One of the most successful movies of all times is James Cameron's "Titanic". It cost well over a hundred million dollars to make, at a time when that was a heck of a lot of money. And where was this spectacular movie filmed? Well most of it was filmed at Fox Studios Baja, just ten minutes south of Rosarito Beach.


      The good folks at Fox Studios Baja did not sit on their netherparts after the grand success of Titanic. They have continued to shoot movies on the site since they called it a wrap after Titanic, and there always seems to be something going on at this oceanfront studio.

      One of the smart moves that Fox Studios made after the completion of Titanic was to open up much of the studio to the general public, under the name Foxploration. This studio is now available to anyone to enjoy who wants to drop by and check out the sets and grounds where movies are made.


      Fox Studios Baja in located on prime real estate just south of Rosarito Beach.


      There are several unique features at Fox Studios Baja. One of the unique features is the huge artificial ocean / pool. Since the studio is located right on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, Fox designed the artificial ocean to look like it is a part of the real ocean right behind it. This makes it perfect for movies where the ocean is a major backdrop.

      Ready for a Fox Studios secret? A rarely know factoid of the movie Titanic is that, during one quick scene aboard the ship when it was supposedly heading from England to America, the shores of the Fox Studios can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It's hard to believe that Mr. Cameron, it his quest for perfection, somehow let this editing error get past the cutting room floor.

      Although some parts of the studio is still off limits to the general public, part of the tour that is available is a visit to one of the studios that holds memorabilia from the original movie sets for Titanic. Occassionally the tour is directed by individuals who were actually in the movie, some of the many extras that helped out during the filming.

      Foxploration is a great getaway for any visitor in the Rosarito Beach area, or a convenient stopover for those headed to Ensenada and into the bowels of Baja. It's just a few minutes south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, parking is easy, and it is truly an interesting way to spend a couple of hours. Souveniers are available after the tour for those who want to take home a piece of

      Drop by the FOX BAJA web site for additonal information.



      After a fun tour of Fox Studios it's an easy 2 minute drive to Popotla, a small fishing village located directly next to Fox Studios on the south side. Just take the small dirt road that starts under the big white arch and drive along the wall along the south side of Fox Studios. Park near the end of the road near the ocean and grab your sunscreen. Over a dozen small ocean view and ocean front restaurants await you.

      Before picking a restaurant take the time to walk through the village to soak in the flavor of the local people. This place is long on character and rough around the edges, but a fun place to soak up the Baja sun and take in a couple of hot fish tacos and a cold cervesa!




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