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      By Carlos Fiesta

      One of my favorits destinations on the Baja Peninsula is the deserted and beautifully scalloped coastline south of Bahia de los Angeles. This stretch of coast offers the true taste of desolate Baja that many travelers seek but few actually find. And as luck would have it, it's one of the closest remote resorts to the US border.

      There are two special destinations south of LA Bay that provide some type of creature comforts. The most northerly of these two resorts, La Unica, offers ten very primative huts with a central palapa. For over a decade this was the only place one could experience raw nature with some type of shelter to take off the edge. That was until Las Animas Wilderness Resort was established.


      Las Animas Wilderness Resort was the brain child of Baja Kevin, who has been flying folks to all corners of Baja for a zillion years. After several years of taking Baja aficianados to the La Unica Resort, Kevin has now set up his own destination a bit further south on the incredible sandy beach at Las Animas. His resort is several steps above La Unica and a outback resort not to be missed.

      Spending a few days at Las Animas is like being abandoned on a south Pacific island, only better. The isolation is delicious, with all of the ocean life that the spectacular Sea of Cortez has to offer right in front of the yurts, and stark beauty of the rugged mountains rising up directly behind the resort. You are literally surrounded by nature.



      The ocean in these parts is filled with fish, seals, dolphins, whales, turtles and more. The boat ride from Bahia de los Angeles to the resort offers a chance to see all of the above, and the chances are good that when you arrive at the resort you will want to head out to sea again soon to take a second look at the sealife.

      I have boated along every square foot of Baja coastline on my 2,200 mile BAJA SOLO CIRCUMNAVIGATION and can honestly say that the large protected cove and sandy shores at Las Animas offer some of the finest beaches in all of Baja. And with over 2,200 mile of Baja coastline, that is saying something.

      Nights at Las Animas are special. It seems that you can see every one of the 100 billion stars in the Milky Way from the shore, and maybe even a few stars beyond. Shooting stars are a remarkable sight against the dark black velvet sky. Laying on the beach staring at the sky is better than watching any re-run of Seinfeld. Giddy-up!

      Kayaking along the cost north and south of Las Animas is a real treat. The water is usually calm and an excursion to Pescador Island, just a bit north of the resort, is the perfect place to snorkel and watch the fish watch you. A variety of birds provide a professional escort.

      One of the best things about Las Animas is it's accessibility. It is one of the few remote destinations on the Baja Peninsula that can be almost reached by car or RV without leaving the blacktop. The pavement ends at Bahia de los Angeles and that is where you pick up the boat ride to the resort. Also, Kevin offers flights from San Diego to the airstrip at LA Bay for those who want to hurry up and slow down.

      For further information on Las Animas Wilderness Resort visit the web site of BAJA AIRVENTURES or call them at (800) 221-9283. If you don't do it this year you will just be one year older when you finally do.




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