Flying over Laguna Ignacio in a Cessna 182 at 200 feet above the water the lagoon seems to be as endless as the ocean. Indeed from one end of the lagoon to the other it is over 20 miles across. That's a prett big lagoon, even by Baja standards.


      Laguna Ignacio is one of the three very large lagoons in Baja that the California Gray Whale migrates to each year. Of the three different lagoons on the west coast of Baja that the whales visit, Laguna Ignacio is located in the middle, with Scammon's Lagoon located to the north and Magdalena Bay located to the south.


      Whales can also be seen two hours north of Laguna Ignacio in Guerrero Negro.


      This beautiful lagoon just happens to be the least convenient to get to of the three whale watching lagoons. But what it lacks in convenience it more than makes up for in 'friendly' whales. More on that leter.

      Most people who visit Laguna Ignacio first go to the palm-filled village of San Ignacio and then take the one hour dirt road south west to the whale watching area near the south east end of the lagoon. The road from San Ignacio is paved for the first few miles and then turns into a pretty good graded road. Most any vehicle can make this trip, although cars with low clearance should take it slow.


      The quaint town of San Ignacio is just an hour from Laguna Ignacio.


      There is an airstrip at the east end of Laguna Ignacio and planes fly in to indulge in watching the Big Guys. The landing strip is dirt but usually well maintained. Transportation is available to the area where the boats depart.

      Just what exactly is a freindly whale? Well for starters the whales at Laguna Ignacio have no problem with you pulling right up next to them in your boat and taking an up close and personal look. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they let you 'pet' them on the head. Talk about a photo op!

      The whales visit Baja's lagoons starting in January and they start to wrap up the program in the latter part of March. February is a great time to see lots of whales and the third week in February is Prime Time.

      For more information on seeing the whales in Baja drop by the WHALE WATCHING section of Baja Expo.



      Visitors who drive to Laguna Ignacio might want to consider taking the 'loop trip' available as part of a bigger experience. After enjoying the whales at Laguna Ignacio, the coastal road head south to the fishing village of SAN JUANICO giving the Baja traveler the option of visiting the historic city of LORETO,   the spectacular beaches of BAHIA CONCEPCION and the palm-filled valley surrounding MULEGE. It's a great road trip!




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