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PUERTO NUEVO was discovered years ago by the "Let's go to Baja and raise hell" weekend surf crowd from southern California. The surf crowd still drops by on occassion, but they have upgraded from V.W.'s to BMW's and Mini Coopers and they are a tad more refined than they used to be. Over the years Puerto Nuevo has grown from one famous lobster restaurant to almost 30 at last count! This seaside village now attracts a broad section of visitors from all age groups.


Although big lobster dinners are no longer available for $6.00, you can still fill up on a great lobster meal for about $12.00. If you are only moderately hungry splitting a full meal with a friend is a great way to go...just order extra flour tortillas! Each meal includes lobster (small, medium or large - your choice), rice, beans, tortillas, chips and salsa. Cold beer is available to cool off hungry hombres on those warm Baja afternoons, and tequila is never far away for those who just finished playing in the ocean!

Puerto Nuevo has grown up a lot in the last few years and the village now includes bars, curious shops and other stores. Strolling mariachis add a special Baja flavor to the restaurants and street corners. It's a great place to walk around to enjoy a unique piece of Baja culture.

And for a fun afternoon adventure try the "Carlos Fiesta Combo"! Oceanfront lunch on the bluffs at Calafia, a fun afternoon of backstage at FOXPLORATION STUDIOS just up the coast and then a great lobster dinner at Puerto Nuevo afterwards. It's a wrap!

Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.

Carlos Fiesta passed by Puerto Nuevo on his 2,200 mile SOLO BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION!

To purchase a good map of the Baja Peninsula visit the web site of MEXICO MAPS.



Puerto Nuevo is a very small village and a delicious mix of the local Mexican people and gringos visiting for a good time. The village consists almost entirely of restaurants and shops, most of the locals live outside of the village. Parking lots both north and south of the main entrance accommodate larger gringo crowds on the weekends. The locals love thier little village and are a treat to talk to!


After you have pulled off the highway and driven under the Puerto Nuevo arches, grab a place to park on the right side of the road. Once parked, plan on spending a little time viewing the wares of the venders that run along the north side of the street. This will give you a chance to stretch your legs and get a lay of the land before deciding on which of the 20 restaurants you will stop at for a bit of grog and lobster!


Puerto Nuevo is all about the dining experience and there's no better place in the village to experience the best of this seaside coastal village than the VILLA ORTEGA RESTAURANT. This huge restaurant offers good service, great food and views of the Pacific Ocean to die for. It is located on the bluffs just above the sea at the south end of the village. Carlos Fiesta loves this place!

Although there is some shopping on the north side of the main east-west street that leads into the village, don't miss the real shopping in Puerto Nuevo. Head on down towards the ocean and check out the shops that run along the top of the seaside bluffs. Jewelry, arts and crafts,'s all here. Most vendors expect a small degree of negotiating and bigger discounts are usually available if you buy more than one item.

The LAS ROCAS HOTEL is the best place near Puerto Nuevo to hang your hat. This oceanfront hotel offers plenty of frontage on the Pacific Ocean, a nice infinity pool and most of the rooms offer good ocean views. It's just a few minutes drive to the restaurants at Puerto Nuevo!

Like to golf? The well maintained fairways and oceanfront holes at BAJAMAR 15 minutes south of Puerto Nuevo look a lot like Pebble Beach. For the hot tip request the "Oceana" course!

RV's looking for a quality hook-up usually head 10 minutes south of Puerto Nuevo to BAJA SEASONS BEACH RESORT. Located on the ocean, this RV park offers most of the amenities of a US RV park plus an easy drive to Puerto Nuevo.



Probably the biggest decision you will have to make in Puerto Nuevo is where to eat...there are literally too many choices! Here's the scoop...since most of the restaurants in the village offer similar menus and prices, when searching for the right restaurant your main goal is atmosphere. Looking for a little sun? There are several restaurant in the village that offer upstairs and outside dining, some with ocean views. Looking for a party atmosphere? The restaurants on the main street usually get the biggest crowds and therefore more than their share of noise and adventure. Romance? Track down one of the more refined restaurants for a more relaxed and intimate meal.

As much as they can be fun to talk to, don't let the guys or gals in front of the restaurants scoop you into their restaurant with the promise of the 'best' lobster dinner in town. Keep walking until you find the place that meets your particular needs!






Puerto Nuevo is famous for it's lobster, but not necessarily for it's beaches. Most of the coastline north and south of Puerto Nuevo consists of low bluffs and rocky beaches.

Nothin' wrong with that, and sunsets here can be wonderful, but better sand beaches await the Baja traveler further north towards ROSARITO BEACH, or further south towards LA SALINA.

There are also beaches south of Puerto Nuevo in ENSENADA, as well as some great snorkeling and diving south of Ensenada at Punta Banda.




There are several camping and R.V. locations north of Puerto Nuevo, a very nice one south near LA SALINA, but only one close to Puerto Nuevo.

Camping is also available just north of ENSENADA at San Miguel and just south of Ensenada north of the Estero Beach area.

Remember, because of the close proximity to the ocean, it can get chilly and damp late in the evening and in the mornings, even in the summer.

Although camping on Baja beaches is an option in many parts of Baja, the beaches at Puerto Nuevo are rocky, and at high tide non-existent.

Baja travelers looking for a warm and dry camping climate might consider heading for the Sea of Cortez on Baja's east side. SAN FELIPE has more camping and RV spaces than anywhere else in Baja, and is only about 3 hours southeast on Ensenada!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 155-4015.
    U.S. (619) 422-2777.
    Toll free (800) 754-4190.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 155-4019.
    1177 Broadway #2, Chula Vista, California, 91911.
    Coastal road at Km. 72, La Salina.
    Mailing address: 1177 Broadway Avenue, Suite 2, Chula Vista, California, 91911.
    Number of sites: 140.
    Full hookups / pool / Jacuzzi / beach / restaurant / motel / store / clubhouse / bar / sauna / steam room / gym / 2 tennis courts (lighted) / volleyball / billiards / putting green / TV / miniature golf / full service laundry room / 24 hour security.
    One of Baja's few first class campgrounds, located on a huge, beautiful beach!



    Located on the free road at Km. 40 north of Puerto Nuevo.
    A large flat camping are on the bluffs above the Pacific Ocean.
    Small fee, restrooms nearby.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 2-1502.
    Km 33, north of Puerto Nuevo.
    33 campsites / concrete pads / full hook-ups / flush toilets / showers / restaurant / pool.





These days most of the lobster consumed at Puerto Nuevo is brought in by truck. Some of the locals do go fishing offshore here, but there are no fishing facilities for tourists.

Shore fishing might provide some fun, but not the larger trophies most fishermen are looking for.

Best bet for boat launching and fishing is the harbor in Ensenada, on the east side of the marina. Offshore fishing also be arranged in San Diego.

Fishing in Baja is closely tied to the ocean water temperature. Many fish hit Baja waters when the water gets warmer. The water dips down to about 55 degrees in the Puerto Nuevo area by February, and then sneaks up close to 70 degrees by August.

Looking for trophy fishing in a tropical environment? Slip on down the coast another 800 miles to CABO SAN LUCAS for some of the best fishing on the planet!

For more information on fishing on the Peninsula drop by our BAJA FISHING section!

For more information on obtaining the proper fishing documentation required for dipping your hook in Baja waters check with the professionals at MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.



    Telephone (619) 469-4255.
    San Diego, California.
    Fishing packages to Coronado Islands, Guadeloupe Island, short and long trips.



    Telephone (619) 221-8500.
    2838 Garrison Street, San Diego, California, 92106.
    Over a dozen privately owned and operated professional fishing boats.



    Telephone (619) 222-1144.
    2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California, 92106.
    Sportsfishing in Mexican waters out of San Diego Bay.



    Telephone (619) 583-8862.
    6053 Wenrich Drive, San Diego, California, 92120.
    Owner/operator Chris Randel has been sharing tight lines in Baja for over 10 years. Check out their web site for more information!




Lodging options in the Puerto Nuevo area are increasing year by year. Some are quaint motels, others are modern resorts.

The smaller hideaways offer a rustic Baja feel, while the larger and new complexes offer the glamour of a stateside first class hotel. Your choice!

Baja buffs who want to visit Puerto Nuevo but are looking for a larger selection of hotels often stay in ROSARITO BEACH about 20 minutes to the north or in ENSENADA 35 minutes to the south.

Golfers who want to enjoy Puerto Nuevo and also get in some T-time might consider the nice hotel at BAJAMAR, about 20 minutes south of Puerto Nuevo.

Another fun lodging option just south of Puerto Nuevo is La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant. The ocean views are spectacular!



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 2-2140.
    Toll free (888) 527-7622.
    6 miles north of Puerto Nuevo, off the free road at Km. 37.
    Number of rooms: 74.
    Rooms and suites.
    On the beach / ocean view from all rooms / TV / AC / 2 pools / 3 Jacuzzis / tennis / volleyball court / restaurant / 2 bars / secret "sunset view" hideaway cavern!
    This is a large first class modern hotel with awesome ocean views, great pool areas, and first rate spa facilities, located right on the ocean!
    If you can't make it to Cabo for the weekend, this will do nicely!



    6 miles south of Puerto Nuevo, off the free road at Km. 58.
    Number of rooms: 48.
    Funky Mexican rooms sitting on a lush hillside setting, with spectacular ocean views.
    The "Garden of Eden" covered pathway that leads down to the beach is accessible by most of the rooms, and lets out at the north end of the La Fonda beach.
    Most rooms offer unique patios and/or balconies with great ocean views.
    The restaurant and bar are Baja landmarks, and worth a visit.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 2-1581.
    Fax 011-52 (661) 2-0296.
    Mailing address: Post Office Box 354, C.P., Baja California, Mexico.
    Located on the free road at Km. 35.5.
    Number of rooms: 45.
    Rooms and suites.
    On the beach.
    Very quaint ocean view rooms / huge ocean view restaurant / dining facilities / 2 bars / Jacuzzi / wedding packages / conference facilities.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 4-1488.
    Located just south of Puerto Nuevo at Km. 44.5 on the Free Road, Tijuana-Ensenada, Puerto Nuevo, Baja Califoria, 22712.
    U.S. Mailing address: 512 East San Ysidro Boulevard Suite 44, San Ysidro, California, 92173.
    Number of rooms: 100.
    Rooms and suites.
    Pool / Jacuzzi / tennis / satellite TV / basketball / volleyball / kid's playground / pool snack bar / restaurant / bar / telephones / meeting rooms / secure parking.



    Telephone 011-52 (661) 614-1166.
    Toll free (800) 582-1018.
    Mailing address: 482 West San Ysidro Boulevard, San Ysidro, California, 92173-2410.
    Km. 45 on the Baja coast highway.
    Number of rooms: 147.
    On the beach / pool / Jacuzzi / volleyball court / tennis court / gym / coffee shop / restaurant / 2 bars.
    Just a short distance from all of the excitement of Puerto Nuevo!
    Wedding facilities available.



    Telephone / Fax 011-52 (646) 155-0265.
    Web site:
    Located of the free road at Km. 57 near La Mision, 20 miles south of Rosarito Beach.
    Deluxe spacious villas with private baths, dining sets, kitchens, fireplaces, private parking, and much more.
    Hotel amenities: Pool / Jacuzzi / tennis courts / health spa and club house.
    Room amenties: Kitchens / televisions / telephones.




The Cantamar sand dunes are a natural phenomena well worth a visit. These beautiful dunes are not as grand as some of the spectacular dunes further south in Baja, but they give the Baja traveler a taste of a unique desert environment.

Cantamar Dunes run about 2 miles long, located between the coastal road and the coastline. Watch out for motor vehicles of all types in the nooks and crannies of these dunes! Mornings are usually calm (and sometimes foggy), and the cool sea breeze usually picks up after lunch. Access is via a dirt road in town, just north of the free road exit.

Cantamar also offers a few small markets to grab basic supplies, and a couple of good restaurants.

For more fun just 10 minutes north of Puerto Nuevo try the backstage tour at Fox Studios Baja FOXPLORATION. Awesome!





The main recreation in Puerto Nuevo is eating and drinking. But there are other options for visitors looking for outdoor fun.

Looking to get wet? More watersports and a big sandy beach await you 15 minutes north in ROSARITO BEACH!

Check out the WHALE WATCHING section of Baja Expo for mucho mas information on Baja's Whales!

Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.




      Telephone (858) 277-7823.
      2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California, U.S.A. 92106.
      Located at H & M Landing.
      Web site:
      Single and multi-day dive trips to Baja and her offshore islands.
      Dive boats Odyssey and Horizon are perfectly set up for your dive getaway.
      A very professional company!
      Drop by their web site for additional information.



    Horses are often available for rent at the entrance to the village, just south of the village entrance. There are usually several steeds to choose from, and prices are reasonable.

    An even larger selection of horses are available in ROSARITO BEACH, about 15 minutes north of Puerto Nuevo, near the Rosarito Beach Hotel. If you want to ride a horse on the beach, Rosarito is a better location.



    This coastline can be enjoyed from a kayak, however it is totally exposed to the prevailing swells and winds. The best time for kayaking is early mornings, and just before sunset.

    To find the more remote coastline, head south from Puerto Nuevo towards BajaMar. Heads up for random golf balls on the Oceana course!



    Dune buggies, motorcycles, and ATV's love the sand dunes that start south of Puerto Nuevo running between the coastal highway and the coastline. Vehicles with a large antenna topped with a bright orange flags stand a better chance of a safe outing, as some of the dunes get steep rather suddenly.

    For more information on off-roading in Baja drop by the web site of SCORE INTERNATIONAL. These are the folks who put on the Baja 500 and the BAJA 1000.




      Telephone (562) 799-3880.
      182 Marina Drive, Long Beach, California, 90803.
      Web site:
      Sailing trips from southern California to upper Baja, Mexico.
      Enjoy a coastal cruise aboard the 73 foot schooner Dirigo II.
      Visit their web site for additional information.



    Most of the waves in this area are beach break, and do not offer much shape. Point breaks can be spotted from the coastal free road.

    A surf shop has opened just north of Calafia, on the west side of the free road.

    And if you are serious about a Baja surfing adventure check out the web site of BAJA SURF ADVENTURES.



      Located just a few miles from Puerto Nuevo.
      Calafia offers a good right point break that starts off fast and wicked, then mushes out as it heads towards shore. Surfing at low tide is scary because of the reefs just below the surface.



      Located about a half mile south of Calafia.
      This surf break offers easy peaks left and right, and it's just a short walk down the bluffs to get to.


    • Km. 58

      Located just north of La Fonda.
      Offers a beach break with unusually good shape. Access is easy from the dirt parking lot / campground just above the water, and you can't miss the sign just off the free road..."SURF Km. 58". This is a great place to surf your butt off, and then camp on the bluffs at night. There are two easy trails from the campground to the water.



      Located a little further south, north of Ensenada.
      Nice rights on a rock beach.
      Camping available just back from the beach.




    There are more restaurants per square foot in Puerto Nuevo than any other place in Baja! They are literally on every corner. Now that the ground level spaces are all taken, many of the newer restaurants are being built upstairs in various locations of the village, some offering ocean views. Almost every restaurant has a bar, so no one leaves town hungry or thirsty.

    Part of the fun of eating in Puerto Nuevo can be the people who serve you. If they do an excellent job of making your eating adventure a memorable one, a 10% tip is considered normal.

    If a member of your dining party is hungry but broke, no problem. Just order extra flour tortillas and let him or her create a burrito from the various food items on adjoining plates. This sharing technique has gotten more than one hungry surfer enough energy to get back home.

    Looking for the BEST restaurant in Puerto Nuevo? The Villa Ortega Restaurant at the very southwest corner of the village gets Carlos Fiesta's vote for the best place to enjoy a meal or a drink on the entire Gold Coast! It's huge and the spectacular veiws of the ocean are unbeatable.

    A fun and funky dining excursion for lunch and dinner can be found just 10 minutes north of Puerto Nuevo at the oceanfront fishing village of Popotla. This is a piece of Baja coastline that has not yet been taken over by the big-bucks tourist developers even though it is located directly adjacent to coastal development on all sides. Over 30 oceanfront eateries line the shore offering everything from lobster, fish tacos and seafood cocktails. And the prices are as cheap as you are going to find anywhere along the coast. Head north from Puerto Nuevo and turn west on the dirt road under the white arches on the south side of Fos Studios Baja.

    More dining choices and entertainment options await you 10 minutes north of Puerto Nuevo at Fox Studio's FOXPLORATION including pizza and ice cream!




      Located in the very southwest corner of the village on the ocean.
      You can't miss the 20 foot brass shark and the 10 foot boat propeller at the entrance to the restaurant parking lot.
      Until now most of the restaurants in Puerto Nuevo where nice but not spectacular. This is spectacular.
      Three dining area choices: Inside, upper deck outside, lower deck outside.
      Huge "Boat Bar" at the entrance serves all of your favorite drinks.
      If you order more than one margarita make sure you have someone else to drive afterwards.
      Except for maybe Calafia Restaurant 5 minutes north there isn't a better ocean view along the Gold Coast.
      Go ahead, spend $5 to hear a song by the Mariachis!
      Private parking right in front.



      Calle Paseo Del Mar #5, Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico.
      Located on the road right above the ocean with shops on both sides.
      Telephone 011-52 (661) 614-0477.
      Fresh lobster, seafood and steaks.
      Killer oceanfront deck with spectacular unobstructed views!
      Good food, excellent service, unsurpassed views.
      If you have already tried eating at Villa Ortega (above) this is the place to go.
      Not a huge restaurant...just the perfect size.
      Mariachis will visit your table upon request.
      Carlos Fiesta's new favorite place to eat in Puerto Nuevo.



      Located here, there, and everywhere in town!
      The Ortega's were the #1 family to serve lobster here many years ago (in their house).
      The rest is history! Now Ortega's has restaurants located in several different areas throughout the village.
      Menu includes lobster, beans, rice, tortillas, salsa and cervesa.



      Located down towards the bottom of the village, on the last paved north-south cross street, west side.
      When the restaurants on the main street are packed on weekends, there's usually room here!
      Not new, not big, just tastey food.



      Mid-village cross road, east side of the street.
      Don't let the bars on the windows scare you...this is a fun place to eat!
      Fish tacos, Mexican food, and of course, lobster!
      Free tequila shooter with each meal!



      In town, on the main east-west street, left side as you are heading down the hill.
      One of the originals in Puerto Nuevo! Good food, good portions.
      A fun venue when it's crowded and noisy!



      Located on the last paved north-south road in town, on the east side of the street.
      Looking for some dining sunshine...maybe a view of the ocean? How about some music?
      Puerto Viejo offers an upstairs deck that offers all of the above!
      It will only take you 3 margaritas to figure out that they built the second level deck around those huge palm trees!



      On the main street in town, left hand side.
      These folks put together the first big restaurant in Puerto Nuevo.
      Still serving tasty food and cold beer.




      Telephone 011-52 (661) 2-1581.
      Fax 011-52 (661) 2-0296.
      Mailing address: Post Office Box 354, C.P., Baja California, Mexico.
      Located just off the free road at Km. 35.
      Spectacular ocean views / indoor & outdoor dining areas, music & dancing on weekends. One of Baja's best bets! Check out the details under "Carlos Fiesta Updates" on the home page of BAJA EXPO.



      No phone!
      6 miles south off of the coastal road, Km. 59 on the toll road.
      The new location is just a couple of hundred feet north of the original location.
      Indoor and outdoor-patio dining, plus a popular Sunday Brunch!
      Outdoors, right up against the smashing ocean view.
      Prime rib, steaks, ribs, seafood, stuffed shrimp, lobster, pig, lamb, Mexican dishes, and mucho mas. Early Bird dinner specials Monday through Thursday.
      Full bar!
      Happy Hour 3:00 to 6:00 Sunday through Friday. Dancing nightly to live music!
      The beautiful covered path that leads to the sandy beach below can be reached by walking down to the hotel rooms at the north end of the restaurant.



      Located in the La Mision Hotel, on the west side of the free road.
      Large restaurant with a big variety menu, plus ocean view tables on the balcony!



      Located on the free road in Cantamar at Km. 53, west side of the street.
      Killer Mexican breakfasts, steaks, ribs, chicken, fresh fish and lobster! Great drink prices!
      Live music Friday and Saturday nights. Jazz under the Palms every Sunday from 2:00 Pm to 6:00 p.m.




    Most of the nightlife in the Puerto Nuevo area is located north of town in Rosarito Beach. There is, however, one place in town that rocks on weekends:



    Located at the south east corner of town.
    The only bar and nightclub in Lobster Town.
    Saturday and Sunday only.
    44 ounce killer margaritas: mango, strawberry, pina, tropical and much mas.
    Ocean view deck to cop a tan.
    You'll come for the food and stay for the drinks.
    Pick a designated driver and then party hardy!




    Vendor shacks line up on the north end of the road (right side) heading into the village. If you've been to Mexico before, you probably won't see anything new here. Still, it is fun to pick up items for the folks stuck back home, and prices are reasonable.

    There are also small shops scattered throughout the village. Negotiating is definitely expected, but it helps to be reasonable with your ultimate price. There are also two pharmacies in town, two small markets, and a liquor store.

    Serious shoppers will head 15 minutes north to ROSARITO BEACH or 30 minutes south to ENSENADA.

    Shopping on a smaller scale can be enjoyed at FOXPLORATION, the new attraction at Fox Studios Baja just north of Puerto Nuevo.

    For a totally fun shopping experience head south of Ensenada to La Bufadora. Dozens and dozens of shops line the path to the famous Blow Hole, and every item you can imagine is for sale!

    Visit the web site of JOHN RAMOS to review his unique and colorful Mexico art work.




    Most Baja travelers in the Puerto Nuevo area arrive by car. Getting here is very easy. Just take the toll road south from Rosarito Beach (8 miles north), and exit the "Puerto Nuevo" offramp at Km. 49. The village is just south of the offramp.

    Same thing coming south on the free road...the village is on the right side at Km. 49.

    It can also be fun to use taxis to get to Puerto Nuevo, especially at night, for folks staying in and around Rosarito Beach.

    Two good web sites to review for RVer's who want to tour the Baja Peninsula in an escorted RV caravan include BAJA WINTERS and BAJA AND BACK RV TOURS.

    For more general information on transportation in Baja check out our main BAJA TRANSPORTATION section.

    For professional information on securing all of the required documents necessary for visiting Baja, entry fee information and tourist card requirements you may visit the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES or e-mail them at



      Telephone (858) 454-7166.
      Toll free (800) 336-5454.
      Fax (858) 454-2703.
      7737 Herschel Avenue, Suite "O", La Jolla, California, 92037.
      Tours to Puerto Nuevo and other northern Baja locations.



      Telephone (858) 675-3053.
      Fax (858) 451-0332.
      Custom transportation services to Puerto Nuevo from Los Angeles and San Diego!



      Telephone (619) 475-9593.
      4048 Bonita drive, Bonita, California, 91902.
      Tours and transportation to Puerto Nuevo and other Baja destinations.



    There is a bus stop on both sides of the highway, at the entrance to Puerto Nuevo. Northbound buses are headed for Rosarito Beach, southbound buses are Ensenada bound.

    Buses headed further south into Baja such as Loreto, La Paz and Cabo San Lucas can be found at the main bus station in TIJUANA.



    Taxis lineup at the entrance to Puerto Nuevo, eager to take lobster-stuffed tourists back to the hotel/condo/resort from whence they came. Depending upon the distance, most rides will cost between $5 - $10, or a few dollars per person. Running over livestock justifies no tip to the driver.

    Taxis are also an option to get to Puerto Nuevo from the border area. Rather than get involved in renting a car and the return line at the border, some folks just share the cost of a taxi for a lunch adventure in Puerto Nuevo. It's only a 30 minute ride from the border!



    Want to leave the driving to somebody else while visiting Puerto Nuevo? Here's your chance to let someone else be the responsible party.



      Telephone (619) 454-7166.
      Fax (619) 454-2703.
      Custom 2 day adventures to Puerto Nuevo from San Diego, including a tour and lunch in Ensenada and lodging in Puerto Nuevo.




    For information on obtaining travel documents for Mexico such as Tourist Cards, boat permits, fishing and hunting licenses check out the web site of MEXICO ADVISORY SERVICES.


    • CHAPEL

      If you end up in Puerto Nuevo on a Sunday morning, and want to thank God for the great lobster dinner you had the night before, this is the place to do it.
      It is probably the smallest chapel in the world!









    Puerto Nuevo does not have any real estate Brokers, but some of the Brokers in nearby Rosarito Beach are active in Puerto Nuevo sales.

    Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.


      The coastline north and south of Puerto Nuevo offers some of the last open oceanfront land along Baja's Gold Coast. Several new developments will be built during the next few years.


      Web site:
      Review their web site for additional information.



      Web site:
      Check out their web site for more information!



      Web site:
      Visit their web site for virtual tours, floorplans and additional information.