Located on Baja Highway One about 32 miles east of Magdalena Bay (San Carlos) on the Pacific Coast, Ciudad Constitucion is "24 blocks of commerce" located halfway between LORETO and LA PAZ. This busy city provides the basic services needed to handle most of the agriculture, fishing and tourism that takes place in and around the fertile Magdalena Valley and coastline.


      The town offers 3 Pemex stations, one just north of town (east side) and 2 in town (both are located on the west side of the Highway). Other service available include an Internet Cafe and Long Distance telephone service (mid-town on the east side of the street, across from the Pemex station), Goodyear and Firestone tire shops (on the west side of the street), a tire repair shop at the north end on the west side of the street and the Score Disco located near the north end of town on the east side.

      Both the Serfin Bank and the Banamex (west side of the main street) offer ATM's that pay their jackpots in pesos.

      There are 5 decent hotels in town including the Hotel Mirable with 40 rooms from $25 (telephone 011-52 (113) 2-0155). Other hotels include Hotel Conquistador (011-52 (113) 2-2745), Hotel Casino (011-52 (113) 2-0465) and Hotel Conchita (011- 52 (113) 2-0266). Just north of town on the east side of the Highway about a mile or so is Manfred's R.V. Park which has 85 spaces and a pool and will also accept tent campers.

      The town offers a decent variety of restaurants including 2 Super Pollos (north end and south end), El Jarocho, and El Pequeno Dragon. For a good taco (carne asada or pescado) you can't do better than Karen's Tacos on the main street at the northeast corner of Avenida Olancha.

      Baja Highway 22 at the north end of town heads west from Constitucion to the port town of San Carlos and Magdalena Bay.

      For additional information on the area contact Mag Bay Tours at 011-52 (113) 6-0035.



      There are several taco stands located just off of the main street in Constitucion. If you are looking for a reason to get out and stretch a hot fish taco and a cold soda should do the trick. Probably the best place in town in at the south end on the corner, east side of the street.



      Ciudad Constitucion is a real Mexican working town and Gringos usually just stop in town for gas, supplies and a quick bite to eat. There are no tourist facilities in town but if you like to shop you can get pretty much whatever you need in Constitucion.



      The true treasure of Ciudad Constitucion is about one half hour west of town at Magdalena Bay. Bahia Magdalena, more commonly called Mag Bay, is one of the three large bays on Baja's Pacific coast where the whales go each year to mate and give birth from late December through March. But there's much more going on in Mag Bay than just whales. The bay is also known for fishing and the port city of San Carlos plays host to many different fishing and tourist operations. The smaller areas of the bay on the northern end have recently been discovered for their excellent kayaking and now flycast fisherpeople (men and women) are discovering the pure joy of saltwater fly fishing in these protected northern bays.

      On the Pacific side of Mag Bay there is a whole different agenda going on. Sailors have been using the protected waters of Bahia Santa Maria as a gunk hole for years and this northern bay is truly a special part of the Baja unspoiled wilderness. On the north end of Santa Maria Bay surfers have discovered an excellent right break off the tip at Punta Hughes. The difficult access and lack of facilities keeps the crowds away.

      San Carlos offers small hotels, markets, good restaurants, one trailer park, a Pemex station and an ice factory. For more information you can contact Mag Bay Tours at 011-52 (113) 6-0035.

      Magdalena Bay is located due west of Ciudad Constitution about 30 miles west of Baja Highway One.



      If you are in the area from January through March head about 30 minutes north of Ciudad Constitucion to coastal Puerto Morales for a whale watching adventure! A small pier serves as the tie-up for a dozen boats at the west end of town (follow the whale signs) and you can usually get a boat without a reservation or having to wait very long. Best time to see tons of whales? (pun intended)...mid-February!!!




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