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      For many years Punta Chivato was known as one more classic fly-in destination for Baja pilots. The original Punta Chivato Hotel also provided shelter for those brave souls who trekked in off the blacktop in search of another Baja adventure. Although Punta Chivato has changed significantly over the last 10 years, it is still one of Baja's best kept secrets.


      The POSADA DE LOS FLORES hotel is one of the big changes at the point. The old Punta Chivato Hotel has been transformed into a classic resort- style property ready to serve those who will pay the pesos to be pampered at the newly polished point. The help at the hotel, unfortunately, are not friendly.

      On either side of the hotel homes have sprung up on the miles of spectacular beaches, but there is still plenty of wide open space for beachcombing and lazing away the day. The two airstrips are in good shape, and still allow a quick getaway for private pilots looking for adventure. The old road coming in from the Baja Blacktop has been partially replaced by a new, more direct dirt road (remember how that old road used to take you w-a-y around before heading to the point?). This easier access is sure to promote a greater interest in Punta Chivato real estate.

      Punta Chivato has grown up quiet a bit over the last few years. Many of those empty beaches just east of the hotel now have houses on them. Looking for a perfect deserted beach? When heading toward the Posada de las Flores hotel, hang a left on the dirt road that goes around the airstrip, at the top of the hill at the apex. In about 10 minutes you will be on a beautiful beach on a deserted stretch of coast that even most of the locals don't even know about. If the road access is blocked for vehicles just up the hill from the runway it is possible to walk or motorcycle to this remote beach. Time to go skinny-dipping!

      Punta Chivato can be reached by taking the dirt road north of Mulege east at the sign for about 14 miles.

      Thinking about moving south of the border? Visit the web site of BAJA RELOCATION for a head's up for what awaits you.



      Whether or not you can afford to stay (or even have a drink) at the Posada de las Flores Hotel located on the point at Punta Chivato, walking around the patio bar overlooking the Sea of Cortez is a great way to relax. The view is spectacular!



      Many new Gringo homes have been built on the beaches both north and south of the hotel. Some folks drive in, others fly into the dirt runway. It's still a pretty quiet place, but someday this pretty stretch of beach will be completely lined with Gringo homes. The good news? In Mexico the first 20 meters (60 feet) of beachfront up from the high tide line is open to the public!



      If you like to explore beaches you'll love walking the beaches at Punta Chivato. Starting at the south end and working you way north past the hotel these beaches become more remote the further you go. Bring a mask and snorkel when the water is calm! Low tide is best for beach walking, high tide is best for snorkeling.

      If you are looking for a completely deserted beach near Punta Chivato Carlos Fiesta has a good one for you. As you head towards the hotel the dirt road wraps around the airstrip at the north end like a Bobby Pin. At the apex of the hairpin a dirt road forks off to the left. It's about 10 minutes to a completely deserted beach. Did you ever want to go swimming naked with no audience? This is the place.



      Ironically it's only a half hour drive from remote Punta Chivato to one of the biggest party gigs in Baja! The Serenidad Hotel next to the river in nearby Mulege is a happening place every Saturday night. Yes, they have the pig roast and the food is great, but the social element before, during and after the feast is the true treasure at the Pig Roast. People fly in, drive in and boat in from all over to enjoy this one-of-a-kind event. If you drink too much end end up in the pool you will not be the first and will not be the last. Don Johnson and his daughter Diana, your hosts!




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