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      You are thinking about heading south of the border this year but somewhere you have heard that there are new documentation requirements for crossing the border. Looking for more information? You have come to the right place! Carlos Fiesta has written this page just for you!

      Up until recently the documentation necessary for heading south to Mexico or north back into the United States was somewhat casual. This is in the process of changing, and in 2010 it's a good idea to get up to speed on the new charges before heading south.


      The first phase of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) has already been implemented. U.S. travelers who are heading back to the United States from Mexico and Canada by air must provide a valid passport when clearing U.S. Immigration on the way back home. Some exeptions may be allowed, contact your nearest passport office for details.

      The second phase of WHTI deals with adults re-entering the United States by land or by sea. The date for this second phase is now here.

      Although the information provided here is strictly about re-entering the United States, the documentation necessary to enter Mexico often (but not always) mirrors the regulations of the U.S. Since we are near the beginning of it all right now, we'll have to wait until the dust settles before we put it all in ink.

      In the meantime it's safe to say that if you are traveling to Mexico by air (commercial airlines or private aircraft) or by vehicle carrying a valid passport is the only way to go. You might get in or out of the U.S without one, but it's probably going to be uphill and frustrating.

      Drop by the TOURIST CARD section of Baja Expo for more information on Tourist Cards, also a requirement to enter and depart Baja!




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