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      Located just south of the U.S. / Mexican border, west of Mexicali, Laguna Salada is a huge (sometimes wet - sometimes dry) lake bed that stretches south for almost 60 miles. It is shaped somewhat like an hour-glass, long and skinny and very narrow at the center. During times of little rain the lakebed becomes dry and driving on it in most any type of vehicle is a real treat. During times of significant rain the lagoon can fill completely with water, leaving the road along its west bank as the only means of traversing the area. The Sierra de Juarez mountains lie directly to the west of Laguna Salada, which includes Laguna Hansen and the National Park.


      Laguna Salada can be reached via the border crossings at either Tecate or Mexicali. The road south to Laguna Salada is off of Baja Highway 3, about 16 miles west of Mexicali.

      In the tall mountains west of Laguna Salada lies one of Baja's most unique destinations, Guadalupe Canyon. Several elements combine in Guadalupe Canyon to make it a true desert oasis. A natural river flows down the steep east side of the Sierra de Juarez mountains, forming waterfalls and pools in the granite rocks. This river water joins a unique collection of underground thermal springs, which come to the surface next to the pools, in the lower elevations of the mountains, just above the valley floor. The water from the granite pools is used to cool the boiling thermal water, in a collection of man-made "hot tubs" scattered throughout a palm-filled camp. It's quite a combination of man and nature, and a great place to sooth the body after a hard day of treking through Baja. A small store provides very basic needs, and a small fee is charged to enter the area.

      For more information on the area, check out the GUADALUPE CANYON HOT SPRINGS web site.

      Access to Guadelupe Canyon is via a dirt road which runs west of Laguna Salada, south of Baja Highway 2, west of Mexicali. Standard vehicles can probably make it to within a mile or two of the camp, but the road deteriorates as it gains elevation prior to reaching the oasis. At this point a high clearance vehicle is usually needed.


      For more information on the area southeast of Laguna Salada check out the SAN FELIPE section of Baja Expo.




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