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      Welcome to the world's largest boat race! The Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race was established by NOSA, the Newport Ocean Sailing Association. Although NOSA has been around since 1948 sporsoring amateur yacht racing and supporting other non-profit organizations in southern California, there's no disputing the fact that it's annual Spring race to Ensenada garners the most attention.


      NOSA sponsors other races throughout the year, including the Argosy Races to Los Angles Harbor in September and the 14 mile Bank Race in October. It's a great organization and it provides lots of fun for beginning and seasoned sailors.

      Now called the Tommy Bahama Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race (named after it's biggest sponsor), this international race to Ensenada is the funnest yacht race on the west coast, if not the entire country. It is scheduled for the last weekend in April of each year.

      Several different elements combine to make this an unusually fun event. The large number of participants is a big part of the fun, along with the hoards of support fans who drive to Ensenada for the finish line festivities. And having the race finish in the exciting port of Ensenada, Mexico is another big part of this race's success. The awards ceremony and following nightlife in Ensenada are just the icing on the cake adding to the "fun factor".

      Another nice thing about the Newport to Ensenada Race is that, even though it ends up in a foreign country, no immigration paperwork is necessary for most of the folks who head south. Yes, there is boat paperwork for the captains, but the rail meat and support crew get off pretty easy. South of Ensenada is where the Tourist Cards and fees become necessary.

      The San Nicolas Hotel, located just a few blocks east of the Ensenada Harbor, plays host to the post-race party. Music, food, cocktails, gifts and awards are enjoyed by the sailors and support staff around the San Nick's large pool area. Things can get a bit crazy sometimes, and nobody's surprised when fully dressed people accidently end up in the pool. Not spilling one's drink on the way into the pool is the trick.

      Sponsors who make this annual dream a reality include Tommy Bahama, Lexus, Mt. Gay Rum, West Marine and others. Supporting these companies helps support these races.

      So next year if you are not in the race you can still support those who are by driving down to Ensenada wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt and cap, driving your Lexus, drinking your Mt. Gay Rum, while thumbing through the latest West Marine catelog. Be careful drinking the rum while might spill some.

      Baja Expo has provided contact information for NOSA for those who are looking for additonal information on this great event!



      Telephone (949) 644-1023.
      Fax (949) 266-8540.
      Web site:
      Post Office Box 7485, Newprot Beach, California, 92658.


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