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      At last here is THE book which deals with Mexican real estate transactions in plain English. Thousands of Americans buy homes, condos, time shares and lots in Mexico every year without knowing what the documents they sign even say. Until this book, very little information was available in English dealing with real estate in Mexico, so most people were forced to invest blindly without the benefit of even the most basic information.

      This book is a quick-and-easy reference to buying real estate in Mexico. The book includes information which will save you time and money. It will also give you peace of mind when buying that coastal property you have dreamed of owning your whole life. This book will help you understand:


      • How to buy a lot, condominium or home
      • A step by step explanation for buying property
      • An explanation of confusing Spanish terms
      • The rights and obligations of condominium owners
      • Myths and misuses in Mexico real estate transactions
      • A general guide to Mexican law.


      Dennis John Peyton is one of only a handful of Americans licensed to practice law in Mexico. Mr. Peyton received his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin; his law degree from La Universidad Tecnologico Panamerica in Mexico City. He is the author of numerous articles on Mexican real estate and has spoken at various conferences, and on radio and television programs. Mr. Peyton has lived and worked in Mexico for over twenty years and is currently writing a series of books dealing with investing in Mexico.

      If you are thinking of buying property in Mexico for retirement, a vacation home, or simply for investment property, his book HOW TO BUY REAL ESTATE IN MEXICO is a must and a valuable addition to your home or business library.

      For more information on purchasing this updatee 2005 Third Edition book call 1-(800) 529-6394.




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