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      El Rosario is located near the west coast of Baja about an hour south of San Quintin. For many years this is where the Baja blacktop ended and the wilds of Baja began. For decades Mama Espinosa fed the daring souls who were brave enough to tackle the terrible dirt road that headed south towards La Paz.


      Today, El Rosario still plays host to Mama Espinosa's Restaurant and she still dishes out the lobster burritos that helped put her on the map. But El Rosario is no longer the end of the road for the asphalt, and except for the large 24 hour gas station at the north end of town, most folks don't spend much time here as they head south towards Catavina and to points further south.

      El Rosario does offer a decent size market at the big curve in town (south side) and an auto parts store (at the curve, north side) for those who are able to limp back to civilization after car trouble. If you want to make a phone call before heading into the bowels of Baja you will find a long distance phone station as you head south through town, on the north side of the street, across from the soccer field. Also, this is your last chance to use your ATT cell service.

      The 22 room BAJA CACTUS MOTEL is located at the north end of town, and the 10 room Sinai Motel and R.V. is located at the south end. Also, Mama Espinosa has opened up CABANAS ESPINOSA offering 12 clean rooms just steps away from her famous restaurant.

      A quaint Bed and Breakfast is usually open south of town on the right side of the Baja Highway.

      For those on a slower pace the Museum of Fossils is sometimes open south of town on the right side of the street.

      A new destination resort, complete with a very good airport, is currently under developement just north of El Rosario, west of the Baja Highway. Stay tuned to Baja Expo for updates as this new Baja destination nears completion.

      El Rosario can be reached by taking Baja Highway One 36 miles south of San Quintin. Last chance for predictable gas, so fill 'er up!



      There are several things you can do in El Rosario, but if you are headed south the most important thing you can do is fill up with gasoline at the Pemex station on the east side of the highway. Gas is a rare commodity from this point south and the only place you are sure to obtain gas is several hundred miles south in Guerrero Negro. Hungry? They often sell burritos at the Pemex cashier's cage!



      If you are headed south and are curious about what awaits you as you head deeper into the Peninsula there are usually other Gringos making a stop at the Pemex station as they head north. Information on road conditions, possible gasoline options and all kinds of additional Baja information is often shared here at this informal "pit stop".



      It's not mandatory that Baja travelers stop at Mama Espinosa's Restaurant in El Rosario but it should be. This is a perfect place to rub shoulders with an important part of Baja history, as well as pull up a plate of good food. Mama Espinosa has been serving Baja travelers since way before the blacktop connected the two states of Baja California and Baja California Sur and her restaurant continues to serve up good food in a clean environment. The house specialty? Lobster tacos!



      If you are not in a hurry to head up or down the coast on the main Baja Highway there is a part of Baja that most travelers never see just 30 minutes from El Rosario. The dirt road that heads west from mid town ends up at the fishing village of Punta Baja, a very remote camp that sits on a small rocky peninsula. There are tide pools on the north end of this Peninsula and small protected coves where the fishermen launch their pangas on the south end. From here the sandy beaches run empty for many miles to the south. The famous Sacramento Reef lies offshore just 10 miles south if you are looking for a good place to hunt for lost treasures! Carlos Fiesta had to take it nice and slow as he passed this way on his 2,200 mile solo SOLO BAJA CIRCUMNAVIGATION.



      Telephone 011-52 (616) 165-8700.
      Pemex station phone and fax number 011-52 (616) 165-8850.
      Located right next to the Pemex station on Baja Highway One.
      Number of rooms: 22.
      16 new and unique rooms completed and under construction, 6 rooms from the old days.
      Hotel amenities: Reception area / 24 hour security / off-street parking.
      Room amenities: 29" satellite televisions / telephones / LAN Internet access / air conditioning / ceiling fans / king size beds.
      Serving El Rosario tourists since 1902.
      The perfect place to stop going either north or south on the Baja Blacktop!
      Visa / Master Card / American Express / Citibank Traveler's Checks.
      Prices start at around $35 per night.
      Antonio Munoz, your gracious host, will do his best to make your stay in El Rosario a pleasant one.



      Telephone 011-52 (616) 165-8770.
      Located 200 feet south of the Pemex station on Baja Highway One.
      Number of rooms: 18.
      17 rooms with 2 and 1 with 4 beds.
      Rooms start at around $45.
      One story floorplan.
      Separate parking area for cars and trucks.
      Serving El Rosario tourists for many years.
      If you don't sleep here at least stop and enjoy the food at Mama's famous restaurant!




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