What better final resting place could there be for a Baja aficianado than in Baja? The scattering of the cremated remains of a loved one or pet is becoming more common each year, as opposed to confining them to traditional resting places such as a plot or an urn. And having the ashes scattered in a location of natural beauty or one that has had significance in the life of the newly departed is an increasignly common practice. For those who have loved Baja, having their ashes scattered on the Baja Peninsula can be a natural and thoughtful choice.

      Fans of Baja often hold a soft spot in their heart for a specific location on the Peninsula. For some it may be a beach with special memories. For others it may be a favorite town, village or oasis. And still others shared a special love for the sea, either the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez. These are all special and personal resting places for someone who has loved Baja.

      An increasingly popular method of disbursing a loved one's ashes is to have them scattered by air, where they are set free in the sky and are able to travel with the winds of nature, to ultimately become one with the land or sea. There are many beutiful and remote places in Baja that are easily accessible for ash scattering by private aircraft.

      As a courtesy to those who wish to have a loved one's remains scattered in Baja, Carlos Fiesta has offered to deliver cremated remains to most locations in Baja free of charge. This includes scattering ashed to many locations in Baja by private aircraft from Carlos Fiesta's airplane.

      If you have any questions about using Baja as a final resting place for the cremated remains of your loved one, please feel free to contact Carlos Fiesta at




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