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MULEGE (moo-le-hay)   (GPS coordinates 26'53 N ~ 112'03 W)   is a quaint Mexican village and a favorite for many Baja aficionados! This is the perfect Baja oasis, complete with thousands of palm trees filling a large valley opening up to the beautiful Sea of Cortez. It has a feeling similar to San Ignacio, except Mulege is located on the coast, which opens up a host of recreation options for it's 3,000 residents and many visitors.


Mulege offers several small hotels, a handful of decent restaurants, a dive shop, a couple of markets plus several miscellaneous shops. Most of the basic services needed by the average Baja traveler may be obtained in Mulege.

Strolling around Mulege on foot is a great way to drink in the flavor of this charming riverside town.

Although there are beaches in Mulege, serious beach bums head a few miles further south to the spectacular beaches of BAHIA CONCEPCION or the beautiful beaches of Punta Chivato to the north. The geographic focal point in Mulege is the Mulege River (officially named the Rio Santa Rosalia) which runs directly through the center of town, spilling into the Sea of Cortez at the east end of town. Many of the locals use the river for boat access to head out to the Sea of Cortez for fishing.

Mulege does have a historic mission, but it doesn't offer quite the charm that some of the other Baja missions do. Still, it's location high on a hill just up from town provides excellent views of the village and palm-lined river valley down below.

A unique part of Baja history still exists today in Mulege, and if you happen to be in town on a Saturday evening you are encouraged to attend. Don Johnson has hosted Baja aficionados for decades at his Saturday evening "Pig Roast" located at the Serenidad Hotel. These evening events are as much a collection of fun people as they are great food, and you never know who you will be sitting next to as you dine on your swine! Starting a friendly conversation with a stranger here is expected!

If you have too many margaritas and a dip in the beautiful pool doesn't straighten you out, don't hesitate to spend the night in one of the quaint 'casitas' which Don has throughout the palm filled property. Pilots have had this special resort as an ace in the hole for years and the general public is gradually discovering this special Baja jewel.

Because it is located on the east side of the Baja Peninsula, Mulege can get hot during the summer months. This doesn't seem to bother too many visitors, and Mulege continues to attract a growing number of tourists all year long!

A great view of the ocean and the area south of Mulege can be enjoyed by driving to the top of the cobblestone MICROWAVE TIBURON service road at Km. 124. Bring a camera!

Running low on cash in paradise? Although there are no banks in Mulege, there is a Bancomer bank about 45 minutes north in Santa Rosalia, on the right side of the road heading up through the town. Jackpots are paid in pesos, not dollars.

If you would like to see what Mulege, Punta Chivato and Bahia Concepcion look like FROM SPACE check it out!

Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.

And just 90 minutes south of Mulege is the historic seaside town of LORETO.

More information on the beautiful areas 30 minutes north of Mulege at Punta Chivato can be reviewed on the web sites of PUNTA CHIVATO.COM.

To purchase a good map of the Baja Peninsula visit the web site of MEXICO MAPS.

Mulege was an important coastal stop for Carlos Fiesta on his 2,200 mile BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION...check it out!



Mulege is a genuine Mexican village with a dedicated gringo following. Most of the gringo activity takes place near the downtown plaza area, a close walk to the hotels, restaurants and shops. A second focal point (especially on weekends) is the fly-in Serenidad Hotel, located about a mile up the Mulege River towards the ocean. Most of the homes located on the south river bank between town and the Serenidad Hotel are vacation homes for Americans who drop into town for a few weeks or months each year. Gringos looking for a camping spot usually head another 15 minutes south to the spectacular beaches of BAHIA CONCEPCION.



After entering town from Baja Highway One slow down and veer right over the small hill. After a few short blocks the road merges at the end (by Casa Yee Market) with the north river road. Taking this road all the way to the end and to the right leads you to El Sombrito, the highest point at the river mouth. The hike to the top of this hill next to the light house is relatively easy and offers a spectacular view of the Mulege valley and the Sea of Cortez. After soaking up the amazing view (bring your camera!) consider heading back into town to walk the dusty streets through town to soak up the true flavor of this quaint Baja village!



Mulege is a small Mexican village and top rate accommodations are not it's strong suite. However the Serenidad Hotel is hard to beat and the perfect place to hang your hat in Mulege. The best place to camp in the Mulege area is actually 20 minutes south of town on the incredible beaches of BAHIA CONCEPCION. Some of the better camping beaches there include Playa Santispac and Bahia Coyote. Mulege visitors looking for a nice place to enjoy a good dinner will appreciate LOS EQUIPALES restaurant located a block north of the town square. Good food, great service and killer margaritas. Yikes! If you are in town on a Saturday night don't miss Mulege's best tradition...the weekly PIG ROAST at the Serenidad Hotel. Travelers, fishermen and pilots from all over make for a very interesting crowd. And if it's a hot summer night you can jump in the crystal clear pool and order a drink at the swim up bar! Carlos Fiesta spent a week here one night. The best excursion in the Mulege area is the guided tour to the CAVE PAINTINGS an hour west of town. Half of the fun is wading through 3 different natural springs on the way to the final destination. Lunch is usually included. Looking for a great perspective of Mulege and the river that runs through it? The best place for a photo opp in Mulege is at the foot of the lighthouse at the mouth of the river. Take the north river road (recently upgraded in 2009) all the way to the coast (1.5 miles west of town), park the car and climb up the cement stairs to the lighthouse. Bring a camera!





There are some fabulous beaches on the Sea of Cortez near Mulege, but the town itself is built on the shores of Rio Mulege (the official name is Rio Santa Rosalia). Where the river spills into the sea, the beaches east of town mainly consist of small round stones and rocks, or brown sand beaches. These beaches are pleasant enough, but are not the idyllic kind of beaches that Baja travelers dream about when they think of Baja.

Fear not, beach bum, because the beaches north and south of town will fulfill even the most demanding beach fantasies!



    North east of Mulege 15 miles, taking the dirt road east off of the highway at Punta Chivato sign.
    Miles of beautiful beaches on both sides of the Punta Chivato Hotel, plus some great sand dunes around the point. This is the Baja you've heard about!



    On the south side of the river, heading east off of the main highway.
    Pleasant beaches for relaxing, beach combing, fishing or snorkeling. Brown sand. Never crowded. Spending a week or two on these beaches would be real easy to do.



    About twenty minutes south of Mulege, all beaches accessible off of the highway.
    A dozen fabulous beaches with turquoise waters, each located in a pristine cove! Most of these beaches are relatively shallow well off shore. Fun!




There may be better places in Baja to set up camp, but not many. The options are many ... riverside, seaside, sitting in a grove of palms, the list goes on.

For those who want to rough it, there are plenty of open places available to plop down and set out the welcome mat. Those needing the basic necessities and more will find no shortage of desirable locations.

Large RVs might have a problem negotiating the narrow streets in the main part of town, so parking just outside of town and walking in is the best bet.



    Telephone/Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0300.
    South side of river between highway and sea.
    43 spaces / 25 pull-throughs / some concrete pads / full hook-ups.
    flush toilets / hot showers / restrooms / tents welcome.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0021.
    Km. 134 off of the main highway.
    24 spaces / basic camping.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0188.
    15 miles north west of Mulege, east at K 156.
    Beach camping / pit toilets / cold showers / boat ramp / hotel services nearby.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 15-30530.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 15-30311.
    South side of the Serenidad Hotel.
    Open and ready! / 16 spaces / restrooms / hotel amenities include pool / bar / swim-up pool bar / restaurant.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 53-0300.
    Along the banks of the river, south side.
    70 spaces / full hook-ups / great location in the palms.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0139.
    Dom. Conocido near town.
    22 spaces / full hook-ups / convenient location.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0320.
    East of Orchard RV Park on the south side of the river.
    80 spaces / full hook-ups / leases.





Mulege is indeed a fishing town, both for the locals and for the Baja traveler. Many Mulege residents have boats, and these can be seen docked along the south side of the river.

To help you find the fish in the waters off of Mulege BAJA DIRECTIONS offers great charts for the local area!

For more information on obtaining the proper fishing documentation required for dipping your hook in Baja waters check with the professionals at MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.

For a last minute fishing adventure try asking around at the fishing pier towards the end of the south river road.

Fishing can also be arranged at most of the hotels in town. Also try . . .



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 152-0373.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 152-0373.
    Apartado Postal 16, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23920.
    Fishing on a 23 foot Bayliner or a 20 foot Crestliner out of Santa Rosalia, just north of Mulege. Check their web site for mucho mas information!



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0269.
    Fishing trips arranged in the waters off Mulege.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0482.
    Fermin Higuera Rosas has lots of experience in the waters off of Mulege, and his rates are good.





Mulege offers several hotels in the 'quaint' category, and not much above that. The mega-resorts found in Rosarito Beach and Cabo San Lucas have yet to claim a stake in this sleepy oasis town, and everyone seems just fine with that.

For something different try CASA GRANADA BED AND BREAKFAST right next to the river, and also CLEMENTINE'S BED AND BREAKFAST, also along the river! Both of these accomodations have very cool web sites!



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0530.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0311.
    Apdo Postal 9, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23900.
    On the south end of town a mile or so past the highway bridge, left turn at the sign.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 50.
    Rooms and bungalows / pool / bar / swim up bar / restaurant / airstrip / fishing.
    One of Baja's great hotels! Saturday night pig roast, Wednesday night Fiesta.
    Don Johnson has got this Baja jewel open and in great shape.
    If you can't land on this airstrip you don't belong in Baja. Well maintained. Av-gas may be coming in 2010.
    Carlos Fiesta spent a morning talking with Don Johnson in his office one morning. Don is very proud of the resort he created from scratch and takes pride in keeping things ship-shape. He's a great guy who has helped out many a Gringo in need.
    The hotel and Don are two true Baja legends!



    Telephone 011-52 (613) 153-0188.
    Toll free (877) 245-2860.
    Fax 011-52 (613) 155-5600.
    Domicilio Conocida Punta Chivato, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23880.
    13 miles north on blacktop, off at Km. 30 at the sign, then 14 miles on a very good dirt road.
    Located 25 minutes north of Mulege.
    An intimate first class hotel on a spectacular bluff overlooking the Sea of Cortez!
    On the beach.
    Number of rooms: 24.
    Spectacular rooms, including junior suites.
    Restaurant / bar / pool / air conditioning / beach / fishing / airstrip.
    The folks that run this place don't go out of their way to make you feel welcome if you are not staying there, but the view is too good to let that get in the way.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 155-5616.
    Reservation 011-52 (664) 628-4284.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0408.
    Mailing address: Post Office Box 90139, San Diego, California, 92169.
    Located at Km. 93.8 off of the main Baja Highway, south of Mulege one half hour.
    Located less than one hour north of Loreto Internation Airport.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 20.
    18 rooms and 2 suites.
    On the beach.
    Hotel amenities: Restaurant / bar / parking / boat ramp / mini-market.
    Room amenities: Air conditioning.
    This is the only hotel on Bahia Concepcion, and a good place to hang your hat.
    Mike George turned the keys over to ex-wife Olivia, and then she turned them over (unfortunately) to a new group. No feedback as to how the new management is running things, but Olivia still has the best Cheeseburgers in Paradise at the restaurant next door.
    The hotel rates vary for one person in a room, two people with one bed, 2 people with two beds, 2 people in a suite, and 4 people in a suite.
    Visit their web site for additional information.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0021.
    Toll free (800) 464-8888.
    Madero #3 just up from Las Casitas before the town square.
    A good hotel in a great location in the middle of town, just steps from the town square.
    This hotel has changed hands several times in the last 10 years and is now back on track again. The small pool is a real treat on those hot Mulege summer days ... as is the well stocked bar! Not expensive.



    Located at the entrance road to town on the left side.
    Located across the street from Donny Taco.
    10 rooms.
    Televisions, hot water, parking.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0019.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0190.
    Madero #50, Mulege, Baja California, Sur, Mexico.
    Located in the middle of town, just east of the town square.
    Number of rooms: 6.
    Quaint clean rooms / restaurant / bar / courtyard.
    A great location close to it all!
    A favorite hotel for many Baja travelers since 1962.
    Javier A. Zuniga at your service.



    Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0555.
    Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0047.
    In town on Moctezuma S/N. Entrance to town, left side.
    Buy some tacos and a beer with the money you saved.







The relaxing lifestyle of Mulege is enhanced by the options of several different recreational opportunities. Most of them are centered on either the river, or the Sea of Cortez, although there are more than a couple of reasons to hang out and just piddle around in the village.






    Located directly adjacent to the town square on the south side of the street.
    Looking to get into a game of hoops? The locals love this open court and its a great way to get some exercise if you are passing through town.



    The flat streets around Mulege and the beautiful views on both sides of the river make it a great place to bike around.
    For the truly adventurous, it's about 15 miles to the great beaches of Bahia Concepcion. Bikes can be rented at the Hacienda Hotel and at Mulege Divers.



    The murky waters of the river reduce visibility considerably near the river mouth area. However, not too far north or south of the river the visibility improves considerably. The bottom consists mostly of sand and rocks, and some sea life.

    If the winds are down and you are just looking for a fun and easy place to snorkel, take the north river road out to the point and turn right, parking just below El Sombrito. The snorkeling to the north side of this hill is often very good, especially at higher tides. Watch out for panga traffic if you choose to snorkel all the way around to the back side!

    For the best places around Mulege to dive, contact the experts below.



      Telephone (619) 203-3476.
      7730 Herschel Avenue #AA, La Jolla, California.
      Dive adventures to the waters off of Mulege.
      Guided scuba and snorkeling tours.
      Visit their web site for additional information.



      Formerly MULEGE DIVERS.
      Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0500.
      Calle Moctezuma 75-A, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23900.
      Scuba excursions, resort course certification, snorkeling excursions, diving equipment rentals, air fills, repairs, plus bike rentals!
      Andy and Bea Sidler at your service!


    • KAYAKS

      The long river/estuary running through town to the Sea of Cortez is the perfect place for a relaxing kayak adventure. The usually calm waters of the Sea of Cortez invite the experienced kayakers to head north to Punta Chivato, or south to the beautiful coves of Bahia Coyote. Kayaks can be rented at Ray's Place on Playa Santispac and . .



      Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0409.
      Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0190.
      In town, next to Las Casitas Hotel.



      Telephone (928) 773-9917.
      (800) 258-8434.
      Multi-day kayak adventures in the Sea of Cortez.
      Check out their web site for more information!



      The river looks like fun for windsurfing, but it gets very shallow at low tide. And because of the relatively narrow channel, you'll have to tack your tail off to get out to the Sea of Cortez. Best bet is to take either the north or south river road out to the beach, and launch from there. Breezes usually pick up in the afternoon. Fun!




    Dining out is one of the many splendors of Mulege. From the delicious taco stands scattered around town, to the nice restaurants tucked away on the various side streets, dining in Mulege is always a fun experience.

    In addition to the restaurants in town there are two restaurant just off the Baja Highway one mile south of town, before the Pemex station #3865.



      Right there at the hotel, in the center of town.
      Authentic Baja atmosphere, try the courtyard tables for a tan while you eat.
      Even if you are not hungry, this is a good place to come for a relaxing drink.

      Watch out...the courtyard parrot likes pancakes!



      Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0530.
      Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0311.
      Apdo Postal 9, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23900.
      On the south end of town a mile or so past the highway bridge, left turn at the sign.
      Saturday night pig roast, Wednesday night Fiesta, plus fun dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      If you jump in the pool to cool off after eating nobody will care!



      Located on Avenida Moctezuma, one block north of the main road. Upstairs.
      Good food, very good bar, and excellent service.
      Even the locals love this place.
      Watch out for their killer might get hurt!
      TV to watch sporting events.
      This is one of the most active restaurants in town.



      Telephone 011-52 (615) 53-0095.
      As you start to enter town, on the right side of the road.
      Very good tacos, delicious tortas! Difficult to eat just one. Great view of incoming traffic passing by. Closed Tuesdays.



      Near the northwest corner of the plaza, mid town.
      Hand's down, best pizza in Mulege. Good view of the plaza activities!
      No, they don't deliver.
      Need a cocktail? Donna Moe's has a secret cocktail area upstairs with a great view of the town square activity. Don't look for a staircase in a logical's behind the building! And if you weigh over 300 pounds you might want to think twice about spending too much time up on this shaky second floor. Rumor has it that the guy who built this upstairs area was drunk while he was building it!



      Calle Zaragoza, mid town, just north of the plaza and west of Donna Moe's.
      Good food in a very nice environment. Inside dining, rear patio dining in a cool courtyard, and a fun & active bar at night.
      If you bring a fiddle to Baja this is a place to play it!
      When sporting events are on TV they will have it on the tube here.



      South river road, about half way to the beach, look for the sign.
      Jim is no longer with us...but his dream lives on. An interesting place to eat and drink when it's open.
      Friday night spaghetti dinners. More than just a restaurant and bar, this place is becoming an institution!



      Very end of the north river road, on the beach.
      Good seafood in a very good location. River and Sea of Cortez views!
      Getting there via the north river jungle road is half the fun. Maybe more than half.
      While you are out here take the time to hike up to the top of El Sombrito...the hill at the entrance to the river. This is without question the best view of Mulege. Enjoy!





    Nightlife is not one of Mulege's strong points, but if you are looking for a place to have a cocktail there are several choices. EL CANDIL RESTAURANT AND BAR, MISQUITE BAR, HACIENDA HOTEL, LAS EQUIPLALES RESTAURANT AND BAR, and LAS CASITAS RESTAURANT AND BAR all serve up a good drink. For dancing PLAZA JOSE SAN ANTONIO (located directly behind Las Casitas) serves up a fresh selection of disco several nights a week in their garden-setting palapa.

    The EL MISQUITE bar on the corner by the town square seems to cater to Gringos and the staff is usually helpful and fun! Try it Saturday night after the Serenidad Pig Roast is over.


      Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0530.
      Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0311.
      Apdo Postal 9, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23900.
      On the south end of town a mile or so past the highway bridge, left turn at the sign.
      Inside bar, outside bar and swim-up bar!
      If you jump in the pool to cool off after drinking nobody will care!
      If Alejandro is bartending tell him Carlos Fiesta said hello! He fixed the prop on the Vaka Viti panga on Carlos' 2,000 mile BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION.


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       BAJA EXPO


      As Mulege slowly matures, it is becoming easier to find the goods and services that makes living easier in Baja. Still, the options are limited. Markets offering food and staples are fairly sufficient, but trying to find other types of merchandise can be an exercise.

      Visit the web site of JOHN RAMOS to review his unique and colorful Mexico art work.


      • CASA YEE

        Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0018.
        In town, right side, at Calle Madero #46, next to Las Casitas Hotel.
        Lots of the things you better buy before you head south to Bahia Concepcion.



        Located on Baja Highway One just across from the entrance to town, south side.
        Ice, beer, drinks, vegetables, batteries, ice cream, tampons and much more.
        For travelers in a hurry who can't take the drive into town.



        Located directly across from the town square on the south side of the street.
        A small supermarket with most of the things you need.
        Kind of like a 7-11 or an AM/PM Mini-mart in the U.S. only bigger with a better selection.



        Carretera Transpeninsular #1 Km, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
        Beautiful works of silver, bronze, pewter and more!



        Located directly across from the town square near the north west corner.
        Artesian wears including bowls, glasses, plates and other artsy stuff.
        A neat place to browse around!



        Located adjacent to the town square, near the south west corner.
        A good place to visit for all around tourist-type shopping.
        T-shirts, leather goods, and all kinds of unique products!


      • FARMACIA

        Located in the middle of town, directly across from the town square on the north side of the street.
        A limited supply of inventory.
        If you can't find what you need here try the pharmacy around the corner, across from El Candil Restaurant.



        Located on the main road as you come into town on the south east corner.
        Lots of good food and hardware items here, but the real prize hear is the telephone and fax. Expect to pay about $1.40 U.S. per minute...and worth it!



        Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0030.
        Lots of the things you better buy before you head north to San Ignacio.



        Calle Moctezuma in town.
        Fruit and veggies, meat, liquor, beer, plus international phone calls.


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      Baja Highway One runs right along the edge of Mulege, so there are transportation services sufficient to handle this constantly flowing snake of traffic. The highway brings in most Baja travelers into Mulege, with a small percentage arriving by private aircraft and on the bus.

      RV's love to kook up at Don Johnson's Serenidad Hotel, with the restaurant, bar and pool just steps away!

      Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.



      There are three airports to choose from when flying into the Mulege area. The one that gets the most action is the airstrip at the Serenidad Hotel, followed by the two airstrips at Hotel Punta Chivato. Ironically, the largest and nicest airport in the area, Santa Rosalia Airport, the one that is actually paved and in good condition, is rarely used because of its inconvenient location.


      Want to slip across the border to Mulege or Bahia Concepcion in a private airplane? SCREAMING BAJA AIRLINES is your best bet! Baja Mike flies people to Baja on a cost-sharing plan that can't be beat. Tell him Carlos Fiesta sent you and he'll give you a free cervesa!



        North of town about 12 miles, just east of the Highway, right in the middle of nowhere.

        Built by the Mexican government as part of a master plan, yet to be opened. Guarded by the Mexican army, I doubt it if any of those kids are over 19 years old!



        (Punta el Gallito)

        LOCATION: Located adjacent to the Serenidad Hotel.

        SURFACE: Hard packed dirt.

        ELEVATION: 10 Feet

        RUNWAYS: 13 / 31

        LENGTH 3,700 Feet

        TOWER: No

        FUEL: Usually


        COMMENTS: One of Baja's legendary airports! After shutting down the mags, it's about 3 minutes to the pool / bar at the Serenidad Hotel! The airstrip is usually maintained in good condition, a little bumpy at the north end. Watch for dogs and kids on the runway.

        Carlos Fiesta had a nice meeting with Don Johnson and discussed the av-gas issue. Don is planning on buying a fuel truck for the field in an effort to provide more reliable gas for pilots and their birds. When? Manana! We hope it all goes according to plan. By the way if you are flying a jet in for the Pig Roast Don says you won't have any problem landing at his strip. He recommends Cessna Citation Jets because the engines sit up a bit higher than the engines in the Lear Jets.

        NOTE! The military now has a camp on the airstrip, adjacent to the entrance of the hotel. It is now very common for these guys to greet you after you land, to check out your paperwork. Be prepared!



        LOCATION: Located just south west of the hotel.

        SURFACE: Hardpacked dirt

        ELEVATION: 22 Feet

        RUNWAYS 9 / 27

        LENGTH: 3,856

        TOWER: No

        FUEL: No


        COMMENTS: Uphill runway 09 favored. Please note that this runway experiences significant washouts from heavy rains. Cross runway was reported operational.

        Just a short walk to the hotel and restaurant. A fun place to hang out when other pilots are checked in. A bit slow and quiet most of the time. The beach is best at low tide.

        Where else can you land your plane, pitch a tent under the wing, and hang out all day at the beach?


      • BUSES

        The main bus stop for Mulege is located on the Transpeninsular Highway, right at the entrance to town. Basic transportation buses which stop here include ABC and also Aguilla.


      • GASOLINE

        There are two main gasoline facilities servicing the Mulege area. The smaller PEMEX is right in town on Avenida Martinez. The large PEMEX #3865 is located about 3 miles south of town, on the east side of the Baja Highway. It also features a mini-market, restaurant and adjacent real estate office.



        There are two places on the Baja Peninsula where you can cross over to the mainland. La Paz is one location, and Santa Rosalia (just north of Mulege) is the other. Sematur is the company that runs the ferries, and these big boats are on schedule a lot more often than they used to be. So tapping into mainland Mexico is a very real way to add depth to your Baja getaway!


          Telephone for reservations in Santa Rosalia 011-52 (615) 152-1246.
          Telephone for reservations in Guaymas 011-52 (622) 222-0204.
          Located east of town in the marina.
          Web site:
          Visit their web site for schedules, rates, destinations and additional information.


        • SEMATUR

          Telephone 011-52 (698) 1-7020.
          Fax 011-52 (698) 1-7023.
          Prolongacion Carnaval S/N, Muelle de Transbordadores, Fracc. Playa Sur, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.
          Ferry service from Santa Rosalia to Guaymas.




        Baja does have two direct water connections to mainland Mexico, via the ferries from LA PAZ and Santa Rosalia in Baja California Sur. The ferries in Santa Rosalia offer regular scheduled service to Guaymas every Friday departing at 11:00 P.M. (starting at $14.00 U.S.), while the ferries in La Paz offer regular service to Topolobampo and Mazatlan every day except Saturday (also starting at $14.00 U.S.).

        Ferries carry vehicles as well as passengers, and are a great way to ad extra adventure to any Baja excursion!

        The corporate office of SEMATUR is located in La Paz and can be reached at 011-52 (612) 125-8899.


        • LA PAZ FERRY

          Telephone 011-52 (612) 122-5005.
          Fax 011-52 (612) 125-5217.
          Located 5 miles north of town.



          Telephone 011-52 (615) 152-0014.
          Located east of town.



        The beautiful river that runs through town holds a good secret to the uninformed. At low tide, it's only a couple of feet deep! Entering from the Sea of Cortez vessels will find sufficient draft to enter the harbor area, even at low tide. However, the water becomes shallow very quickly at low tide when proceeding further. Locals live by their tide charts, and you'll find them posted in various places throughout Mulege.


        • CRUISE WEST

          Telephone (800) 888-9378.
          Fax (206) 441-4757.
          4th and Battery Building Site, Suite 8700, Seattle, Washington, 98121.
          Cruises into the southern Sea of Cortez in Baja.
          Points of interest include Los Cabos, La Paz, Loreto, and Mulege.
          Eco-tours and whale watching tours in season.



        Taxis tend to collect near the entrance to town, and they can occasionally be found near the triangle at Las Casitas, or near the town square a few blocks north. A taxi can be a fun way to travel the north river road to catch lunch at the Sea of Cortez.


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      For information on obtaining travel documents for Mexico such as Tourist Cards, boat permits, fishing and hunting licenses check out the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.



        Near the plaza on Calle Zaragoza.



        North side of plaza.


      • LAUNDRY

        Corner of Zaragoza and Moctezuma.


      • POLICE

        Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0049.


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      Mulege real estate is becoming increasingly popular as a location for vacation homes for Baja lovers. The vast majority of homes for sale here are located on the south end of town, just up from the river, between the highway and the Sea of Cortez.

      The dwellings include single family homes, duplexes, mobile homes, converted trailers, and a few hybrids.

      Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.



      There is only one full time real estate Broker in Mulege, and a few other individuals who dabble with buyers and sellers.



        Telephone / Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0503.
        Km. 131 L-3, Transpeninsular Highway, Baja California Sur, Mexico. (next to the large Pemex, just south of town).
        Post Office Box 66, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico CP 23900.
        Located 5 minutes south of town, east side of Highway One, in the Pemex building.
        Lorane Boler at your service for your real estate (sales and rental) needs in Mulege, Bahia Concepcion, San Bruno and Punta Chivato!




        Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0300.
        Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0363.
        Post Office Box 24, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
        Located on the south side of the river, just east of the overpass.
        Miscellaneous homes for sale, new and pre-owned.




        Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0401.
        Spectacular 5,000 square foot custom home with killer views of Bahia Concepcion!
        Check out their web site for further information!



        Telephone 011-52 (615) 153-0300.
        Fax 011-52 (615) 153-0363.
        Post Office Box 24, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
        Located on the south side of the river, just east of the overpass.
        Miscellaneous homes for lease.


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