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      Simply put, there is no place in Baja like Punta Final. It is the epitome of all things Baja. It is remote, it is surrounded by incredible deserts, it has spectacular beaches, private coves, a friendly neighborhood atmosphere and like everywhere in even has a little drama going on some of the time. Just enough to keep things interesting!


      For the above reasons, and a few more, Punta final is one of Carlos Fiesta's favorite destinations in all of Mexico. And if you have stumbled upon this page by accident and discovered this sentence at random, do us all a favor and don't mention this Baja gem to anybody else. Part of what makes Punta Final so special is that very few people know it exists.

      This little slice of coastal paradise is located about 8 miles southeast of Gonzaga Bay, another out of the way but increasingly popular Baja beachside destination. But, whereas Gonzaga Bay can be reached somewhat easily by vehicle 100 miles south of San Felipe, Punta Final is even further south and located off of an even more unpredictable dirt road. You gotta be a real adventurer to even think about driving to Punta Final.

      There are other ways to slip into Punta Final. If you are a pilot you can land your bird on the 2,200 foot dirt landing strip just past the last row of homes. The airfield is usually well maintained and easy enough for most planes to land before reaching that first row of tumble weeds and cactus at the end of the runway. Most of the landings are from over the bay, landing towards the northwest. One long time resident flies in regularly in a Cessna Skymaster, a centerline thrust push-pull bird that is not necessarily known for slipping into super-short airstrips. He calls it an easy landing (when the winds are right).

      Another way to reach Punta Final is by boat. Most of those who arrive by boat start off at the beaches near Alfonsina's or near Papa Fernandez Camp. The trip has been done in fishing boats, pangas, catamarans, and inflatables. And more than a few hearty souls have made the trek from Gonzaga Bay to Punta Final in kayaks.

      Punta Final was one of the stops along Carlos Fiesta's 2,200 mile SOLO BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION from Los Angeles to the Colorado River. The back coves of Punta Final were some of the best to be found on that one month long adventure.


      Now this is the real Baja outback!


      So what does one find when they finally get to Punta Final? For starters there are beaches, lots of beautiful pristine beaches. The beaches run north from Punta Final all the way up to Gonzaga Bay. And they are all the best kind of beaches...empty.

      Geographically Punta Final centers around a mini-peninsula that juts out into the bay about 100 feet, with two protected coves on either side of the high point. At low tide the highest part of this land form is easily reached by walking on the beach. At the highest tide this spit of land becomes almost an island and is much more difficult to access.

      A few hundred feet east of this little peninsula there are more spectacular bays and coves, each with to-die-for sandy beaches. Further into the most protected cove there are four more super-protected coves that you would never know were there if you didn't explore the larger cove by boat. If you are looking for a private cove to do some serious skinny-dipping it does not get any better than this.

      The village of Punta Final consists of several rows of mobile homes lined up on dirt streets. This collection of mobile homes looks a lot like the pre-party of a Jimmy Buffet concert at the Irvine Verizon parking lot. Each home has it's own personality and the common them is nothing but fun.

      One of the rows of homes fronts the beach. We wonder if these people know how lucky they are! Yes, the homes on the second row back are nice too, but to be oceanfront in a place like Punta just doesn't get any better.

      Drama in town? Well, here is just a little one. Someone built five two story townhome-style homes in the beautiful bay just east of the main town. Not everybody in the area is happy with the idea of having Paradise being developed and discovered by the outside world. And can you blame them?

      Fun things to do in Punta Final include fishing, having margaritas with your neighbors, kayaking, having a cervesa with your neighbors, watching a plane land, having a glass of wine with your neighbors, and snorkeling in the clear waters of the local bays. And then there is always having a shot of tequila with the local neighbors.

      For more information on the places to visit on the way down to Punta Final drop by the Baja Exp web pages of SAN FELIPE,   PUERTECITOS   GONZAGA BAY and RANCHO GRANDE.



      After setting up camp on your favorite stretch of beach grab a cooler full of cold ones and head to the cove and beach just east of the village. The sand is good, the water is clear and the view of the Sea of Cortez is spectacular!



      Most of the people who own or lease the homes in Punta Final are gringos. They are a happy bunch and enjoy getting together occasionally to sit down, have a cold drink, and just enjoy a good conversation or sunset. There are a few Mexicans in the village but this is mostly a gringo destination.



      Even people who don't like to get their hair wet (Sarah Palin) will like swimming in the protected coves of Punta Final. To do the area justice, one must beg, borrow or steal a boat to get back into the small coves deeper into the main cove east of the village. It can get hot back in there so be sure to bring cool drinks, snacks, sunscreen and shade. Oh yes..and a mask and snorkel!



      Road Trip! Had enough sun for a while and want to go on a fun road trip? Grab a cooler full of cold drinks and snacks and head west on the dirt road that leaves Punta Final. When you hit the main dirt road, turn left and travel for about 10 minutes. Soon you will come upon a true oasis in the desert...Coco's Corner. Coco is a Baja legend, and even if he isn't home it's a trip to check out his amazing compound. Bring a camera!


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