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Did you ever wish there was a radio station that you could tune into to listen to people talk about Baja? Welcome to Baja Talk Radio on the Internet!

Every Tuesday at between 1 pm to 2 pm you can set your web browser to and click on to Baja Talk Radio icon. The show lasts about an hour and offers plenty of good dialog about one of the greatest places on the face of the Earth...Baja!

Show hosts Ted and Michael Donovan are brothers and have been fans of Baja for decades. They are just a couple of average guys with an above average interest in the Baja Peninsula, and the show is their way of sharing good information with other Baja aficianados.

On the show listeners will hear information on various Baja destinations, recreation, accommodations and fun things to do for Baja fans and families.

Ted and Michael often feature guest speakers who have some nitch or story about some aspect of Baja. Each week the show is different, and each week the show is very informative.

Archives of recent shows can be reviewed on the web site and cover a variety of interesting topics. So if you can't catch a show live you can listen to it later on the web site.

Since the show is live Ted and Michael welcome callers to phone in during the show hour to ask questions about Baja. Interested parties can call in toll free at (888) 514-2100.

So now you have one more way to get your Baja "fix" when you are unable to head south of the border....Baja Talk Radio!






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