe.



    Telephone (800) 343-8582.
    South end of town, west side of street, under the famous arch.
    La Terraza for ocean front dining.
    Azteca Restaurant for more formal.
    Chabera's for a 1st class dining experience.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1785.
    Blvd. Juarez #2884, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
    Another old favorite! Seafood, grilled steak, and Mexican food.



    Blvd. Juarez #146, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
    Famous carnitas, tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, and sometimes live music.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-0022.
    Blvd. Jarez # 200, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
    Lobster! From the family who started it all in 1945 in Puerto Nuevo.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 614-1203.
    Km. 46.5, just south of Rosarito Beach at Cantamar.
    Pacific Rim menu, groups welcome, special pricing available. Baja atmosphere!




There are plenty of places in town to drink, dance and have a good time in Rosarito Beach. On weekends you can head 10 minute south to Calafia for ocean view drinking and dancing. Margarita sunsets at La Fonda (15 minutes south) is another option.

Remember, the drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old. So inexperienced drinkers are a part of the scene. Drinking and driving is bad news. Take a cab!

For additional places to party in nearby Tijuana drop by the web site of T J NIGHTS.


    Located one half block north of Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    Web site:
    On the beach!
    The biggest bar in Baja! ( won't believe it!)
    Huge dance arena, stadium seating, dance platforms, so much more.
    Beach facing deck, firepits in the sand, bars on the beach.
    Because it is so big it works best on busy nights.
    Carlos Fiesta's favorite bar in Rosarito Beach!
    If you can't have fun here go home.



    A block north of Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    Web site:
    On the beach!
    The 2nd biggest bar in Baja!
    Volleyball, dance floors, music, food . . .it's all here!
    Carlos Fiesta's second most favorite bar in Rosarito Beach.
    This is nothing like the Papa's & Beer in Ensenada.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-0144.
    Located in the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    A great place to watch beach activities, the ocean, and the wonderful sunsets!
    Steps out the back of the bar go to the neach.
    Occassional mariachis.


    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-2950.
    Located at the very south end of Rosarito Beach at Festival Plaza.



    Blvd. Juarez just north of Rosarito Beach Hotel entrance.
    Pool volleyball, music, dance floor, and a short walk to beach. Central location!




Most people arrive in Rosarito by car. Once in town, however, taxis are very easy to find on the main highway, and are a convenient way to get around town or to head south for a lunch excursion!

Buses stop in Rosarito for travelers headed north or south. Being close to Tijuana does have an advantage, as the International Airport has connections to many other large cities.

Tourists in the border area also have the option of taking a taxi to Rosarito Beach. This eliminates the hassles of renting a car or waiting for a bus, and also eliminates waiting in the car line to cross the border when heading north again.

Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.

For more general information on transportation in Baja check out our main BAJA TRANSPORTATION section.

For professional information on securing all of the required documents necessary for visiting Baja, entry fee information and tourist card requirements you may visit the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES or e-mail them at



    Telephone (858) 454-7166.
    Toll free (800) 336-5454.
    Fax (858) 454-2703.
    7737 Herschel Avenue, Suite "O", La Jolla, California, 92037.
    Tours to Rosarito Beach and other northern Baja locations.



    Telephone (858) 675-3053.
    Fax (858) 451-0332.
    Custom transportation services to Rosarito Beach from Los Angeles and San Diego.



    Telephone (619) 428-9517.
    Bus service form the border to Tijuana, Rosarito Beach and Foxploration.
    Avoid the long border lines and spend more time having fun!
    Drop by their web site for additional information.



    Telephone (619) 475-9593.
    4048 Bonita Drive, Bonita, California, 91902.
    Transportation and tours to Rosarito Beach and other Baja destinations.


  • A new PEMEX-AM/PM mega-pit-stop Mini-mart is now open at the south end of town. Like its relatives in the U.S., this convenient stop is a great place to gas up, go to the bathroom, and purchase the essentials for heading further south! This complex offers a gasoline, mini-mart, fast food stand, pharmacy, and restrooms. It can be accessed by both the toll road and the free road!




For information on obtaining travel documents for Mexico such as Tourist Cards, boat permits, fishing and hunting licenses check out the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.



    Km. 23 Carretera Escenica #12540, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Located just north of Rosarito Beach, on the east side of the highway.
    The perfect place to store your vacation goodies between your trips south of the border!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-0369.
    Blvd. Juarez between Calles Olivo and Acacias.



    Approximately 3 miles south of town, ocean side of the highway.
    Movie sets in use can often be seen from the main highway.
    The 'Titanic' and many other films were shot here!
    Tours on Sundays.






Baja lovers have been investing in Rosarito real estate for many years. Because its great beaches and shopping are just a short drive from the border, Rosarito is a popular second home destination for Baja aficionados looking for a quick weekend escape. In the early years of Rosarito, most of these getaways casas were small beachfront homes. Although Rosarito's wide beaches are still dotted with many of these cute bungalows, most of the new construction in Rosarito today consists of high-rise condominium complexes. These new complexes are more like ocean front 'resorts', and tend to offer many amenities to pamper the owners

With the recent addition of U.S. finance purchasers that would have been too high for the “cash buyer” can easily be achieved by getting a mortgage that holds the Mexican property as collateral. Interest rates in Mexico have traditionally high with the banks charging as much as 14%. Now the rates are still higher than Americans pay there but at 8% it is much more attractive.

Finance North America is offering finance on many of the new Condo developments with a deposit of 25%. Recently the opportunity for refinance has been introduced to the market so that people who have seen the equity in their Mexican beach house rise are able to take an equity loan on it and buy investment property. There is even talk of construction loans being available by the end of 2007 which means the buyer who wants to build their own house will be able to finance it.

Title Insurance is providing an even stronger sense of security for the new group of purchasers that has recently emerged. The “baby boomer” thinking of retiring in Mexico has a lot of choices when it comes to areas to retire but many people are buying in Rosarito because of it’s proximity to the border. Families can easily visit their retired grandparents from anywhere in the U. S. by flying into San Diego and mail can easily be picked up by either using one of the services that provide daily mail pick and delivery to Mexico or by just crossing the border.

Real estate prices in Rosarito have held well over the years, and are currently on the increase. With the California economy doing so well just a few miles north, Rosarito real estate should prove to be a good investment for many years to come.

Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you. Baja Relocation also has information on insurance, medical care and retirement information.

Visit the web site of BAJA BUSINESS CONSULTANTS for a review of the legal end of living or doing business in Baja.






Rosarito Beach has many real estate agents, ranging from full time professionals working in real estate offices, to part time agents who are trying to supplement their regular income. It's important to find an agent who you can communicate with effectively, and there are many in town who speak very good English.

Rosarito Beach has seen a huge increase of real estate companies since the beginning of the real estate boom (2003 and beyond). Since there are no real estate license requirements in Mexico, it is very important to choose your agent carefully. AMPI (the Mexican Real Association) has high standards and there are a number of members of AMPI who are very professional. It is also important to ask your agent about their experience.

Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you. Baja Relocation also has information on insurance, medical care and retirement information.

For more information on real estate in the Gold Coast area of Baja visit the web site of REALTY EXPERTS.



    Telephone (888) 289-2407.
    In Mexico 011-52 (646) 175-8634.
    Baja California, Mexico.
    Web site:
    Real estate sales in Rosarito Beach and Ensenada.
    Baja California real estate broker specializing in selling ocean front / ocean view homes and condos in Rosarito and Ensenada, Mexico.
    Visit their web site for additional information.



    Telephone (866) LUV-BAJA (866-588-2252).
    In Mexico 011-52 (661) 100-2076.
    Fax (619) 482-2252.
    Located at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    Web site:
    Real estate sales in Rosarito Beach and surrounding areas.
    English and Spanish languages spoken.
    "Prestige, experience and results".
    Gustavo Torres will show you the best properties in Rosarito Beach!
    Visit their web site for additional information.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 631-2053.
    Web site:
    Exclusive service for Rosarito Beach.
    Review thier web site for additional information.
    Contact Roberta Giesea.





    The larger developments in Rosarito Beach and south of town offer resort-type amenities similar to 5 star hotels. Most of these large developments are located right on the beach, and offer pools, tennis, saunas, spas and many additional amenities designed to entice the Baja lover who wants to relax and soak in the big ocean views.

    The large orange condo tower just north of Calafia is now selling spectacular ocean view units. For further information you can contact them at (866) CALAFIA.



      Toll free telephone (866) 500-BAJA (2252).
      Located at K.M. 89, south of Rosarito Beach, north of Ensenada.
      U.S. address: 1020 Prospect Street, Suite 310, La Jolla, California, 92037.
      Web site:
      Residential ocean front and ocean view homes for sale.
      Ventana al Mar is a totally unique resort lifestyle beach community, set in surroundings blessed with a view of the sea from every single angle of the resort.
      Three to four bedroom floorplans from 2,300 to 3,300 square feet.
      Private beach, three clubhouses, walking and excersize trails.
      Financing and title insurance available.
      More information can be obtained from their web site.



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 614-1020.
      Fax 011-52 (661) 614-1555.
      Web site:
      Post Office Box 699, Chula Vista, California, 91912.
      Located south of Rosarito Beach at Km. 38.5 on the Free Road.
      Oceanfront vacation homes ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.
      Pool, Jacuzzi, tennism, clubhouse, gameroom and workout facilities.
      Luxury oceanfront coastal living from the mid $200,000's.
      Visit their web site for virtual tours, floorplans and additional information.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 622-5141.
      U.S. (619) 267-6661.
      Blvd. Agua Caliente #11300, Plaza Campestra, Local 236, Tijuana, Mexico.
      U.S. address: 4120 Bonita Road, Bonita, California, 91902.
      Residential ocean view homes and lots for sale.
      Direct financing available.
      More information can be obtained from their web site.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 683-6078.
      U.S. (619) 744-8830.
      Fax 011-52 (664) 683-6077.
      Post Office Box 434520, San Ysidro, California, 92143.
      Toll road south to La Mision exit, then north one mile on west side.
      Luxury condominiums in a spectacular resort setting!
      More information can be obtained from their web site.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 686-1176.
      U.S. (619) 267-6661.
      Blvd. Agua Caliente #11300, Plaza Campestra, Local 236, Tijuana, Mexico.
      U.S. address: 4120 Bonita Road, Bonita, California, 91902.
      Site location at Km. 55 on the free road south of Rosarito Beach.
      Residential ocean view homes.
      Underground services / club house / swimming pool / tennis court / walking areas.
      Direct financing available.
      More information can be obtained from their web site.



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 630-8219.
      Site is located in the hills west of Tijuana, just past the first toll station, above road.
      Ocean view lots for sale.



      Telephone (888) 860-0606.
      4 miles south of the first toll station on the highway south of Tijuana.
      Ocean front and ocean view new homes in a very convenient location!



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 631-3458.
      Site is located 5 miles south of the border, off the highway at Real Del Mar offramp.
      New custom ocean view single family homes and townhomes around the golf course.



      Telephone(858) 581-9393.
      Located 8.6 miles south of Rosarito Beach at km. 40.6 on the Free Road.
      14 custom oceanfront villas located on the beach, less than a half hour from the U.S. border!
      Check out their web site for further information!



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 684-0226.
      Site location: Km. 34.5, just north of Calafia Restaurant and Hotel.



      Telephone / Fax 011-52 (661) 612-2945.
      U.S. (619) 233-0200.
      Post Office Box 699, Chula Vista, California, 91912.
      Site location Km. 36, 6 miles south of Rosarito Beach.
      Contact: Diane Gibbs.



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1316.
      Toll free (800) 854-4385.
      Post Office Box 1527, Bonita, California, 91908.
      Site location: Km 28.2, just south of Rosarito beach Hotel.



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-1625.
      Blvd. Benito Juarez #4157-D, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
      C/O Marcor and Associates Realty.



      Telephone (800) 714-7866.
      Mar Adriatico Street # 808, Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico.
      Site location: just north of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, on the beach.



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 613-3139.
      Site location: Km. 22 Ensenada Highway.



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 682-8733.
      Site location Km. 31.5, just south of Rosarito Beach.
      Ocean view lots for sale.



      Telephone 011-52 (661) 612-0842.
      Site location: Km. 28.5 Ensenada Highway.