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      Each year Baja offers more hotels choices for the Peninsula traveler. And each year the choices become more diverse. Small bed and breakfasts, moderately priced hotels, and mega-resorts...each catering to a different crowd. These choices make choosing a hotel an adventure in itself!


      Choosing a hotel is a very important part of any Baja getaway. The hotel you choose will set the stage for how your trip unfolds in many ways. It's best to choose a hotel that fits your vacation style so your special vacation goes smoothly.

      For people who want a relaxing escape a small intimate hotel might be the perfect choice. For those who want to stay active and do it all for a good price an all-inclusive hotel might be the best bet. For those who like to people watch and shop on the way back to the room the large resorts might be a good choice. These choices, and more, await you in Baja.

      Carlos Fiesta always says that "expectations" are a big part of any successful vacation to Baja. And this concept is especially true when it comes to staying in Baja's hotels. Some Baja travelers forget that Baja is...well...Baja, and they expect the same kind of quality and services as the hotel chains back home in the U.S. Unless you are staying in the upper end properties in Los Cabos, chances are good that moderating your expectations will indeed make for a more enjoyable trip. In short, don't expect Tom Bodet to be leaving any lights on for you in Baja.

      That is not to say that most of the hotels of Baja are sub-standard. As a matter of fact some of them are exceptional places to stay. But unlike the major hotel chains back home such as Motel 6 and Holiday Inn where specific standards are set and maintained, most hotels in Baja are owned by companies or individuals who make up their own maintenance guidelines. So if your shower takes a while to get hot, the ceiling fan doesn't work, or the pillow cases on your bed don't look brand new, take it in stride. These things don't determine whether or not you have a good time in Baja, you are the one who decides that.

      For those who can pay out the extra pesos, ocean front hotels are a great way to go. Much of the flavor of Baja is tied to the ocean, and there is nothing like waking up every morning at the edge of the sea. If the budget does not allow for an ocean front resort every night, consider the possibility of booking regular hotels for part of your trip, and then treat yourself to an ocean front hotel at some point during your Baja getaway.

      If the exact cost of your lodging is important, be sure to clarify the total cost per night with the person or company you book your hotel with. Most Mexican hotels have 2 taxes added on top of the room rate, the regular hotel tax and the IVA tax. Asking in advance is a good way to avoid any surprises.

      Each year an increasing number of Baja travelers utilize the services of travel companies that specialize in vacation packages to specific destinations.

      Each of the city directories in Baja Expo Travel Guide features a list of hotels for that particular city. For your convenience we have also listed these Baja hotels below.







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