For many people crossing the border into Baja stirs up a level of excitment that is hard to describe. The combination of being in a foreign country, enjoying warm and sunny weather, and the feeling of leaving daily responsibilities at's a wonderful energy! Throw in a little tequila and things can even get a little crazy.

      Different people enjoy the 'magic' of Baja on different levels. For some it's just nice to enjoy the beautiful geography, and for others it's the joy of expereincing a new culture. And for an increasing number of people going to Baja each year the enjoyment involves the opportunity to experience romance.

      Jump starting existing relationships and starting new ones is not difficult to do it Baja. Most of the people visiting Baja are in a good mood and have their guard down, and are looking for new levels of fun and excitment. The idea of a fresh romantic romp can add even more fun to an already enjoyable vacation experience.

      Guys and gals, single and married, head to Baja to relax and let off a little steam, and to do things they wouldn't or couldn't do back at home.


      Baja is for lovers!


      Baja is a great love catalyst for couples who are already in love as well as singles looking for love. Couples, married and unmarried, seem to become more frisky when they head south of the border. Single folks....we'll many of them are frisky most of the time anyway. Put a little 'Baja' in the mix and who knows what will happen.

      For decades Mexico had laid claim to the line "Whatever happens in Mexico stays in Mexico". However, unless you are a long time Mexico aficianado, you probably heard those words first from the folks that stole that now famous line from Mexico, the Las Vegas Visitor's Bureau.

      In a nutshell, the idea behind that phrase is to insinuate that it's okay to get a little crazy, hook-up, and generally bend the rules while visiting Mexico because nobody in your group is going to spill the beans when you get home (hopefully).

      Yes some people do things in Mexico that they wouldn't normally do (or shouldn't do) back at home, but most people who visit Baja bring their moral compass with them and don't push their personal limits too far.

      While it may be true that the stories that happen while vacationing in Baja may stay in Baja, things like pregnancy, STD's and AIDS know no boundarys. After being home from vacation for a few weeks and then hearing those unexpected words, "'re a parent" ...well, it can really put a damper on that otherwise wonderful Baja vacation.

      Couples and singles sometimes need to be reminded that neither sperm or diseases get checked at the border (when heading either south or north), so safe sex is just as important in Baja as it is back at home. Fortunately pharmacies are very common in Baja, so protection is usually just right around the corner.

      One of the best ways to keep it in the pants in Baja is to limit the amount of alcohol intake. The vast majority of the situations in Baja where visitors make bad decisions involve the excessive consumption of cervesa/tequila/vodka/etcetera. Drinking only in moderation has other advantages, such as being able to get up at a reasonable time the next morning and feeling 100% ready to enjoy another full day in Baja!




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