Located about 45 minutes south of Ensenada at the end of Baja Highway 23, Punta Baja is one of the Gold Coast's most scenic tourist destinations. And for several good reasons!

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      Punta Banda offers a variety of options for the visitor including shopping, dining, drinking and variety of water sports. But by far the biggest attraction at Punta Banda is La Bufadora, the Blow Hole.

      La Bufadora is a natural wonder that attracts tens thousands of people each year! Located 23 miles southwest of Ensenada at PUNTA BANDA, this amazing natural 'blowhole' spews ocean water and foam high into the air with each incoming swell from the Pacific Ocean. Observation decks and restrooms add to the appeal of this interesting natural phenomena.


      The main tourist attraction at Punta Banda is La Bufadora, the "Blow Hole".


      The village of Punta Banda consists of several dozen modest homes (and a few larger ones) sitting near the foot of a large hill that overlooks the beautiful bay. It's a tranquil setting that is becoming harder to find this close to the border.

      Punta Baja has dozens of curious shops that line the street that lead to the viewing area of La Bufadora. It's a good idea to check out one side of the street on the walk down to La Bufadora, and the the other side of the street on the way back.

      Snorkeling and diving in the calm bay at Punta Banda is very good! The water ocean waters are usually very calm because of the protected bay, and the water is usually very clear. The depth of the ocean starts of shallow near shore and then gets about 40 feet deep in the middle of the cove. The north end of the bay offers easy ocean access.

      This is also a great spot for kayaking. The jagged cliffs that surround the bay head up and down the coast, and the islands of Todos Santos Bay can easily be reached to the north when the ocean surface is calm.

      Getting to Punda Banda is easy. Just take Highway One south of Ensenada to Maneadero. Hang a right at the green and while sign to Punta Banda.

      Drop by the ENSENADA section of Baja Expo for information on fun things to do in the area.



      It would be a mistake to go to Punta Banda and see La Bufadora and then get back in the car and leave. Allowing ample time to check out the great shops and restaurants in this little village, and to take a stroll along the bluffs, is an important part of any Punta Banda experience!


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