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      The popularity of Tequila is definately on the rise. Although Vodka is still the number one drink for most of western civilization, tequila is making significant strides year after year.

      Those who enjoy tequila seem to find themselves trying various types and brands of agave in their quest to discover that one special tequila that they enjoy the most. This quest can be as simple as a trip to the local liquer store, or as exotic as a journey to the birthplace of modern tequila, the village of Tequila, north east of Guadalajara.

      With the goal of offering the largest selection of tequila in Mexico, nobody near the border comes close to the huge selection of inventory available at the 'Tequila Store' in Tijuana. The real name of the store is Leyva's Liquor.


      The Tequila Store has the largest selection of Tequila in the known universe.


      Owner Gilberto Leyva Nuno, one heck of a nice guy, is in the process of establishing an inventory of over 1,200 different types of tequila on the shelves in his store. He's over half way there and adding new brands every day.

      A stroll through Gilberto's modest store is as much a quest for exotic bottles as it is for the tequila itself. While fine wines tend to distinguish themselves from each other by different types of labels, tequila companies experiment with the whole bottle as the marketing magnet.

      Row by row you will see more exotic types of bottles in this store than at any market of spirits in the United States. It is truly amazing the type of imagination it took to design some of these amazing tequila bottles. The artists had to have been on something to get that creative... tequila?

      At the bottom end of quality this establishment offers simple and unrefined tequila for just a few dollars a bottle. At the other end of the spectrum Gilberto offers the most expensive bottle of tequila in the world, "Tres-Quatro-Cinco", at a cost of $387 per bottle.

      Looking for a place to spend some time while the wife is cruising the shops on Revolution Avenue? Leyva's Liquor Store is conveniently located at 1026 Avenida Revolucion in the heart of Tijuana's best shopping district. Questions? You can call Gilberto at 011-52 (664) 688-0080. If that number doesn't work try 0980. It must be the tequila.




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