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      Sure we try our best to make BAJA EXPO a one-stop Web site for all of your Baja needs, but we aren't the only ones providing fun information on this magnificent Peninsula. Rather than pretending that we have no competition, we embrace our fellow Baja aficionados, and encourage you to visit their sites. It can be fun to check them out, to enjoy the unique flavor of their pages, and to review any of the information that they have that may not be available in BAJA EXPO.

      You might also want to take a gander at the official Mexico Tourism Promotion web site at MEXICO-TRAVEL or you may contact them by telephone at (800) 44-MEXICO.



        Official Mexico government web site with pages in English and Spanish. Ole!

      • BAJA LIFE

        Eric Cutter and his crew have put together a Baja web site with excellent graphics and high quality photos, plus a lot of other interesting Baja information.

      • BAJA LINKS

        Dick Van Bree and his sidekick Norm have cataloged a host of Baja related web sites in an easy to surf format. If you see him in Hussong's buy him a margarita...I'll pay for it!

      • BAJA NOMAD

        This web site features several articles written by folks who love Baja. Also features free classified ads and information on insurance.

      • BAJA QUEST

        A good general information site on the Baja Peninsula, both upper and lower Baja. Updated regularly for your Baja enjoyment! Check it out!


        Baja Travel Guide offers an extensive travel guidebook, plus a list of travel related services and businesses throughout the Baja Peninsula.

      • DAVID K'S BAJA

        Few people have a greater passion for Baja than David K. Known by his friends as a true Baja aficianado, David's site adds a refreshing personal touch that Baja fans love to explore!


        Offering travel resource guides for a host of Baja destinations and services. Chat room, transportation information and more.


        Fred's message board is the focal point for current data for many Baja aficionados. Don't go to Baja with a quick review! His site also offers a lot of other good information, and is updated regularly.


        Vagabundos is the primo travel club for Baja lovers, and their web site is an informative extension of the club and their goals. Don't miss it!




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