SAN YSIDRO - TIJUANA BORDER CROSSING's not just the busiest border crossing in Mexico, not just the busiest border crossing in the western's the busiest border crossing on the planet. Really! And as you would expect from such a popular location, there is a lot of energy located in this relatively small area.


      Even though this is the busiest border crossing anywhere, don't be intimidated. Tens of thousands of people cross it each day in both directions without as much as a second thought. As busy as this border crossing is, it is very well organized. Aside from the normal waiting time heading northbound back into the United States, most of the traffic crossing this border does so in a relatively orderly fashion.

      For information on how to cross this border on foot drop by the WALKING TO TIJUANA page of Baja Expo.

      Curious about the current wait time at this and other US/Mexico border crossings? Just drop by the US CUSTOMS BORDER WAIT TIME web site!


      • LOCATION

        Located at the very southern tip of the state of California at the end of Interstate 5, just south of where Interstate 5 joins the 805 freeway. The border is about 5 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, 10 miles south of San Diego, and located on the border of the city of San Ysidro (in the United States) and Tijuana (in Mexico).



        The closest Mexican city to this border crossing is TIJUANA, followed by ROSARITO BEACH, PUERTO NUEVO, BAJAMAR and ENSENADA.



        The 5 lanes of Interstate 5 lanes heading south across the border are usually not too crowded, although traffic can get bunched up during the last quarter of a mile from the cars entering the freeway from the last US on ramp. There is sometimes a backup on Friday afternoons and tourists head south for a fun weekend and Mexicans head home after a hard week of working in the U.S.



        There is almost always a wait heading northbound back into the United States, ranging from a 10 minute wait at 2:00 a.m. on a Wednesday morning to a 2 hour wait (or more) on a Sunday afternoon. Your mileage may vary.



        This border crossing is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.



        Try to avoid crossing the border northbound on a Sunday afternoon if at all possible. To make the wait more enjoyable, put a few dollars aside to purchase crazy things being sold by the vendors that walk between the cars while inching forward. Cold drinks and churros are also available.




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