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      Real estate values in southern Baja and at the Cape have experienced decreases over the last few years. And there are no indications that the housing market in Baja will be stabilizing any time soon.

      Home prices in Baja have decreased for a variety of reasons. Yes, dramatic decreases in the cost of housing in the U.S. is one of the reasons. But just as important is the lack of good financing and title insurance, which have only recently become available.

      For most of Baja's history title insurance underwritten by U.S. title companies was not available. Seeing some pretty huge upside potential, Stewart Title Company jumped into the Baja real estate market with both feet and that has eased the concerns of many U.S. buyers.

      The availability of financing has also helped fuel the fire in Baja's real estate market. Each year new companies join the small but growing club of lenders willing to lend a significant portion of the sales price of Baja homes.

      Probably the biggest push for Baja real estate came when the Mexican government changed the laws preventing ownership of Mexicna land by foreigners. Now individuals and corportations can buy property in Mexico using a fiedeicomiso, where the owner retains a full equity interest if the title in the buyer's name is held by a Mexican Bank.

      As you would expect, most gringos buying in Baja are looking for property along the coast. Beachfront property is still affordable, and property just inland from the coast is even more affordable. A few options:

      For new real estate developments at the Cape in Los Cabos drop by our LOS CABOS NEW DEVELOPMENTS page.





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