Getting married in Baja is a great way to tie the knot, and more couples are doing it (getting married, that is) each year. Where else can you have the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the wedding, the reception and honeymoon all in the same wonderful place!

      Planning ahead will go a long way towards a successful wedding in Baja. Things can move a bit slower on the Peninsula, so get your plans started early and everything should work out fine.

      By far the most important part in getting ready to plan a wedding in Baja is setting the dates for the event. Everything evolves around those dates so careful consideration should be given before the dates are set. Planning on a minimum of 3 to 4 days to get it all together, with 2 core days for the main event.

      Many Baja weddings are set outdoors so weather is a part of the consideration. Although the weather is good all year long in Baja, there are weather issues that you might want to be aware of when choosing a date. In general the upper west coast is somewhat warm in the summer, but sometimes a bit foggy. It can get a tad chilly in mid to late winter along the west coast. Weather on the Sea of Cortez coast from San Felipe south is usually nice all year long. Weather in Cabo San Lucas is great all year long, except it gets hot in mid summer.

      Late Spring and early fall are usually ideal times to get married in Baja and Cabo, as the weather is just about perfect and the days are still long enough to allow for a full day of events.

      Once you have picked a time of the year to get married, then it's time to check the calendars for the most important parties in the wedding party. Bride, groom, parents, best men and women, etc. Understand that not everyone will have the desire or ability to join you for your special day in Paradise south of the border. Make sure all those who are going have the proper immigration documentation if you are planning a wedding south of Ensenada or San Felipe. Showing up at the airport to head south and not being able to get on the plane can ruin somebody's day (especially the bride or groom!).

      Picking a location that will work best for your event is another important step. There are several venues in northern Baja and in the Cabo area that can accommodate most, if not all, of your wedding needs at one location. Not everyone will want to stay at the hotel that the wedding is planned for, so understand that some folks may be staying at other locations and will have to hook up with you for the fun.

      In norther Baja wedding chapels are available at Real del Mar just north of Rosarito Beach and at Calafia just south of Rosarito Beach. In Cabo most folks get married at the luxury resorts located on the beach.

      Booking a large house on the beach or in the hills of Pedrigal above Cabo is another good lodging option. For rates and information on renting a Villa in Cabo drop by the CABO VILLAS web site.

      The main location being set, it's now time to pick the specific spot at that location for the ceremony. Weddings on the beach are not uncommon in Baja and Cabo, as well as at the pool areas overlooking the ocean. Of course there are many indoor options as well, and the chapels mentioned above.

      Having the dates set and the venue chosen, it's now time to inform your guests about your big day. Providing a separate sheet of information along with the wedding invitation is a good way to give your guests a head's up about their options. In addition to providing them with information about the wedding and the hotel that the wedding party is staying at, it's a good idea to provide the names, phone numbers and web sites of alternative lodging options nearby. Of course giving them the Baja Expo and Cabo Expo web site addresses is another nice touch!

      For a fun way to get people together before the actual wedding, planning a beach party or dance party the night before the wedding ceremony is great idea in Baja. This can be done on the beach in front of the hotel, or at a separate locations like a large nearby restaurant.

      It's always a good idea to enlist the services of a professional when planning a wedding in Cabo San Lucas. The folks at WEDDINGS IN PARADISE have been specializing in weddings in Cabo for many years and have all of the information you need for an unforgettable wedding in Cabo!




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