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TIJUANA is Baja's largest city and it is difficult to imagine its mammoth size without viewing it from above. Like butter melting onto a hot flour tortilla, the unending sprawl of this growing city of over one million souls seems to creep into every nook and cranny of the hilly terrain.

Even though the Tijuana - San Diego border holds the very unique distinction of being the world's busiest international border crossing, most visitors who cross it will not see much more than a passing glance of Tijuana as they stay on the main roads or head further south into Baja. For the open-minded visitor willing to take the time to explore the area, Tijuana has much to offer.

Tourism makes up approximately 10% of the Tijuana economy. Tijuana offers wagering on greyhound racing and on Jai-Alai, the fastest game in the world. Tijuana also offers two bull rings for bullfighting, which attracts locals and tourists alike on Sundays from May through September. There are two very good golf courses near by, and after the sun goes down, a host of restaurants and bars keep the action alive until well into the evening.

Every big city has one main perk that sets it apart from the rest, and Tijuana is no exception. Tijuana's claim to fame is shopping, blocks and blocks of shopping! Most of the shopping is centered around a ten block area on both sides of Avenida Revolucion, in the central tourist zone. If you can't find what you're looking for here it probably can't be found. At least not in Mexico!

Like most big cities Tijuana has some congestion and that big city 'people in a hurry' feeling to it. But if one takes the time to explore below the surface of this ever expanding metropolis, a proud people can be found who are optimistic as they head into the 21st century.

Tijuana was one of the coastal locations that Carlos Fiesta cruised by on his 2,200 mile SOLO BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION!

To purchase a good map of the Baja Peninsula visit the web site of MEXICO MAPS.



Tijuana is indeed a h-u-g-e place but almost all of the gringo activity takes place on a 10 block section of Avenida Revolucion, commonly known by gringos as Revolution Avenue. The south end is a five minute cab ride or a 15 walk from the U.S. border at the north end, and the Caliente Race Track is at the south end. And almost every conceivable product can be purchased in all of the shops in between, not to mention some great places to eat. When the sun goes down the clubs come alive and the action spills over well beyond 2:00 a.m. Visitors with an eye for a more beachy environment often head 15 minutes south to ROSARITO BEACH.



Tijuana is a big place. When you first drive into town it's a good idea to have a destination in mind ... a place to slow down and get your bearings. Probably one of the best places to get started in T.J. is the parking lot on the east side of Avenida Revolucion mid block. Parking here is secure and puts you right in the middle of the action. Shopping, dining and the general excitement of downtown Tijuana are at your finger tips once you park here. Want a photo of your loved one with a striped donkey? Yep, you can do that here too!



Tijuana has plenty of hotels but only a handful that offer first class accommodations. The best of the best is CAMINO REAL TIJUANA located about 10 minutes south of the international border right in the heart of Tijuana. The views from the upper floors are the best in town and even include views of San Diego to the north. Golfers also like the adjacent golf course. There are several excellent restaurants in Tijuana including VILLA SAVERIOS RESTAURANT and LA DIFERENCIA RESTAURANT, both located in the Zona Rio section of town. Both offer international cuisine and regional favorites. And for two good places in town to listen to music, enjoy a cocktail and people watch check out TIA JUANA TILLY'S and SENIOR FROGS in the main tourist zone. Bring bail money. The best place in town for shopping are the stores along both sides of the ten block stretch of REVOLUCION AVENUE. Dollars, pesos and credit cards accepted in most stores. If you can't find it hear it probably doesn't exist. There are two good golf courses in the Tijuana area. Located in the heart of Tijuana the TIJUANA COUNTRY CLUB offers nice greens but no views. A 15 minute drive to the west the nicer course at REAL DEL MAR offers ocean views, a nice restaurant and even a chapel and a hotel in case you want to get married. The best coastal getaway is the 25 minute drive along the coastal road from Tijuana to CALAFIA for lunch. Spectacular ocean views, roaming mariachis and good service make this the best lunch getaway for your peso.



#1 ~ Heading to Baja's border areas and want a head's up on the waiting time to get back in the U.S.? For Tijuana border wait times call (619) 690-8999 and or the Otay Mesa border wait times call (619) 671-8999.

#2 ~ Crossing the border can seems a bit intimidating to those who have not done it before. Fear not, Baja virgin! To help those who want a step by step process of crossing from the United States into Baja, Mexico, Carlos Fiesta has carefully outlined the process in our TRANSPORTATION section below!






Tijuana is just a hop, skip, and a jump to the wide beaches of Rosarito, so most visitors interested in the beach scene head 10 minutes south.

Still, there are some water sports possibilities here, including surfing, kayaking, and beach combing.

Ocean access is via the scenic road heading west from town towards Playas Tijuana . When the waters are calm it is sometimes possible to spot dolphins within fifty yards of the shore!

The ocean temperature in the waters off of Tijuana peak out in the low 70 degree range in late summer, and then drop down to about 55 degrees in late winter.

There are several small restaurants located on the bluffs above the beach, a great place for a relaxing lunch or to catch a beautiful sunset!

Don't forget, Tjuana is less than a half hour from the spectacular beaches of San Diego and La Jolla, California.


    Exit main coastal highway at Playas Tijuana exit. Continue due west as you pass the 'Bullring by the Sea' on your right.
    There are a few access paths from the parking areas on the street down to the sand.
    The official monument dividing Mexico and the United States is located right behind the bullring.



    Located about 15 minutes south of Tijuana.
    Lots of beach activities, including ATV's, kayaking, boating and more.
    Most of the activity is at the south end, near the Rosarito Beach Hotel.
    For further information drop by the ROSARITO BEACH section of Baja Expo.




There is an abundance of hotels in the Tijuana area, but most of the camping and RV activity takes place in the Rosarito Beach area, and further south along the coast.

There is one campground just south of Tijuana, listed below.

For an excellent campground close to Tijuana head about 25 minutes south on the Toll Road, just before La Salina. The Baja Seasons RV Park there is excellent, on the beach, and only a short drive from Tijuana and Rosarito Beach.

Camping options on Baja's Sea of Cortez are abundant in and around San Felipe. Check out the SAN FELIPE section of Baja Expo for more information!

For more good information on camping and RVs drop by the informative web site of WOODALLS the camping and RV experts!


    Telephone 011-52 (664) 628-6128.
    U.S. (619) 422-2777.
    Toll free (800) 754-4190.
    Coastal road at Km. 72.
    Mailing address: 1177 Broadway Avenue, Suite 2, Chula Vista, California, 91911.
    Number of sites: 140.
    Ocean views / cement pads / full hookups / pool / Jacuzzi / beach / restaurant / bar / sauna / steam room / gym / 2 tennis courts (lighted) / volleyball / billiards / TV / miniature golf / full service laundry room / convenience store.
    One of Baja's few first class campgrounds, located on a huge, beautiful beach!



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 613-3305.
    7.5 miles south of the Tijuana Toll Gate, San Antonio exit.
    U.S. mailing address: P.O. Box 430513, San Ysidro, California, 92143.
    U.S.A. Mexico mailing address: Apardo Postal 2082, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Number of sites: 40.
    Water / hot showers / laundry / dump station / small store / evening secured.




The islands directly offshore from Tijuana offer very good fishing! The Coronado Islands are just a short boat ride away from the mainland, and the waters are usually calm.

Most of the fishing around the Coronado Islands is booked through fishing companies in the United States, although making reservations in Mexico can also be done.

Fishing in these waters tends to improve in the summer months, when the ocean water temperature warms up. The best fishing is usually July, August and September...and often into October. During El Nino years fishing can be good here into December!

Check out our ENSENADA section for more local fishing information, or drop by our BAJA FISHING section!.

After a taste of fishing in the waters off of Tijuana, you might want to consider the big game fishing available in Baja at the end of the Baja Peninsula. For more information drop by the CABO SAN LUCAS section of Baja Expo.

For more information on obtaining the proper fishing documentation required for dipping your hook in Baja waters check with the professionals at MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.


    Telephone (619) 222-1144.
    2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California 92106.
    Sports fishing charters to the Coronado Islands and local Mexican waters.



    Telephone (619) 583-8862.
    6053 Wenrich Drive, San Diego, California, 92120.
    Owner/operator Chris Randel has been sharing tight lines in Baja for over 10 years.
    Check out their web site for more information!


    Telephone (619) 221-8500.
    2838 Garrison Street, San Diego, California 92106.
    Fleet of over a dozen privately owned and operated fishing vessels from 57 to 124 ft.





Hotels in Tijuana run the whole range, from quaint to first class. The staff at the larger hotels usually speak good English, but don't hesitate to try one of the many smaller motels throughout the city.

Inspecting the room before you commit is an acceptable practice, and a good idea if you are not sure.

For those who are visiting the area with a sense of adventure, Tijuana is just a short drive to the Pacific Coast and the quaint beachside towns that head south from the border. Staying a night or two in Tijuana and then trying another hotel along the "Gold Coast" can be a fun way to enjoy the area.

The next selection of larger hotels south of Tijuana include ROSARITO BEACH and ENSENADA.

There are also several small towns along the coast with good hotels. These hotels range from the funky rooms and LA FONDA to the first class rooms at LAS ROCAS.

Golfers might consider staying at the nice hotels available at REAL DEL MAR and BAJAMAR just south of Tijuana.

Some of the better hotels include:


    Telephone 011-52 (664) 633-4000.
    Toll free (800) 722-6466.
    Fax 011-52 (664) 633-4001.
    Avenida Paseo de los Heroes # 10305, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 22320.
    Located 5 minutes from the border and 10 minuted from the Tijuana International Airport.
    Web site:
    Number of rooms: 263.
    Rooms and suites.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / 1,300 seat ballroom / meeting rooms / 3 restaurants including Azulejos Restaurant / 2 bars / deli / gymnasium / nine stories high.
    Room amenities: Telephones / televisions / air conditioning.
    Located 15 minutes from Tijuana International Airport.
    A short taxi ride to the shops and restaurants of Revolucion Avenue.
    Visit their web site for additional information.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-7000.
    Toll free (800) 472-6385.
    Agua Caliente #4500, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Number of rooms: 422.
    Pool / TV / tennis / restaurants / coffee shop / bar / gym / golf.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 634-6901. Toll free (800) 465-4329.
    Avenida Paseo de los Heroes, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Number of rooms: 140.
    Rooms and suites.
    Pool / whirlpool / sauna / exercise room coffee shop.


    Telephone 011-52 (664) 630-8603.
    Toll free (888) 6-PALMAS.
    116 Paseo Playa, Playa de Tijuana, Mexico.
    Located close to the beach west of Tijuana.
    Number of rooms: 57.
    Rooms and junior suites.
    Pool / satellite television / telephones / restaurant / bar / air conditioning / meeting rooms.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-1832.
    Fax 011-52 (668) 5-1837.
    Avenida Madero 1120, Zona Centro, C.P., Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Suberb Tijuana location, directly behind the Jai Alai Palace.
    Number of rooms: 66.
    Telephones / televisions with remote / radio / air conditioning / secure parking / 24 hour security rooms with kitchenettes and handicap rooms available.
    Why spend big bucks to be near the prime shopping areas! This place is perfectly located and priced right!



    Telephone (800) 342-2644.
    Blvd. Agua Caliente #1, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Number of rooms: 200.
    Pool / tennis / golf / Jacuzzi / restaurant / bar.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-7510.
    Via Oriente at Avenida Padre Kino, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    A very inexpensive place to stay offering just the basics.




There's always something going on in Tijuana to keep the visitor entertained, much more than just the great shopping.

A few of the major attractions include:


    - (Faaastest game in the world!)

    Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-2524.
    Avenida Revolucion at Calle 8.
    It's the biggest building on the can't miss it!
    $2.50 U.S. per person.
    Bring cash, dollars accepted.
    Closed Sundays.



    - (Wax museum)

    Telephone 011-52 (664) 688-2478.
    Calle 1ra #8281 at Avenida Madero, downtown.
    Just a block down from Avenida Revolucion at 1st Street.
    $1 U.S. entrance under 6 free!



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-1111.
    Located on Avenida De Los Heroes at Mina Street, just east of Avenida Revolucion at the north end.
    Always an exciting show on the huge screen!



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 688-2478.
    Located on Avenida de los Heroes east of Rivera.
    Located in downtown Tijuana 4 blocks south of the Camino Real Hotel.
    Miniature golf, go carts, batting cages, and video games.
    Restaurant on side and several others adjacent.
    A fun place for the kids to hang out for a few hours.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-3031.
    Fax 011-52 (664) 685-3552.
    Canon Johnson #8151, Esq. Avenida Constitucion Sur, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 22130.
    Mailing address: Post Office Box 434260, San Ysidro, California, 92143-4260.
    LA Cetto Winery offers wine tasting from grapes grown in Baja's famous Santo Tomas Valley.
    Tours run Tuesdays through Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
    Private and group tours also available!



    - (Cultural Center)

    Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-1111.
    Paseo de los Heroes at Mina, Zona Rio. Right next to the Omnimax Theater.
    Open daily 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.



    - (Rodeo)

    Telephone 011-52 (664) 680-4185.
    Lienzo Charro and Avenida Braulio Maldonado.




    Two locations:

    Telephone 011-52 (664) 686-1510.
    Toreo de Tijuana at Agua Caliente.
    Telephone 011-52 (66) 80-1808.
    Plaza Monumental at Playa de Tijuana.




You may not here the words "Welcome K Mart shoppers" during your trek through Tijuana, but you will find a great variety of shops to choose from as you drive or walk through town.

Tijuana is one of the greatest shopping destinations in the world, and if there is one word to describe shopping on Revolucion Avenue, that word is FUN!

Negotiating is still very acceptable in the shops of Tijuana, but a few ground rules help smooth the process. As a general rule, the nicer the shopping establishment is the less receptive they are going to be towards negotiating with you. Most of the shops on Revolution Avenue expect some degree of negotiation when you are buying one of their products.

If you are in the Tijuana area and want to try some excellent shopping just north of the border (we're talking 100 yards from the border fence!) check out the new shops at LA PUERTA LAS AMERICAS. This huge new shopping center just west of the freeway consists mostly of discount Outlet Stores like Nike, Dockers, etc. and also offers various restaurants from Mc Donald's to Outback Steakhouse. No, they don't take pesos.

The following is just a sampling of some of the shopping in T.J. that is available close to the border.

Visit the web site of JOHN RAMOS to review his unique and colorful Mexico art work.


    Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-5560.
    Avenida Revolucion from Avenues 1 though 10 are located just 6 blocks southwest of the U.S. border!
    "Revolution Avenue" is easy to get to on foot or by car.
    On foot, just follow the crowds through the border entrance, down the long and somewhat narrow entry area, then make a right where it opens up at the end. After crossing through the middle of "Plaza Viva Tijuana" you will cross the pedestrian bridge which goes over the Tijuana River. It's just 3 short blocks to the start of Avenida Revolucion!
    When driving to Avenida Revolucion from the border, just follow the green signs with white letters. If you are in town just for shopping, consider leaving your car on the U.S. side, walking across the border, and grabbing a cab on the other side! You'll miss the potentially long line of cars heading back to the U.S. when you return!
    A dozen blocks of shop 'till you drop! Both sides of Avenida Revolucion are choked full of stores offering every product you can imagine! From hand crafted leather parrots to custom made dining room tables, this stretch of Tijuana is definitely "shopping central".
    Need a short break to let your credit card cool off? Dozens of restaurants and bars are scattered between the various shops to help break up your day! If you love to shop, you gotta cruise Avenida Revolucion just once before moving on to the great beyond.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 638-4737.
    Fax 011-52 (66) 88-3526.
    Revolucion Avenue #1420 & 7th Street, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    40 artesian stores and factories...huge selection of fine handcrafted art. A great location for one-stop shopping...close to the border!



    Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Located in front of the Caliente race track, just before the US consulate.
    35 flavors of chocolate truffles!!!
    Exclusive line of LA Cetto wine truffles.
    Also offering apples with caramel, turtles, and gifts.
    A family owned business where service is important!
    The first hand made chocolate shop in Tijuana.
    Stop by annd say hello to Gabriela.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-0402.
    Paseo de los Heroes #96 and #98, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    The closest shopping to the U.S. border, and an easy walk! Just follow the crowds from the U.S. side to Mexico. After you have walked down the long and somewhat narrow entry area, turn right at the end. (You'll see taxi cabs off to your left). Immediately after crossing the street, you will see a shopping plaza, with a walkway right down the middle.
    Pull out your MasterCard and get to work! More shopping for those who want to cut to the chase, shopping here in Zona Rio is quick and easy.
    Plenty of variety, good prices, but not much of the pazazz (did I spell that right?) found on Avenida Revolucion.
    There are several restaurants mixed in to help you re-charge for the next round!




There are probably more cultural things happening in Tijuana than recreational, but there are enough sports to keep the Baja traveler busy.

In addition to two good golf courses, surfing and kayaking can be enjoyed along the coastal bluffs of Tijuana, and snorkeling and scuba diving are good off of the Coronado Islands.

Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.

Also check 'Local Interest' above for additional fun things to do.

Check out the WHALE WATCHING section of Baja Expo for mucho mas information on Baja's Whales!

Visit the web site of WIDE OPEN BAJA for awesome buggy tours of the Baja Peninsula.

For information on how to protect your skin while playing in the hot Baja sun visit the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo!



The diving off of the Coronado Islands west of Tijuana is spectacular!


    Telephone (858) 277-7823.
    2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California, U.S.A. 92106.
    Located at H & M Landing.
    Web site:
    Single and multi-day dive trips to Baja and her offshore islands.
    Dive boats Odyssey and Horizon are perfectly set up for your dive getaway.
    A very professional company!
    Drop by their web site for additional information.



And after you've tried the 2 golf courses near Tijuana, consider slipping down the coast to BAJAMAR for some oceanfront green time!



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-7851.
    Agua Caliente #1131, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Post Office Box 22420, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
    Number of holes: 18.
    Par: 72.
    Rated: 70.8.
    Champ: 6,859 / Men: 6,616 / Women: 5,517.
    Carts and caddies available.
    Clubhouse / golf shop / restaurant / bar.



    Telephone 011-52 (664) 613-3401.
    Main coastal highway at Km. 18 offramp.
    Number of holes: 18.
    Par 72.
    5949 yards.
    Carts available.
    Pro shop / driving range / restaurant / bar / wedding chapel / kid's play area.



From the U.S. border, it is advisable to paddle south. If you paddle north you will be entering the United States illegally, and you and your kayak are subject to search by the nice men in the green trucks.

Mornings are the calmest, as the winds tend to pick up a bit in the afternoons. The coastline alternates between sandy beaches and low lying bluffs, and there are several places to launch.

Kayaks can usually be rented 15 minutes south of Tijuana in ROSARTIO BEACH near the Rosarito Beach Hotel.



Probably one of the most hair-raising races in the world is the annual big bike (motorcycle) run from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. It's hard to believe, but the winner makes this thousand-mile mad dash in about 10 hours! Dubbed the CABO 1,000, this insane run on the Baja blacktop is the Mexican version of a Cannonball Run. Only crazier! If you see these guys in your rear view mirror...don't make any sudden movements!





    Telephone (562) 799-3880.
    182 Marina Drive, Long Beach, California, 90803.
    Web site:
    Sailing trips from southern California to upper Baja, Mexico.
    Enjoy a coastal cruise aboard the 73 foot schooner Dirigo II.
    Visit their web site for additional information.



All of the surf along the coastal bluffs near Tijuana are beach breaks, with typical beach break shape. Waves do get large when there is a swell, but it takes a little research to find out where the recent sand bars have helped create the longer rides. Shoulder hopping can be fun, but with a lack of a channel to get past the breakers, paddling out can be a real exercise when the waves are big. Wetsuits are advisable from October through May. Bring your own wax.

And if you are serious about a Baja surfing adventure check out the web site of BAJA SURF ADVENTURES.



You name it, it's here! Tijuana is a culinary treat. The restaurants here offer food from all over the world.

Don't be afraid to go off the beaten track! Even the food on the street-side carts can be good, if you are looking for adventure.

Of all the good food that has come out of Tijuana over the years, the city is probably most famous for the invention of Ceasar's Salad. In Tijuana's early days Ceasar Cardini got creative in the kitchen one day and viola! Ceasar's Salad Dressing was invented. After his death his daughter Rosa continued the tradition, and Ceasar's Restaurant is still one of the most popular restaurants on Avenida Revolucion.





      Telephone 011-52 (664) 686-6443.
      Boulevard Sanchez Taboada Esquina Escuadron #2001, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      Located north or downtown Tijuana in Zona Rio.
      Web site:
      Classic continental cuisine in a spotless environment..
      Excellent selection of fine wines.
      Review thier web site for additional information.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 688-2794.
      Avenida Revolucion at Calle 5a.
      Variety menu, drinks and a full bar.
      Try the famous salad...this is where it all began! The rumor is that Ceasar Cardini got a little creative in the kitchen years ago while making a new salad dressing after a few shots of tequila. A little bit of this...a little bit of thing you know we've got a world class salad dressing on our hands. After Ceasar moved on to that big diner in the sky his daughter Rosa continued to serve up the salads that made her dad famous. Live the legend while you are in town!



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 682-4962.
      Via Oriente #60, Centro Pueblo Amigo, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      Located in the heart of the tourist zone.
      A little bit of everything, good atmosphere.
      Carlos Fiesta loves the margaritas!.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-9015.
      Avenida Revolucion #1109, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      Located with all of the shops and restaurants in the main toursit zone.
      Similar to Senior Frog's, good location.
      Come back at night if you like to dance!



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-2513.
      Avenida Revolucion #520, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      Younger, noisier crowd, good food.
      Carlos Fiesta's daughter loves this place.
      The bathrooms are spotless!!!



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 634-3346.
      Sanchez Taboada Boulevard #10611-A, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      Regional specialties and traditional favorites.
      A special Hacienda atmosphere with Mexico Old World flavor.



    Drink? Dance? You want to drink and dance? The nightlife at Tijuana is everything you want it to be (and possibly a little bit more!). The drinking age in Mexico is 18 years old, so watch out. Drinking responsibly is good advice anywhere, but particularly so in Mexico.

    JUAN'S TIJUANA is a web site that has been created to flatten out the learning curve of visitors looking for female companionship in the Tijuana area.


      Telephone 011-52 (664) 682-4964.
      Via Oriente #60, Local 4, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      Part of the famous Anderson chain of bars.
      The staff tries their best to keep you happy.
      Food, drinks, body shots.....
      If you can't have fun here take your pocket protecter and go home.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-1612.
      Calle 7a and Avenida Revolucion.
      Crazy and loud. The later it gets the louder it gets.
      On weekend this place rocks well past 2:00 a.m.
      Bring bail money!



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 634-2404.
      Diego Rivera #1482, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Mexico.
      Corner of Paseo de las Heroes and Diego Rivera.
      Located 4 blocks south of the Camino Real Hotel.
      Can get out of control on weekends!
      Check their web site for more information.
      This is the wildest looking bulding in Tijuana.
      Bring bail money!




    Tijuana has many of the transportation options you would expect from a large metropolitan city (except subways). Most services are fairly efficient, but patience is sometimes required.

    For professional information on securing all of the required documents necessary for visiting Baja, entry fee information and tourist card requirements you may visit the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES or e-mail them at

    For more general information on transportation in Baja check out our main BAJA TRANSPORTATION section.

    Inexpensive shuttle service from Los Angeles to Tijuana is also provided by Fronteras del Norte by calling (877) 892-4596.

    Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.


    Heading to Baja's border areas and want a head's up on the waiting time to get back in the U.S.? For Tijuana border wait times call (619) 690-8999 and or the Otay Mesa border wait times call (619) 671-8999.




      Visitors headed to Tijuana by land have THREE OPTIONS when crossing the border. All three are relatively easy, and crossing the "busiest international border crossing on Earth" is usually a snap.


      Each day zillions of cars head south on California's Interstate 5 and cross the border into Baja, Mexico. As the freeway nears the border, the 4 lanes magically become 8 lanes, and each vehicle must come to a complete stop at the Custom's check point at the big cement speed bump. If the alternating Custom's signal light turns GREEN after you stop, you may proceed (Passe). Welcome to Baja! If the alternating light turns RED (Alto), you will be directed to the covered secondary inspection area one hundred feet to your right. Assuming you are not carrying guns, drugs, or fruit, your stay at the secondary inspection station should be short. Then you will merge back into the busy traffic headed into Baja! If you are headed for the coast towards Rosarito Beach or Ensenada, follow the GREEN and WHITE signs with the white arrows towards "Scenic Road - Rosarito".

      For professional information on securing all of the required documents necessary for visiting Baja, entry fee information and tourist card requirements you may visit the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES or e-mail them at


      After parking your vehicle in one of the 4 large parking lots listed below (cost: $8-$10 per day), just follow the crowds. After walking through the metal revolving gates, you have entered Baja! Most tourists walking into Baja are headed for Avenida Revolucion, where all of the shops, restaurants, and bars offer a very exciting environment! (it's about a 20 minute walk). Turn right at the end of the walkway, head straight through the small shops and the plaza, over the 100 yard bridge that crosses the river, and then 2 more blocks and you are there! Turn left for 10 blocks of fun! If you don't feel up to the 20 minute walk from the border to Avenida Revolucion, there are about 1001 yellow taxi cabs ready to wisk you there for $5 (one way) as soon as you get past the metal gates and enter Baja. These taxis will also take you to Rosarito Beach for about $30 US, and to Ensenada for about $90 US.


      This is an easy way to get from the U.S. side of the border to Avenida Revolucion, as well as to other parts of Baja further south. There are several different bus companies lined up in front of the parking lots on the U.S. side of the border. These buses will take you directly to Avenida Revolucion for $1 US each way, or $2 US round trip. They depart on a regular basis, and your maximum wait time is 20 minutes!



      Okay, you've had your fun in Baja. It's time to head back across the border to the U.S. One problem...all of the other Gringos who have been playing in Baja, along with a whole bunch of Mexicans who are legally headed for a brief visit to the States, are joining you for the border crossing. On any given day, tens of thousands of cars and individuals line up to cross this boundary line. Is there any way to minimize the stay in line? Getting in line late morning and late at night is your best bet.





    LOCATION: 5 miles east of downtown.
    SURFACE: Paved.
    ELEVATION: 499 Feet.
    RUNWAYS: 9 / 27.
    LENGTH: 9,710.
    TOWER: 118.10.
    FUEL: Yes.
    COMMENTS: Officially known as General Abellardo L. Rodriguez International Airport (try that trivia question at your next cocktail party!), Tijuana International Airport doesn't usually have much going on. The front of the terminal is right across the street from the fence separating Mexico and the United States, and if you've got a good arm, you can probably throw a Frisbee into San Diego county (not recommended!). Several commercial flights arrive and depart daily, including Aerocalifornia, Mexicana, and AeroMexico, but air traffic is generally light all day long. The terminal offers several main floor restaurants, an upstairs restaurant and bar with a view of the runway, several retail shops, 3 money exchange booths, telephones, a fax and an ATM machine. Car rentals booths are inside (Avis, Budget, Hertz, and National) and TAXIS are outside, as well as BUSES. A travel agency is also available in the terminal on the ground floor.

    Luggage and arrivals are located at the far east end of the terminal (left side when facing the terminal), and ticketing and most departures are located at the west end (right side). Parking is easy and close by, on the west end of the terminal.

    For further information, telephone 011-52 (664) 683-2418.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-4401.
      Toll free (800) 237-6639.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 685-7879.
      Toll free (800) 531-7923.
      Diego Rivera #1811, Enificio Fontana.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-7211.
      Toll free (800) 237-6225.
      Paseo de los Heroes.



    Buses are available on both sides of the Tijuana border. On the U.S. side, the Greyhound Bus Terminal is located on the east side of Interstate 5, about 100 feet from the Mexican border. The parking lot for these buses is literally the southernmost piece of real estate in these parts before the border fence. Buses to Avenida Revolucion are available on the west side of the freeway, $1 one way and $2 round trip.



      Telephone (858) 454-7166.
      Toll free (800) 336-55454.
      Fax (858) 454-2703.
      7737 Herschel Avenue, Suite "O", La Jolla, California, 92037.
      Tours to Tijuana and northern Baja locations.



      Telephone (619) 428-9517.
      Bus service form the border to Tijuana, Rosarito Beach and Foxploration.
      Avoid the long border lines and spend more time having fun!
      Drop by their web site for additional information.



      Telephone (858) 675-3053.
      Fax (858) 451-0332.
      Custom transportation programs from Los Angeles and San Diego to Baja Mexico.


    • On the Mexican side the bus station is located just in from the border, on the walk towards Avenida Revolucion.


      (central bus station)

      Telephone 011-52 (664) 680-9060.
      Lazaro Cardenas at Blvd. Arroyo Alamar.



    Taxis are available on both sides of the fence at the Tijuana border. On the Mexican side of the border, the taxis are lined up (by the dozens!) just in from the border, after passing through the pedestrian walkway gates. Prices are somewhat consistent, but can vary a bit from cab to cab depending on the variables. Get a price from the driver before you get in the taxi. Prices are generally as follows:



    ENSENADA - $90 US

    CABO SAN LUCAS - $1,750 US



    Most folks headed for Tijuana don't bother to rent cars. Taxis are very affordable for getting around, and much of the 'Tourist Zone' is centrally located and easy to walk. Still, for those who fly in, and who want a bit more flexibility, renting a car is a viable option. Making reservations before arriving can make a significant difference on the price, especially for longer rental periods.


      Telephone 011-52 (664) 686-3718.
      Toll free (800) 331-1084.
      Agua Caliente #5310, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 634-3303.
      Toll free (800) 472-3325.
      Paseo de los Heroes #9988, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-8484.
      Toll free (800) 800-4000.
      Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #10525, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 683-2080.
      Toll free (800) 654-3001.
      Blvd. Agua Caliente #3402, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.



      Located at the Tijuana Airport.



    Driving to the Mexican border and hopping over to Tijuana is extremely convenient with the easy border area parking! There are three very large fenced in parking areas just a five minute walk to Mexico! Rates for a 24 hour period are usually $5 US to $6 US.


      Telephone (619) 428-6200.
      On the northwest corner, just before crossing the border.
      A good place to park vehicles for those who want to walk across the border.
      Open 24 hours, tourist information, and shuttle buses available to Avenida Revolucion. Fenced and secure.



      Close to the border! Located near the southwest corner of the parking lot intersection, just about 100 feet from the international border.
      Fenced and secured. Shuttle buses available to Avenida Revolucion right in front.



      Closest parking to the border, parking lot backs right up the the international border.
      Fenced and secure. Shuttle buses available to Avenida Revolucion are located in front on the street.



    Located just 50 yards from the Mexico border, on the east side of Interstate 5, at the very south end of San Ysidro Boulevard.

    The Tijuana Trolley can be a great way to get to the border from the downtown San Diego area! The Trolley starts at the San Diego Train Station, and heads to the border on a very frequent schedule. The cost is very inexpensive, and once you are off of the Trolley, it's just a 5 minute walk to Tijuana!




    For information on obtaining travel documents for Mexico such as Tourist Cards, boat permits, fishing and hunting licenses check out the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.





      Telephone (619) 454-7166.
      Fax (619) 454-2703.
      Custom tours to Tijuana from San Diego. Packages include transportation, hotel accommodations and shopping.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-8454.
      Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #10525, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.




      Calle 11a at Avenida Negrete.



      Calle 10a at Avenida Pio Pico.




      Telephone 011-52 (664) 623-3877.
      Otay Mesa border.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 683-1405.
      Avenida Revolucion at Calle 1a.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 688-1685.
      Fax 011-52 (664) 685-8472.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 683-1405.
      Calle Mina and Paseo de las Heroes.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 681-7400.
      Fax 011-52 (664) 681-8016.




    Tijuana real estate construction is booming, especially condos along the coast. But is anyone really buying? No, not tourists anyway. Especially now that the U.S. real estate bubble has popped. There are dozens of offices in Tijuana that handle real estate. Because few tourists purchase property in Tijuana, most of these Brokers speak Spanish, and a few speak some English. If you need a real estate Broker who speaks English, there are several to choose from a few miles south of Tijuana, in ROSARITO BEACH!

    Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.








      Telephone 011-52 (664) 380-2661.
      Fax 011-52 (664) 380-2138.
      Paseo Playas de Tijuana #1328, Playas de Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      Jorge Hickie Del Moral.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 384-2748.
      Paseo de los Heroes #10001-6 G, Plaza Fiesta, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Mexico, 22230.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 684-1984.
      Avenida Paseo de los Heroes #108-505, Zona Rio, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
      English spoken. Houses, condos, lots, ranches and commercial properties.



    There are currently several large developments underway in the Tijuana area, and most of them are west of town, near the ocean.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 622-5141.
      U.S. (619) 267-6661.
      Blvd. Agua Caliente #11300, Plaza Campestra, Local 236, Tijuana, Mexico.
      U.S. address: 4120 Bonita Road, Bonita, California, 91902.
      Residential ocean view homes and lots for sale.
      Direct financing available.
      More information can be obtained from their web site.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 630-8219.
      Site is located in the hills west of Tijuana, just past the first toll station, above road.
      Ocean view lots for sale.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 686-1176.
      U.S. (619) 267-6661.
      Blvd. Agua Caliente #11300, Plaza Campestra, Local 236, Tijuana, Mexico.
      U.S. address: 4120 Bonita Road, Bonita, California, 91902.
      Site location at Km. 55 on the free road south of Rosarito Beach.
      Residential ocean view homes.
      Underground services / club house / swimming pool / tennis court / walking areas.
      Direct financing available.
      More information can be obtained from their web site.



      Telephone 011-52 (664) 131-3458.
      Site is located 5 miles south of the border, off the highway at Real Del Mar offramp.
      New custom ocean view single family homes and townhomes around the golf course.