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      Finding a Baja destination located on the beach that is not over-run with tourists, vendors and all of the drama that comes with a popular beachside destination is increasingly harder to find. Yes, Rosarito Beach and Ensenada are fun places to visit, shop and party, but where do you go when you want to get away from all the action? The answer is Estero Beach.

      Estero Beach is tucked away at the very end of a two lane road that heads west from Baja Highway One and ends in less than one mile at the Estero Beach. The fact that this area does not have any through traffic is a big part of why it is so quiet and relaxing.


      As the name implys Estero Beach is a beach located on an estuary (estero is Spanish for estuary). The estero is located at the very south end of Bahia Todos Santos (All Saints Bay) about 15 minutes south of the bustling city of Ensenada.

      The depth of the estuary ebbs and flows with the high and low tides each day, but generally runs 10 to 15 feet deep in most places. The entrance to the estero can get shallow because of moving sand.

      The focal point for Estero Beach is the Estero Beach Resort. The resort consists of a very nice hotel, some privately owned trailers, an RV park, and a beautiful boardwalk that fronts the estero.


      Estero Beach is the perfect place to drop out for a few days.


      The hotel has an awesome pool, spas, bars, a gift shop and a couple of very nice restaurants. It is easy to check into the Estero Beach Hotel but very hard to leave.

      In front of the hotel to the south is the mouth of the estuary. And to the north the sandy beach starts, becoming wider as it heads north towards the Ensenada harbor. It is also possible to get to Estero Beach by taking one of the dirt roads north of the Estero Beach turn off, and then west from Baja Highway One ending up at the beach.

      There is a large empty parcel of land directly north of the hotel where the annual volleyball tournament is held. This lot is just a 5 minute walk to the hotel. The hotel (and pool!) get packed during this fun event.

      Estero Beach is a great place for water sports. Boats, Wave Runners and kayaks can enjoy the calm waters of the bay. The inner lagoon is an easy place to launch, but care must be taken at low tide as the mouth of the estuary can become very shallow, especially at low tide.

      The vast majority of the tourists who visit Ensenada never take the extra 15 minutes to visit Estero Beach. Don't let that happen to you. This is one of Baja's best kept secrets!

      For more information on the Estero Beach Resort visit their web site at ESTERO BEACH HOTEL.

      And to catch up on the latest with the volleyball crowd visit the ESTERO BEACH VOLLEYBALL web site.

      Drop by the ENSENADA section of Baja Expo for information on fun things to do in town.



      Another special Baja destination is located just 25 minutes southwest of Estero Beach. Punto Banda is another place where it is easy to enjoy Baja and nature. For information on this other Baja jewel drop by the PUNTA BANDA page of Baja Expo.