It's no secret that Tijuana is a world class shopping mecca. In fact, it is probably one of the best shopping venues in all of Mexico. But not all visitors know where the best shopping is in Tijuana, what to expect, and how to get there. We at Baja Expo are here to help!

      When you hear about the great shopping in Tijuana, you are usually hearing about Revolution Avenue, or Avenida Revolucion as the locals call it. For ten blocks along this crowded street almost anything you can imagine can be found and purchased.

      Just a small sampling of what can be found along this amazing street includes jewelry, artwork, clothing of all types, shoes, leather goods, silver goods, ceramics, furniture, watches and much more. It's kind of like Wal Mart, but more fun. Much more fun.

      And for those who have anxieties about shopping in a foreign worries. Shopping on Revolution Avenue has a very shallow learning curve. The vendors speak English, they all accept US dollars, many accept US credit cards, and you are almost always greeted with a smile from the local workers.


      Walking across the border is a great way to avoid all the traffic heading into Tijuana.


      The economic downturn in the US and Mexico has helped bring prices on Revolution Avenue even more attractive!

      To make your shopping experience even more enjoyable, Revolution Avenue is scattered with wonderful places to eat, drink and be merry. Cuisine of all types (even Mexican food!) can be found in the many restaurants along Avenida Revolucion.

      Negotiating is a part of the fun when shopping on Revolution Avenue, but there are a few guidelines to be aware of. First off, understand that the larger the shop is, the less likely they are going to want to negotiate with you. Secondly, even the smaller shops demand respect, and barking out an insainly low offer does little to provide the buyer with a good deal and plenty to alienate the vendor. A good rule of thumb is to submit your first offer at something just above one-half of the asking price. It's all fun and games from there.

      You've heard the old saying "how can they sell these things so cheap? Easy..they loose a little bit on each sale and make it up on volume". In Tijuana it is indeed true that you can get a better deal on almost anything you buy in quantities. But don't mention that you want to buy more than one item until the negotiating process is wrapping up. This is your final gambit to clench the sale at the best price.

      A little note about begging. People sitting on the streets in the main shopping areas in Tijuana looking for a hand-out (usually small dark skinned women with small children in tow) are not as common as they used to be. But Tijuana is the final stop for many people from all parts of Central America who are drawn to the prosperity that comes along with being right next to the US border. The best response to anyone who may ask you for spare change in Tijuana (or asks you to buy a box of Chicklettes) is to give them a smile and then say "no thank you".

      Revolution Avenue is conveniently located less than one mile from the US/Mexico border. When walking across the border into Mexico just grab one of the many taxi cabs waiting at the end of the border entry area. When driving to Revolution Avenue stay in the right lane after crossing into Mexico and follow the signs to "Scenic Road - Rosarito Beach". After one half mile make a left turn on Avenida Revolucion.

      One of the cool things about Avenida Revolucion is that it is possible to get there completely by walking from the US side of the border. More on that under Carlos Fiesta's Hot Tip below!



      Visitors who drive into Tijuana for their shopping extravaganza will need to find a safe place to park their vehicle. The business district surrounding Revolution Avenue is quite congested, and parking spaces on the street are rare. Fortunately there is a large parking lot on the east side of Avenida Revolucion about mid block. Parking rates are reasonable and the parking lot is usually secure.



      Avenida Revolucion is delicious mix of Mexicans and Gringos living in harmony with the common cause of buying and selling goods. Americans from many states, Europeans from many countries and a smidgen of other worldly travelers all ply the Avenue in search of the next good deal.



      Have you ever had a Ceasar's salad? Most people have had at least one in their lives. Well guess where this leafy creation was invented? Right here on Avenida Revolucion. Located upstairs on the main corner of this shopping district is Ceasar's Restaurant, just a half a block away from where the original restaurant stood for many years in the 1950'and 1960's. It's worth a lunch stop just for the bragging rights!



      For those who aren't crazy about the idea of driving into Tijuana to visit Revolution Avenue, and who don't like the idea of jumping into a taxi cab with the insane traffic of central Tijuana, Carlos Fiesta has a wonderful piece of news for those who like to walk. You can walk all the way to Avenida Revoluction from the United States. Now how cool is that!

      Hundreds of people each day walk across the border, trek down the somewhat narrow walkway towards the taxi cabs, and then hang a right where the walkway opens up at the end. After walking through the middle of "Plaza Viva Tijuana", and then crossing over the pedestrian foot bridge that spans the Tijuana River, Avenida Revolucion starts just 3 short blocks ahead. When you get there, hang a left. Now, let's go shopping!




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