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      Punta Abreojos is a part of Baja that most travelers never see. It is not part of any 'loop trip' on the Baja Highway, and the road to Abreojos doesn't go anywhere else after it hits town. So you pretty much have to want to go to Abreojos on purpose in order to see it.


      This small fishing village is known mostly by surfers for it's right point preak when the swells wrap in from the south and west, and by windsurfers who take advantage of the predictable onshore afternoon winds from the northwest.

      Punta Abreojos was one of the stopping points for Carlos Fiesta on his 2,200 mile solo BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION. The protected harbor behind the point was the perfect place for him to run the panga up onto the shore to obtain fuel and a bite to eat.

      Abreojos is not nearly as difficult to get to by car now that the first part of the road has been paved. The 88 Km. (52 mile) road is paved from Baja Highway One to the halfway point, near the tall microwave tower. From that point on the road is dirt, but usually in good conditon. From the Baja blacktop to town it takes about an hour driving at moderate speeds.

      There is an airstrip south of town that lies on a dry strip of land just in from the ocean. For years pilots would fly their birds to Abreojos and land on the beach at low tide. This can still be done but the Federales aren't to keen on this approach anymore.

      There are a couple of places to spend the night in the area, including the rooms for rent at Lulu's and Chelo's in town, and the 12 cabanas for rent at Campo Rene, 10 minutes south of town.



      When first arriving in the Punta Abreojos area take the dirt road that forks to the left at the Campo Rene sign. 5 minutes later you will arrive at Campo Rene. The resort (?) plays host to El Coyote Restaurant and Bar and even 12 rooms if you want to spend the night.

      In early 2005 Carlos Fiesta and his buddy Juan del Rio enjoyed a great meal of fresh hot shrimp and cold margaritas in the restaurant while watching the sun set behind the lagoon next to the restaurant. After the second margarita Carlos was dancing with the owner's wife in the middle of the restaurant!



      Punta Abreojos is an authentic Mexican fishing village and not a tourist destination. There are a few nice Gringo houses that have been built along the coast south of Abreojos and north of Campo Rene.

      Like most Baja destinations the local residents are friendly to Gringos and welcome them to enjoy their little corner of Baja. But Gringos are definately a minority here.

      The number of Gringos in town probably triples when a swell hits the point. Surfers who don't want to fight the crowds at SCORPION BAY often slip into Abreojos for a few days of roller coaster madness. Ole!



      Sitting on the short wall on the Malecon next to the small fishing shed where all of the pangas sit in the sand is a genuine part of Baja that 99.9% of Baja travelers will never see. This is a working fish camp, and watching the fishermen come back into shore in the early afternoon after a day of working on the ocean is a real treat.



      Don't be afraid to make your adventure to Punta Abreojos a one day in-and-out excursion. Unlike other small towns in Baja like San Ignacio, Mulege and Santa Rosalia, there isn't much to see or do that takes more than a few hours in Punta Abreojos, unless you are surfing or windsurfing. It's a great half day destination, and the perfect place to grab lunch and a cold cervesa.




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