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      Ocean water temperatures play an important role in Baja. Many of the variables visitors experience in Baja, from weather to fishing to other recreational options, are ocean water temperature related.


      It is interesting to note that the ocean water temperatures along Baja's 2,000 + miles of coastline vary considerably. This is partly due to latitude and partly due to ocean currents.

      Along Baja's Pacific side ocean temperatures run relatively cool all year long from the US border to the 'hook' mid-peninsula at Punta Eugina. Ocean currents from North America play a big role in these water temperatures. Water temperatures along this 450 miles of coastline get as cold as the mid 50's by early Spring, and then warm up to the high 60's by late Summer.

      From Punta Eugina south to Cabo San Lucas the water temperature is warmer, and warms up into the 70's at San Juanico by mid-July and into the 80's at the Cape region.

      Ocean temperatures along the Sea of Cortez run the extremes, from the high 50's in the dead of winter to the high 80's by mid to late summer. The waters tend to be a bit warmer at the south end, near Los Cabos, and some years the ocean temperature even gets into the low 90's at Cabo San Lucas.

      Regarding Baja's weather, warm ocean waters contribute to higher humidity along the coastal areas of the Baja Peninsula. Most Baja aficianados understand that the humidity on the Peninsula is higher during the summer and fall months when the ocean and air temperatures are highest. Cooler air and water temperatures during late fall, winter and much of spring moderate Baja's humidity most of the year.

      It's no secret to fishermen that water temperatures play a huge role in local hook-ups on both sides of the Baja Peninsula. Got a certain type of fish in mind that you want to catch? Looking at a Baja fishing chart will show you when to head south...based largely on ocean water temperatures.

      Swimming in the ocean is one of Baja's true treasures. Baja travelers who want to make ocean recreation a large part of their adventure would do well to understand the local ocean temperatures before setting a travel date. Aside from the waters at the very south end of Baja at the Cape, Baja ocean waters in March and April are downright cool along most of the Peninsula.

      While water temperatures don't play into most kayaking and boating adventures, water temperatures can be a significant issue for swimmers, surfers and divers. Wetsuits do a great job of keeping most of the cold water out, but there's nothing like swimming, surfing or diving with just bare skin, a tee-shirt or a rash guard!

      To summarize, planning ahead is a great idea if water play is part of your plan. The wab sites below are a good source of information for current ocean water temperatures, and are fun to review all year long!




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